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Dear Readers,

           I have post the EMR mind machine article on the Internet for the
past ten months.  Recently, more evidences have surfaced to prove that
this machine does indeed exists.  These evidences also prove that the
Microwaves frequency of EMR mind machine can also be used as a weapon,
and it has already been used to harass and harm many innocent Americans all
over the country.  The report  "Microwaves Harassment and Mind Control
Experimentation" published in 1992 describes numerous cases of abuse by
the corrupted officers.  It is authored by Julianne McKinney, a
former Army Intelligence officer.

           Even the spokesman of FBI have openly admit that they have received
large number of request for assistance from people who believe that they are
being "zapped by radio waves" and/or "are hearing voices (inside of their
head)."   These were all in the report written by Ms. McKinney & it also
prove the contents of my original article "Freedom of your privacy &
thoughts" is true.   Especially, the microwaves voices indeed has been
used to drive people mad, the automobiles have been installed the
emitters of electromagnetic waves to torture people in cars (in case) which
also have been proven by some victims of mind control because they have
the same experiences while they're driving ( These victims reside from the
east of coast to the west of coast.).

           Why such kind cases still happen? and are they indeed the
victims of cover-up by a small group of corrupted officials?  Why isn't our
society aware of this?  It is a vital issue that is facing our society
today.  We need your help and the help of any person who live in this
society.    We hope every citizen will have knowledge of this alarming
issue and help to ask the Congress to implement legislation to regulate
the use of such machine.  It is the only way to preserve our country as a
country For the people, Of the people, and By the people.  We cannot
ignore the danger poses by this EMR mind machine (which also includes the
Nonlethal weapon) and the small group of corrupted officers who
abuse it on our citizens.  It must be stopped and it only can be stopped
with the help of responsible citizens like you.

           My name is Alan Yu, a former lieutenant colonel in Taiwan
National Defense Department.  Eleven years ago, I immigrated to the United
States and later, I naturalized and became an US citizen.  I am writing
this letter to inform you of a great threat to human rights and our American
way of lives.  This grave threat is a device known as the "Mind Reading
Machine" (Mind Machine).   It has been used to violate the most fundamental
human rights guaranteed under the United States Constitutions and the very
idea that our Declaration of Independence represents: "Life, Liberty, and the
Pursuit of Happiness."

What is the "Mind Reading Machine" (electromagnetic Radiation Mind Machine)?

There are two sources of information from different time and with
different political affiliation, but both reported the existence of
"Mind Reading Machine."

The first evidence:  In the 1970s, the South China Morning Post reported
that University of Maryland of United States had invented a thoughts
reading machine which can read another person's thoughts.  The original
purpose of this invention was to help authority to investigate severe car
by accidents.  It was meant to be used on people who were severely injured
in car accidents (those who had enter into coma) to get their accounts of
how the accidents occurred.  The CIA quickly learned of this invention and
purchased the patent.

The second evidence:  In the spring of 1984, I was a lieutenant colonel
serving in the National Defense Department of Taiwan.  At that time, I
read a classified document from the department that I serviced.  The
document indicated the Military Police Department of Taiwan had
purchased the thoughts reading machine from the United States (In
Taiwan, it was called Psychological Language Machine).  The document
was a request to the US for parts to repair malfunctioning
machines.  Before I left Taiwan, this machine had become the most
effective weapon for the security departments of Taiwan., such as the
Headquarters of Police Departments, Military Police Department, and the
National Security & Investigation Department.    

   Now let's find out what is this mind machine & how could it be

    At the first I think I should explain it, why I deduce this mind
machine is the EMR Mind Machine.
(1) the first reason,  I know a victim of this mind machine in Taiwan, he
was tracked by this mind machine group for a period of time before I
left Taiwan.   ( The victim died for the reason of "heart weakness"
when he was 35 years old in 1988.    I never believe he died for the
nature cause.  That's because his health condition was pretty good as I
knew & he was the commander of battalion when he died.   I would like
to deduce  that he was attacked by microwaves weapon then induce the
"heart attack" or "heart disease".   This kind murdered skill
had been reported by Dr. Frey according to his experiments.  I will
describe it  later.)
  We had discussed that what kind waves should be used by this mind
   The conclusion is that it should be a kind of radiation waves which can
penetrate the wood, brick, metal, & concrete.

   That's because the house or apartment in Taiwan all are built with brick,
concert, & metal, even the walls of inside the house or a unit of apartment
are all built with brick & concrete.   That's because Taiwan is a earthquake
area.   So except the Mind machine use a kind of radiation waves then can
not be used to detect human thoughts in Taiwan by remote way.
(2)The second reason,     According to the bio-science, the only radiation
waves which has the penetrates ability also relate with human body
(body-electric) is the electromagnetic waves.

