This is an incomplete draft article which is still under construction.

The Constitution provides for a line of succession if the President is unable to serve.  This article is just a little intellectual exercise to try and determine who in that line ought to be President for 2021-2024 -- but it's a pure opinion piece, not a well-reasoned analysis, and it bears no relation to anything actually happening in the nightmarish real-world of politics. It's also just an incomplete stub outline, not a completed article,  but I'm making it visible now anyway because it illustrates how I suggest Americans need to be thinking about things -- if they want to rescue the America that is now suffering the final, fatal blows of a communist onslaught that has been centuries in the making.

By the way, for those that aren't aware of it, the God-inspired American Republic and the modern luciferian communist conspiracy were both founded in 1776 (July 4 and May 1, respectively).  I think that's a fact of key historical and spiritual significance, and one worth reflecting on.

Line Position #1: Trump

Trump was elected but has wrongfully abdicated the office. During his campaign, he stated words to the effect that "if Biden wins, China will own this country."  By knowingly turning the Presidency over to someone who Trump knows was not constitutionally elected, and who Trump knows is a traitor, Trump  is probably guilty of treason.  I think a charge of desertion would also be appropriate since he accepted the grave responsibiilty of acting as Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces. But since the Presidency is a civilian role that's not possible.

He also failed to inform population that zinc and Vitamin D-3 substantially mitigate the virus risk, and instead stood down while state governors waged economic siege against their populations and suspended civil liberties by edict. He also partnered with the corporate drug cartels (big pharma) to push commercial for-profit vaccines for which the pharma companies were granted legal immunity from injury suits. 

Furthermore, after Congress certified the fraudulent election results, in his final weeks in office, instead of taking meaningful action, he spent precious time "tweeting" teaser messages ("STAY TUNED!") about how he was planning to launch his own internet platform to get around Twitter censorship, as though no other means of communication were available to a sitting President. What complete clownery and bullshit. For all of these reasons, he is not fit to serve as the President of a free people.

Trump said a lot of the right things and I really wanted to like the guy, and would have liked to be able to support him without meaningful qualification. But the above facts are so serious that he can't just be given a pass. I just can't put on a MAGA hat in good conscience, as much as I would have otherwise liked to.

Line Position #2: Pence

Pence had the sole opportunity to send the voting questions back to the states for reconsideration (as the Pennsylvania Senate had indeed requested) and disregarded the competing slates of electors. He knowingly certified a fraudulent election. Like Trump, Pence may be guilty of treason. Unfit to serve.

Line Position #3: Pelosi

Pelosi is openly communist, inconsistent with her its oath of office. On January 8, 2021, the mainstream news media reported that she it treasonously and/or seditiously made phone calls attempting to interfere with President Trump's authority to launch nuclear weapons. She It is therefore also unfit to serve. This woman creature has that same seething demonic spirit about her it as the Schumer boys gangsters. Revolting and shudder-inducing.

Line Position #4: Chuck Grassly

Need to research.

Line Position #5: Mike Pompeo

Need to research.


We are fucked.

It looks like a grave risk now exists of America descending into civil war in a fight over whether Trump or Biden should be president, when in reality neither are fit candidates. On the one hand, it appears that some level of conflict may be necessary as the only way to rescue our liberties from a communist takeover. A real danger exists, however, that if a civil war happens, it may further weaken a nation already reeling from nearly a year of economic shutdowns to the point that China might be able to move militarily on us with even less resistance possible. Most of our politicians appear to already be loyal to communism and/or China itself, so it makes perfect sense why all of this is happening. I think the major issue facing all of us right now is how to reconcile these two problems.

If freedom is to survive, Americans and the freedom-loving people of the world need to recommit to God and the core principles set forth in documents like Magna Carta, The Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights.  If a civil war or other conflict does break out between the so-called left and right "wings"  (both controlled by the same CIA bird brain), then it seems clear enough that the "right wing" is currently closer-aligned to those principles of freedom and should therefore be supported.  But it's still an evil, if a slightly lesser one. At least to the extent that "right wing" means the current Republican Party, the majority of the membership of which is now composed of so-called "RINOs" (Republicans in Name Only).  A minority of that party does appear to possibly still be patriots.

What we really need, and are sorely lacking, is real leadership from true patriots who uphold the aforementhioned principles of freedom and believe that government is instituted to preserve those freedoms, not to rule over the people, and who have the conviction firmly fixed in their hearts that the people have an inherent right to defend themselves against all who would violate their rights. If freedom is to survive for anyone, we need to cultivate conditions that will result in a nation (or nations) of strong, healthy, well-educated people who hold these principles dear.  In other words, a complete 180-degree turn from the direction we have been heading for a long time. 

We're already almost at rock bottom (say 95% of the way there), just one step away from a global dictatorship that is poised to exterminate many of us and enslave the rest.  It's now or never.