Researcher Marshall Thomas provides an introductory explanation of the methods employed by repressive governments to attack political enemies.  Dossiers are put together on targeted individuals, and government-controlled "citizen's groups" (such as those based on religion or race) are then provided with edited-together versions of the dossier data (such as video recordings of the target) designed to be as damaging as possible. 

The members of the vigilante group (who do not realize that they are actually being used as dupes by the state) are by this method convinced that the target is some kind of "undesirable" and that they will be doing a service to the community by assaulting, harassing or commiting other crimes against the specified target. 

In this video, Thomas does not specifically mention the modern employment of mind-control neurotechnology which can be used to cause the target to do things they ordinarily would not (it may be covered in one of his many other videos).   For example, neurotech can be used to trigger involuntary speech, such as swearing or racial slurs, which can be videotaped and then presented to the state-sponsored vigilante groups to convince them that the target is someone who deserves to be destroyed. 

Since the state has unlimited financial resources at its disposal, those closest to the target, including their families, neighbors, and co-workers will be targeted, compromised, or recruited to whatever extent may be necessary to facilitate the destruction of the targeted individual.

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