(3) The third reason, the Russian top institutes on mind control research
had been working on electromagnetic waves in 1950s-1960s.   It proved that
the Russia first discovered electromagnetic waves could be used on mind
control.  (The POW in Korea had proved that a kind of electromagnetic waves
machine of Russia had been used on them when they were interrogated.)
(4) The fourth reason,   From the view of MIND Control (human behavior
change) experiments procedure of CIA, the researchers had put the
electrode with wire in the brain of animal then electric simulate it to
find the every precise reaction of brain to build a brain map.   Dr.
Stephen Aldrich also use the electric or radio signals to remote
controlled their subject & implanted the electrodes strategically into the
animals' brain. 

    The another under cover research is that some victims reported they
are implanted the transmitter in their head so that their entire thoughts
can be read by the conspirators.   Before we discuss the crime of
conspirators, at least, we can determine one thing that they still use
the radio waves way to remote read the victims' thoughts.

(5) The fifth reason,  From the ESB (electrical stimulation of the brain)
experiments of Dr. Jose Delgado, it prove the great potential in mind
control.   There is a radar can find a fly kilometer or track a person
at twenty-five miles.   So researchers had suggested that using such very
accuracy radar to focus EMR beam can bend mind much like the ESB.  
( Dr. Becker page 319)
  In the mid-1970, Dr. Delgado shifted his interests from ESB to
electromagnetic field & the biological affects.  He use ELF (Extremely Low
Frequency) to induce sleep or manic behavior on monkeys.  Also he can use
the ELF to change the monkey's emotion which was produced by ESB.

(6) The sixth reason,   They can use the microwaves frequency to deliver
spoken message to human brain.  Also they  use the radio waves (
electromagnetic waves) to hypnotize people or change their thoughts.  

(7) They can use ELF to suppress human thoughts & change human's behavior,
motion, or will.
  So I believe that this mind machine is ELECTROMAGNETIC radiation waves
(EMR) mind machine.

Now let's back to investigate the function of EMR mind machine & how
could it can be invented.

There are other sources of information that proves the truthfulness of
the previous two report.

The following information comes from the book "The Search for Manchurian
Candidate" written by John Marks.  It documents the CIA's research and
interests in the field of mind control and the human behavioral
The CIA mind control programs started in 1949 and one of most infamous
program was codenamed MKULTRA (Marks, 22).

           In December of 1950, Morse Allen, a CIA scientist heard of an
experiment with an "electro sleep" machine in a Richmond Virgin Hospital.
He purchased the "electro sleep" machine and hope it would allow its
operator to induce people into deep sleep without the use of
electroshocks or drugs (Marks, 25).

           In 1953, Dr. John Lilly, a research scientist working at NIH, was
studying the brains.  His goal was to find the region of the brain that
control each body function.  From the use of electro-stimulation, he
discovered the precise center of monkey's brain which controls pain,
fear, anxiety, and anger.  He was also able to locate the part of the
brain that controlled the erection, ejaculation, and orgasm in male monkey.

           The CIA learned of these experiments and approached Dr. Lilly.
Dr. Lilly cooperated with the CIA for a short period of time before
dissolving the partnership.  He can't tolerate the possibility that the
CIA might use his work to develop electronics to remotely control
human beings through the use of strategically implanted electrodes in the
brain (Marks, 142 - 143)

     In 1959, Dr. Allen Frey reported that microwaves frequency can be
used to deliver message, even the deaf people can hear it.
            ( according the research paper of Dr. Frey.)
           In 1960s, CIA found that KGB beamed low frequency electromagnetic
waves to the Embassy of US in Moscow.   This agency worried this might be
another Brain-Wash to US officers then started research the
electromagnetic waves in mind control.
       At same time, Dr. Stephen Aldrich, working in the Office of Research
Development of CIA, picked up the work began by Dr. Lilly.  His group
made many breakthroughs.  These breakthroughs allowed them to remotely
control the movement of their subjects through the use of electrodes
implanted in the brain of animals (and probably men).

           In 1961, they were able to report that "We now have production
capability."  In November 1961, a CIA document stated that:  The
remote control of activities in several species of animals had been
demonstrated .... [ blacked out] The evaluation will be conducted of
these techniques toward man (Marks, 209).

           The above information prove that the agents of CIA or the Mind machine
operators indeed have the enough knowledge to hurt a human brain by their
invisible radiation waves in various way  if they so desire.

           Since 1960, seven laboratories of Russia had been opened throughout
their study of the phenomenon.  Mr. Kogan, the chairman of the Bioinformation
Section of the MBPS, was carrying out experiments on distance mental
suggestion, long-range, inter-city telepathy and awakening a subject from
a hypnotically induced sleep by "beamed" suggestion.

