I received the e-mail shown below on March 20, 2013.   I believe the author is an MKULTRA subject after using Google to search for his name (see clippings below his message).  Claims of "telepathy" and "thought transference" are key signs that someone is a subject (victim) of MKULTRA neurotechnology.  

"Schizophrenia" is the preferred cover story for modern MKULTRA operations. (Notes: 1 2 )

See my Special Exhibits: Mind Control for more information about the classified neurotechnology put into people's brains which makes this possible.



[Name:] kazuki hirano
[E-mail:] This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
[Phone:] 0638340390 in neterland
[May I publish your comments?] Yes‚ including my name
[Your Comments:] hello my name is kazuki hirano japanese. I was 12years ago liveing in okinawa japan there is many US milltally base i get problem from there synthetic telepathy ,direct enagy wepon ,chemical biological wepon and these wepon are still sticking my body and most of injury is many pepole can feel all about me each secans and any positive happens on me they abuse and tourcher pepole around me same time and they start set up me with mental hospital or prison for kill, now i am trying asylum in netherland but duch gavement refuseing about becouse they dont want get attack becouse of it positive happens on me like we get flue by biological wepon and many pepole die by syntetic telepathy or directenagy wepon we can get flue and many pepole die.. now i am fighting duch court and asking see Dr from maastricht becouse i think that will evdence DR dignosis and fMRI, but still not happning yet thats prove or evidence. and IND immigration and duch gavement trying set up with psychosis and put me prison in japan with facke charge i dont know may i can never get out from prison when i get there, becouse pepole know about me and i am a most of damege i get in it. pritending dont know and even useing me them to run with big problem.. Do you know some one can prove with me in netherland? becouse i can't move from this country immigration police put me prison i relly need help please send me even some of infomation i can get in netherland. adress p/a AZC Echt pepinusbrug 2 post number 6102 RJ ECHT phone 0638340390 this number is mobile phone in netherland i dont know how can call from out side country , no one call me or any frend i wan been like this for 12 years no one helping me.. thank you kazuki hirano



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Saturday, September 06, 2008

Japanese Man Enters Plea in Santa Fe Attack

Associated Press

SANTA FE — A guilty plea has been entered by a Japanese man accused of attacking an Englishman speaking on "thought transference" during an international conference.

Kazuki Hirano, 34, of Yokohama pleaded guilty Friday to a charge of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon.
In exchange for the plea, prosecutors recommended that he be sentenced to three years' probation. Prosecutors also agreed not to object to his deportation to Japan.

State District Judge Michael Vigil has scheduled sentencing for Sept. 12.

Rupert Sheldrake, a biologist known for his theories on mental telepathy, was stabbed in the left thigh on April 2 during the 10th International Conference on Science and Consciousness at a Santa Fe hotel.

Sheldrake had said that Hirano had told him the day before that he heard voices and thought people were trying to communicate with him telepathically.

Hirano has said he believed Sheldrake was controlling his thoughts.

Hirano said Friday that he suffers from depression and is taking an antidepressant.

Hirano was in the United States legally when he stabbed Sheldrake, who was attacked when he finished speaking on "Memory and Morphic Resonance," prosecutor Joseph Campbell said.

Hirano's visa has since lapsed, Campbell said.

Source: http://www.albuquerquejournal.com/news/state/apattack09-06-08.htm

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Jury Finds Japanese Attacker Guilty, Mentally Ill

Associated Press

SANTA FE — A Santa Fe jury has found a Japanese man "guilty but mentally ill" in the stabbing of an English biologist as he was speaking on "thought transference" during an international conference. 

The verdict Friday requires the state to treat Kazuki Hirano of Yokohama for his illness while incarcerated. Hirano had accused the victim, Rupert Sheldrake, of controlling his thoughts. 

Hirano, 34, faces up to three years behind bars, less the seven months he has already spent, for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. 

The jury declined to convict Hirano of attempted murder or attempted manslaughter. 