           Other Soviet research is into tapping the electrical field known to
be emitted by the human brain, both to read the thoughts & control them
(Freemantle, page 98 of "CIA" )

           The above information shows that the KGB had started using electro-
magnetic radiation (EMR) as the tools to read thoughts in their machine.
Since the CIA was aware of these technologies, then it will be logical that
the CIA would improve but use similar technologies.   Since scientist
who's behind in research will always learned the knowledge from those who
are ahead.

           If the Russian had succeeded in using the electromagnetic radiation
(EMR) as the tool to read human thoughts, then I do believe the CIA would
use the same technologies because it is invisible, wireless and leaves no

   In this program " MKULTRA" of CIA, not only the university of Maryland
and Georgetown were used in the experiment of human behavior control by
CIA from 1950s-60s.  Eighty institutes which included universities had
been used by CIA in this program. 
    This Agency also supported budgets to make the investigation of the
human ecology in medical research.   The human ecology research extended
to the Canada after 1967 for the aegis of Society for Investigation of
Human Ecology. 
     Except the above events, a special report is that  Mr. Gottlieb,
the director of CIA technical service, destroy all of CIA's record of
mind control program in 1973 and claim to have forgotten all research
details and information when he testified to the US Senate in 1977.

  (Above information were excerpt from the Washington Post's article
published on august 3, 6, 18, and Sept. 2 in 1977.)
   The above information indeed prove that the CIA cooperated with lots
Universities to research about Mind control, and it might be one of
these Universities which invented the original "Thoughts Reading Machine"
for the CIA.
   I would like to deduce that the researchers of these Universities
might not have totally understand that their experiments were related
with the Mind control research program of CIA.  Chances are, only the
head research of some of these Universities knew the truth about their
research.  So, when one of these Universities invented the "EMR" mind
machine and transferred the patent to the CIA, some of the misled
researchers (those who were unaware of the ultimate use of their
research) felt betrayed and leak out the information to the press.
    That's why the South-China newspaper reported this event on news and
that's why Dr. Gottlieb wanted to destroyed all of their Mind control
program  records because they already invented the "Thoughts Reading
Machine" prototype (The old Mind control program used the electro sleep
machine, the electrode stimulation brain, and the EEG beside the electric
shock, but right now they changed to use the electromagnetic radiation
waves to detect human thoughts).

  This logical explanation answer and solve our questions about mind machine.

  Now, I would like to mention Dr. Becker, who is a medical doctor with a
long term research experiences in bioelectromagnetism.  He had been
nominated twice for the Nobel Prize because of his contributions and his
work.  He stands on the top in the field of research on regeneration and
especially has professional knowledge of electrical current in living
things.  In 1985, he wrote a book titled "The Body Electric" which
mentioned many of the CIA's mindcontrol experiments and their goals.

  Now, I would like to show you some information about the "TRM" from
his book.
   The electromagnetic mind control was researched by CIA starting early
1960 (Dr. Becker agrees that this mind machine use the electromagnetic
   In the infamous program-" MKULTRA" , this Agency used various way which
included hypnosis, psychedelic drugs..etc. to surveillance and
interrogation.  The purpose was looking for adapting bioelectric sensing

     This mean that they want to find the remote electric technique
method to control the activation of human organism.( I'll explain this
with example later.)
    In 1974, they're very strongly interested in the hypnosis-EMR.
The experimenter of this research, J.F. Schapitz recorded :

The spoken word of the hypnosis may also be conveyed by modulated
electromagnetic energy directly into the subconscious parts of the
human brain--i.e., without employing any technical device for receiving
or transcoding the messages, and the person who expose in such influence
has no chance to control the information input (Becker, p. 320-321).
   On September 21, 1977, the sub-committee on health and
scientific research of Senate asked the director of "MKULTRA" -- Dr. Sydney
Gottlieb to testify.    Dr. Gottlieb said: "There was a running interest
in what effects people's standing in the field of radio energy have, and
it could easily have been that somewhere in the many projects someone
was trying to see if you could hypnotize somebody easier if he was
standing in a radio beam."
   The US Congress members should have asked them at that time, why were
they so interested in trying hypnotize somebody in a field of radio
energy (or in radio beam) but not in the ultrasound field?  (There is
another ultrasound mind machine which was invented by Russia.--the detail
information will be reported later).

   The only reason should be that they had found they could use radio
waves (microwaves) to imitate, or communicate with, and interpret
human thoughts.  So, they want to use the same theory to change human
mind (thoughts or behavior) by radio waves (microwaves) but not
ultrasound (the current technology used in the Russian Mind machine).

    The above information show that the Mind machine-"T.R.M." should
already be invented in 1973.   This is because their steps (knowledge and
actions) already have went beyond to simply detect the thoughts in 1974. 

   In 1974, the CIA was researching into techniques to change or influence
human thoughts through the use of hypnosis.  It will be ridiculous for
them to research into changing or influencing human thoughts unless they
can read human thoughts.  Unless, they already have the abilities to read
human thoughts, then the CIA can not be completely sure if they were
successful.   It will be difficult to see if someone's thoughts were
changed by observing their behaviors because there's a great deal of
    Only when they have the abilities to read human thoughts, can they
be 100% sure that they have changed the thoughts in the subject.
Therefore, the CIA should have already possessed such abilities in

    Especially in 1973, Dr. Sharp serving as a test subject himself,
heard & understood spoken words delivered to him in a echo free chamber via
a pulsed-microwave audiogram(an analog of the word's sound vibrations)
beamed into his brain.  It did proved that the device mind machine-"TRM"
indeed succeeded. 

    Thoughts are just the voice-less (unspoken words) "language" inside the
brains.   Language express thoughts with voices.     When a person think
or speak the same phrase (like "How are you?"), the electrical representation
(electrical impulse) of the thoughts or the speech inside the brain should be
the same.

  The above experiments of Dr. Sharp proved that they could use the
microwaves to deliver message (spoken words) to human brains  (the
electrical impulses which represent the voices).

   Based on the above evidences and logic, then they should be able to do
the reverse (read a person's thoughts by decoding the electrical impulses
[brain waves] inside the person's brain into language).

    This is because to deliver a message using microwaves, they must
translate spoken words ("How are you?") into electrical impulses (brain
waves) which can be interpreted as voices by the brain (like "How are you?).
If they use microwaves to deliver the message to you, then you can hear
the voice in your mind (brain).

   The only difference will be that the voices is not "your voices", but
it is as if someone else is speaking (whisper) in your mind ---Other
person's thoughts is delivered to your mind in language way but no normal
voices can be heard by ears.[ because it's not sound waves].

   Then they certainly can (read) interpret the same electric impulses
patterns (brain waves pattern such as the phrase "how are you?") from human
brain into language (words as "How are you?").  However at this time,

your thoughts will show up on computer screen as words (voice-less language)
if the collected brain waves is sent to CPU, or if they send your brain
waves (through the use of microwave radiation electronics devices)
directly into another person's brain, then you might whisper to the other
person's mind (without "normal voice") [In other words, the other is
sharing your thoughts].

    So based on the same logic, if they can use microwaves to imitate
the electric impulse which describe the language & deliver to human brain,
then on the other hand, they also can interpret the same electric impulse
back to the same language.   It must be the same thing.

According to above analysis, they should be able to decode as many
electric impulse patterns ( brain waves pattern which describe thoughts,
language ) as they can deliver the message to the human brains.   That
mean if they have no problem to deliver messages (through the use of
microwaves they can build the microwaves brain waves pattern ), then they
should also have no problem to read human thoughts (through the use of
microwaves to read the brain waves pattern [electric impulse] then
interpret to languages.).

  There was a research which had used the same logic as above & had been
practiced in a mind reading.   I would like to show you this kind information.

      In 1975 a primitive mind reading machine was tested  at
 the  Stanford  Research Institute.  The machine used a computer
           which  recognizes a limited amount of words by monitoring a  per-
           son's silent thoughts.  This technique relies upon the  discovery
           that  brain  wave tracings (EEG) show distinctive  patterns  that
           correlate  with individual words - whether the words  are  spoken
           aloud or merely subvocalized (thought of).
  ( Walter  Bowart:  Operation Mind  Control. 1978 p. 268.)
  This kind research indeed prove that they should have had the ability to
read human thoughts via microwaves frequency since they can use the
microwaves frequency to deliver message to human brain in 1973.
 ( According above way, if each different word has different brainwaves
pattern then create three or even ten thousand popular words from the
brain waves pattern, can build a dictionary of human thoughts in CPU to
interpret the brain waves--read the thoughts.)

   However the only exception should be that when the brain waves (electric
impulse) which describe vision.   That's because this visual information
encode in brain much like to interpret picture (sense) than thoughts. 
So that's why CIA needed to collect human  brain waves which interpret
visual information after 1973.