State District Judge Michael Vigil will sentence Hirano Dec. 5. 

Sheldrake, an expert on mental telepathy, was stabbed in the leg April 2 as he finished his lecture at the 10th International Conference on Science and Consciousness at a Santa Fe hotel. 

Sheldrake had said that Hirano told him the day before that he heard voices and thought people were trying to communicate with him telepathically. 

"I'm sorry they didn't find him guilty of attempted murder because that's what I think he was trying to do," Sheldrake said before leaving Santa Fe to return to London. "I think he obviously needs help and I very much hope he gets it and I'm very concerned if he's released before he's been cured he could be a danger to himself and others."

Hirano's defense attorney, Sydney West, is skeptical about the quality of the mental health treatment Hirano would get while incarcerated.

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Source: http://www.albuquerquejournal.com/news/state/apguilty11-08-08.htm


A Japanese laborer who stabbed an English biologist at a Santa Fe hotel last year would bereturned to Japan f or a supervised probation under a plan reportedly proposed by his lawyer. Kazuki Hirano of Yokohama has been behind bars since April 2, 2008, when he plunged a hunting knife into the thigh of Rupert Sheldrake of London as the biologist finished lecturing on "Memoryand Morphic Resonance" at the 10th International Conference on Science and Consciousness at LaFonda. 

In a subsequent interview in jail, Hirano said he believes Sheldrake is controlling his thoughts: "He's doing testing on the public and using my brain. I can hear the voice in my head. It makes me very stupid. My brain is woken up by telepathy. People can see my mind ... watching me like a scaryface."

In a trial this summer, Hirano, 34, told a jury how af ter hearing voices in his head for seven years, he came to Santa Fe to confront Sheldrake because he believed Sheldrake controlled his mind with telepathy. But when he cornered Sheldrake in a hotel hallway, Hirano said, the "two-f aced, nasty man" began "talking down to me."

The jury found Hirano "guilty but mentally ill" of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. State District Judge Michael Vigil imposed the maximum prison term of three years. Hirano has served more than 15 months so far -- part of it in the Santa Fe County jail and most recently in the Central New Mexico Correctional Facility in Los Lunas. With 15 percent of his sentence discounted for good behavior, Hirano could be eligible for release by late October 2010.

A hearing had been set for June 25 to reconsider Hirano's sentence and to hear from Nathaniel Hurwitz, a psychiatrist at the Los Lunas prison, about Hirano's progress. In February, Hurwitz told the court that Hirano is taking anti-psychotic medication, has been compliant, polite and well organized, and appears to understand his mental illness. But on June 24, Hurwitz moved to suppress a subpoena ordering him to testif y the next day.

"The untimely service of this subpoena is exacerbated by the fact that there is no substantial need for Dr. Hurwitz's testimony," wrote lawyer Debra Moulton of Albuquerque. "Dr. Hurwitz has not made any forensic assessment concerning (Hirano). Moreover, Dr. Hurwitz has not formed any opinion as to how (Hirano's) condition effects (sic) the risks associated with his potential release from custody."

Sydney West, a public defender who represents Hirano and had sought Hurwitz's testimony, then moved to postpone the June 25 hearing to Aug. 25. West has not been available for comment, but Judge Vigil said recently that West told him she is trying to work out a form of supervised probation in Japan so Hirano could be returned before his sentence is up.

A spokesman for the Japanese consul in Denver said he is aware of the Hirano case, but has not heard from West and knows nothing of a plan for supervised probation in Japan. Hirano said in a recent telephone interview that he has not heard from West for more than a month and knows nothing about a plan for supervised probation in Japan.

Source: http://www.thefreelibrary.com/STABBER+COULD+BE+HEADED+BACK+TO+JAPAN.-a0203340684



For additional critically-important information on this subject matter, please see my extensive series of research exhibits entitled Special Exhibits: Mind Control.  - JP