    Furthermore, the director of CIA technical service destroyed the full
record of mind control in 1973.   It prove that they already succeeded
and invented the "Thoughts Reading Machine" (This device might be
invented from the cooperation with other University.) in 1973, otherwise they
would not destroy the records of their valuable programs except they
totally gave up the mind control research.  ( However the evidence showed
they didn't give up the mind control after 1973.)
    These information would be vital to continue their research on mind
control.    The logical reason for destroying all the records is that
they have already invented this "Thoughts Reading Machine" or
had obtained the mind machine-"TRM" device from a cooperated University.
   By destroying the records, it will be difficult to reproduce experiments
that were done, and it will be nearly impossible to prove that they have
invented and have these type of mind machine.
     The action of CIA to destroy all records also shows that the agency
should have found the correct method to read human thoughts (using the
electromagnetic radiation waves as the thoughts detecting tool.) but not
drugs or electric shock, or even they gave up on implants and electrode
stimulation brain (EMB).  By destroying the records, the CIA have tried
to ensure that there will be no security leaks.
    Especially,  comparing with their action one can see that CIA didn't
give up the goal to change human behavior after 1973, it is also appears
that the agency was advancing their technologies with experiments in field
such as hypnosis, emotion change, etc. since 1974.    Also the delivered
message  were totally changed to use (focus) the electromagnetic radar
waves (EMR).

    This prove that they already found the right way to use the (focus)
EMR to detect thoughts or deliver messages and It indeed succeeded in 1973.

   So Dr. Gottlieb still led the human behaviors control and the Director
of "MKULTRA" plan program after 1973.

  In 1974, the lots research experiments of CIA already prove that they
can send spoken words, subliminal message ,or hypnosis by the
electromagnetic radar waves (EMR) to change the human behavior.
 (See "The Body Electric" on page 320-321)

    The experiments appear that they not only didn't give up the mind
control but advanced the device thoughts machine from their technique of
    It did prove that the "Thoughts Reading Machine" should have invented
 from the original electro-sleep machine and had advanced as a mind
machine to change human behavior in 1973.
  Also the collected information prove that the Russia used the
electromagnetic waves as their mind machine tool.
  In 1983 there was a public meeting at Loma Linda Va
hospital and released photos, information concerning a Russian Lida machine.
  This small transmitter could emitted 10-hertz waves for tranquilization
& more better suggestibility.   Such similar machine had been used to POW in
Korea. ( The above information prove that Russia used the same idea --the
electromagnetic radiation waves as the hypnotic delivered tool.)
   It show that electromagnetic waves or radiation waves indeed are the
thoughts Detected tool of US Mind machine.   
    On the other hand, I would like to deduce that the original result
wasn't so good in a year experiences of using this device (machine) when
I compare with their research experiments at 1974.    In 1974-1977, they
were full interesting in how hypnotize a person & change one's thinking
with the EMR.
(According to the testify of Dr. Gottlieb in Senate)               
  They should find that only to keep people sleep (dreaming) or think then
to read human thoughts would spend lot of time to collect useful information.
     That's because they need to wait the subject think about the
information which they need.    Even the operators can push the subject
to keep sleeping (dreaming) or thinking by their machine, but how could
lead the subject's thoughts toward the needed information still a problem
to them at that time.
     To detecting a person thoughts in such condition,  the machine
operator would feel boring( without patience) & tired to keep their eyes on
the screen of "EMR Mind machine/TRM" because lots information might be useless
or purely belong to one's regular life.
     That's why they're so strong interested in hypnosis-EMR interaction
in 1974, because they need the skill to change human thoughts while they're
      So I would like to deduce that the original "Mind machine/TRM" was
invented  in 1973. ( Or the CIA may got the mind machine device patent
from the cooperated university this year in 1973.)

  On the other hand,  I recently read a very valuable information which was
written on the book "Zapping of America"--author, Paul Brodeur.   It
mentioned that a insider information had been reported by National
Enquirer on June 22,1776.   It said that Since 1973 the Advanced Research
Projects Agency had been sponsoring a program to develop a machine that
could "read minds from a distance" by deciphering the brain's magnetic
    A scientist involved in the program had declared that the
ultimate goal of his work was to exercise control over the brain.

    I will deduce that the above news is a fact basically.  Why?  I would
like to explain it to you,

   This report mentioned this mind machine read mind from distance by
deciphering the brain (electric) magnetic waves is exactly same as the
research of the CIA mind machine, besides the time point out on 1973 is also
correct as the fact or as my deduction.     So I deduce that 1n 1973, the
Advance Research Project Agency was noticed that the EMR mind machine
had been invented by CIA then it provided the budget to CIA for the further
research, so it was sponsoring the program to CIA to continentally
develop the mind machine.
   Only the CIA EMR mind machine had been invented then the scientist
involved in the further research program could & dared to declare that "the
ultimate goal of his work was excise control over the brain."

  If the EMR mind machine can not read human thoughts then they even don't
know how much time they need for figure out the basic problem
--understand other person's thoughts, then how could they had chance
to exercise over the brain.

    So I believe this news is true & was offered by a researcher who worked
with this program.    Then why this researcher didn't give the information
to a major newspaper but offer to the "National Enquirer" newspaper?

      From the view of security to analysis, it is still reasonable.  Why?
Let me explain it to you.
 If a researcher of this program want to notify the society of the
hidden danger of this research. ( That's because a mind reign machine
will be definitely used to invade the privacy & thoughts of people.)
    He will more likely to go to a smaller newspaper.  Why?   That's
because any normal human being want to protect himself first, a major
newspaper might want to know the name of the person who was giving the
information, or how does he get this information ?, & even try to
investigate the claim.   All of this will tend to expose the true
identity of the source.   Also the major newspaper might already have
the secret agent working in there.

    So this researcher would rather use a anonymity to offer the
information to a small newspaper than a major newspaper to protect himself.
   Therefore, the above news should be true.

  This news also prove that my original report is a fact & truth.  The EMR
mind machine indeed could read human thoughts & had been invented since 1973.

  Now I would like to show you another information which is as below.

On Sept. 25, 1977, the Washington Post reported " CIA testing EYE-BRAIN
           A San Diego Hospital has been conducting experiments for CIA for two
years on how the human brain reacts to what the eyes see.  The volunteers
respond to pictures of faces flashed on screens with each picture evoking
a different brain waves pattern.  The computer can then determine which
pictures are familiar and which are not even if the subject says nothing.

           The experiments have an accuracy rate was 80 percents so far.  At that
time, CIA spokesman denied published reports that the $100,000 a year contract
with the Hospital & Health Center was to develop a sophisticated Lie-Detector
system that electronically probes the brain. 
   He said "The contract we have is not a Lie-Detector thing at all, it's
so that we can better understand how the human brain absorbs and
processes information.. how the brain interprets visual materials.

   It's hoped the program will benefit CIA analysis in interpreting
photographs and other visual information they have to work with."
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
           I believe that the spokesman was telling the true when he said that
they were not developing a lie detector.  It is illogical for a lie detector
machine to involve images see through the eyes.  Instead, it will be more
logical for this experiment to be used to develop or enhance a mind reading
device.   A device that can help the CIA to see what the other people
sees without actually being there.

   If CIA doesn't have mind machines-"TRM", then they wouldn't need to
collect these brain waves patterns about vision.   If this mind machine
use sound waves to detect thoughts then they won't need to collect the brain
waves in vision by only electric wires (Electronically probes brain with
visual information).   Only the EMR Mind machine had been invented by
CIA since 1973 then they need to collect the brain waves pattern in
visual information from electric wires ( electronically probes brain via
visual information)
  These brain waves patterns were collected through the physical contacted
methods (with wires).    This would increase the abilities of the CIA's
original mind machine to interpret the brain patterns when It describe
visual information & will be used as part of brain waves program in vision.

   These kind of research is aimed to build a way to translate the visual
brain waves patterns into something people can understand.  When this is
accomplished, agents can began to remote read someone else's thoughts
about visual information without being there to see.   Furthermore, they
even can fax a picture in the CPU then send to a subject in his dream or
thoughts to lead a subject's thinking in dream or influence one's thoughts.

     So this research is from the physically contacted way (with
wires-electronically probes brain) to obtain people's brains
patterns in vision which could be developed into a different part of
brain waves program to interpret visual information of human.

   So comparing with above evidences, I would like to deduce that the EMR
mind machine should have been invented in 1973.

           Another important information concerning the research for the
construction of mind machine was provided by a Professor Mr. James
Craven who's from the Clark College in Vancouver.  He noted.

           During the 1970s, a man name Arnold Zubeck at the University of
Manitoba (Canada) was doing work in the areas of sensory deprivation and
interrogation/Mind control techniques and work in the areas of
electromagnetic waves (microwaves) and their influence on synapse
processes in animals and humans.
           His work was financed by the Canadian Defense Research Board, the US
Army and the British Government.  Zubeck's work was cited in the Copton
Report which was a report by the British Government on interrogation
techniques in Northern Ireland.   There was widespread protests by students
against the work of Zubeck who later committed suicide. 

      This indicate the real purposes and intentions of research in the
areas of mind control, electromagnetic wave influence on human physiology etc.
This work is ongoing and those academics who are participating
in it are like the German chemists who made gas for the gas chambers.
They have made Faustian bargains with the most ugly and evil forces
to come along for a long time.

           This evidence shows that the EMR mind machine "T.R.M." does indeed
use electromagnetic waves to read the thoughts of others.  This concept had
been accepted by many scientists in the world.

           Scientist Jose Delgado  had proven the effectiveness of
electromagnetic waves for mind control through his experiments on animal

            An ESB type of signal had been used by Jose Delgado made monkeys
turn their heads, or smile, no matter what else they were doing at the
time.  This experiment was performed up to twenty thousand times in two
weeks.   In the end, Delgado concluded, "The animals looked like electronic
           This type of research suggests the possibility of forcing others
to perform acts against their wills.  It might be possible for normal
everyday people to be turn into assassins if ESB signals are sent into their

           Other research shows that EEG combined with radio frequency and
microwave broadcasts may be able to produce specific thoughts or moods,
such as compliancy.  It might be used to create an totalitarian government
without the terror: "Tyranny without the terror".  It poses a great
danger to the entire society (Becker, 320).

           Above information show that the use of electromagnetic waves is the
main techniques for "TRM"-mind machine to read human thoughts.    When
Dr. Becker  was still working on his research, the EMR mind machine should
have already been invented for a long time.  From analyzing all the
research goals of these scientists, it is apparent that they had already
surpassed the mere understanding of human thoughts through the use of EMR.
Instead, their goal was to alter human minds and develop techniques to
control them (They can't try to alter someone's mind without first
understanding what the person was thinking in the first place) and
to advance the microwave technology as a weapon (with the potential to be
used as device of torture).

           There's another source of information to further proved that the
technologies to read thoughts has existed for a long time.  Dr. Josh
Backon is from Israel, and his account deals with the invention of mind
machine in Israel. He states:
           "This brain reading device was originally developed by a
mathematician (now in Israel) working with Professor Bechtereva at the
Military Medical Institute in Leningrad (Russia) in the mid to late
           The mathematician decoded MUA's (multiple unit activity) of certain
brain wave patterns and got the phonemic representation of the word- the
subject was thinking on a computer screen.    If I were thinking
the word CAT, this word would appear."

           If the Russia can develop a method to decode the brain
patterns into words that can be display on a computer screen in 1970s, then
US should be able to do it as well.
           Another source also points out that US does have this type of device.
  In 1988, Mr. Fratus reported, in the Utah state prison, he was met
such device which could read his entire thoughts in remotely.

(See the personal report of Mr. Fratus from the Utah state prison.)
   The testimony of Mr. Fratus had already the EMR mind machine indeed
invented & existed for a long time since 1988.

           In 1989, a US defense consultant & contractor talked to Ms. Armen
Victorian that: he was asked to examine the possibility of devising
(See  June, 1993 "Lobster" magazine of UK)

           If they need the technique to transmitting subliminal message through
TV screen, It mean they not only can read the thoughts on the screen but
try to influence the subject thoughts through the TV screen then can easily
find the information which they need.  

           This action shows that the scientists already can send subliminal
message by a inconvenient scientific technique,  but they try to change it
to a convenient way which can be easily used by the science-illiterate
people --operators of "TRM".

           Now, do you still believe that there is no EMR mind machine -"TRM" in the
United STATES?!

           According to the news report of Hong-Kong, the classified document of
Taiwan, the "T.R.M." have been invented & used for a long time. 
   Furthermore, from analyzing CIA's research goal in the 70s & the Copton
report, indeed proves they had already gone beyond reading human
thoughts and were moving toward human behavior control and modifications.

           This means that "TRM" indeed had been invented and with some
experimentation, they can advance the technologies to modify human behaviors.
This also prove that the news report, the classified document are both
true.  Also, the readers should be reminded all these occurred in the 70s
to early 80s.  It is a frightening to consider what they have been able
to achieve since then, and what further advance and weapons had they
developed in the past decade.

           When I compare Dr. Becker's report, Mr. Craven's words, and the
experiences of the victims who I know, the testimony of Mr. Fratus and with
the facts (The "TRM" has been invented and used for a long time, but many
people aren't aware of this device), I should say that the "TRM" mind
machine does use invisible electromagnetic radiation waves to read human
thoughts and that's why people aren't aware of it.
           Some people thinks that if you stay at home, you are safe.  How
can anyone operate the machine on you if they can't find where you are?

I would like to explain it to you as below:
           This machine includes a "remote watching" equipment.  The "remote
watching" equipment will locate the subject and then the machine will be
used to read the subject's thoughts.  This "remote watching" equipment
uses a kind of advanced radar and emits radiation waves that will
penetrate concrete or wall to find and locates the subject accurately with
surgical precision no matter day or night.

           This "remote watching" equipment is a secret technology of the
intelligence agency.  A company known as PSI-TECH specializes in this
technology.  It is discussed in an article written by Armen Victorian
(The article appeared in Great Britain's magazine, "LOBSTER", in June of
1993.  This magazine specializes in the reporting matters dealing with
intelligence agencies and conspiracies).

           The PSI-TECH had used the "remote viewing" to locate Saddam's scud
missiles sites for US government during the Gulf War and assisted FBI to
locate a kidnapped Exxon executive.   They even can find a object from other
country or locate kidnapped people in the hidden place.  This proves that
this kind technology of "remote watching" to locate a subject in a building,
is not a problem to them.
           Now, I would like to show you another information about electrical
surveillance system which is a type of implantable/injectable micro/Bio-chip.
It's as below:
From: Steve Wingate <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
Newsgroups: alt.conspiracy,alt.alien.visitors,alt.mindcontrol
Subject: Big Brother's Implantable/Injectable Micro/Bio-Chips
Date: Sat, 17 Jun 1995 20:33:33 -0700


>From an Oct. 11, 1993 "The Washington Times" article entitled,
"High-tech national tattoo", by Martin Anderson: "...there is an
identification system made by the Hughes Aircraft Company that you can't
lose. It's the syringe implantable transponder.

According to promotional literature it is an "ingenious, safe,
inexpensive, foolproof and permanent method of ... identification using
radio waves.                                       ----------------------
A tiny microchip, the size of a grain of rice, is simply placed under
the skin. It is so designed as to be injected simultaneously with a
vaccination or alone."

How does it work? Well, the "chip contains a 10 character alphanumeric
identification code that is never duplicated. When a scanner is passed
over the chip, the scanner emits a 'beep' and your ... number flashes in
the scanner's digital display."

[....] True, an implanted transponder can't yet hold anywhere near as
much material as a smart card. But if the desire is there, larger size
implants and tiny microchips could soon increase its storage capacity.

Of course, most Americans will find a surgically implanted government
microchip repugnant. At least for the foreseeable future, the use of this
ingenious device will be confined to its current use: the tracking of
dogs, cats, horses and cattle.

But there is no difference in principle between forced to carry a
microchip in a plastic card in your wallet or in a little pellet in your
arm. The principle that Big Brother has the right to track you is
inherent in both. The only difference is a layer of skin.

>From the Sat., Oct. 15, 1994 Dr. Fox "ANIMAL DOCTOR" column in the "St.
Louis [Missouri] Post-Dispatch":

Dear Dr. Fox: Our local Humane Society has offered, for $25, a lifetime
computer chip to be injected with a needle between the shoulder blades of
a cat or dog. Apparently, all new animals adopted get a chip. [....]

[Dr. Fox:] ...the microchip identification system you describe is an
excellent advance in helping with pet loss, owner identification and pet
theft. [....] Microchip ID technology is safe...and adverse reactions
following subcutaneous implantation are extremely rare...

>From the "Electronic Leash:
The Implantable Bio-Chip Is Already Here. Is Big Brother Just Around The

article by Lisa Crosby in the Vol. 11, No. 14, June 15-June 21 issue of
the "Tucson [AZ] Weekly":

[....] The size of an uncooked grain of rice, the silicon computer
chip...When inserted underneath the skin, this chip can link an
individual to a computer database, or it can track a person's location
via satellite.

[....] Sound impossible? Hardly. Microchip implants are in use as you
read this. [....] Today, injecting a microchip into animals is routine.

[....] [....] Microchip pet identification -- technically known as radio
frequency identification (RFID) -- is available to pet owners nationwide.

[....] [....] The concept seems simple. A microchip encased in
biomedical-grade glass and imprinted with a unique, unalterable
alpha-numeric code. Over 34 billion individual code numbers are
available. [....] Once implanted, the chip is virtually impossible to
remove. ... even surgical removal using advanced radiograph techniques is
extremely difficult. This is because fibrous tissue adheres to grooves in
the glass surrounding the chip to prevent migration of the chip...

Since the chip operates with low-frequency radio waves and does not
contain a battery, it remains passive with no parts to wear out. [....]

.. the tracking of microchips does occur. Hughes Missiles Systems Company
uses microchips to track aircraft and vehicles. [....] [....] But what
about tracking people?

While the Global Positioning System can track aircraft, there is a system
of satellites in orbit right now that can track microchips injected into

Dr. Carl Sanders, an engineer for 32 years and the designer of the
Intelligence Manned Interface (IMI) biochip for use in humans, told the
"Monetary Economic Review" that "There are new satellites going up (such
as the) 66 satellites that Motorola is putting up in conjunction with the
Russians. These are low-orbiting satellites." He explains that certain
microchips can be picked up by satellite. "We used this with military
personnel in the Iraq war where they were actually tracked using this
particular type of device."

The concept of tracking children with microchips is already generating
interest. The Associated Press reports that Dr, Daniel Man, a plastic
surgeon in Miami, Florida could locate lost children or find Alzheimer's
victims... The device would emit a signal that could be monitored through
a cellular system, and possibly by satellite. [....]

[....] But is the microchip actually ready to be injected in large
numbers of people?

..the technology behind today's microchip is "fairly uncomplicated" and
with a little refinement could be used in a variety of human

Sematech in Austin, Tex., developed a computer chip in 1993 that is only
0.35 microns wide -- roughly 1/200th the size of a human hair. [....]

Dr. Carl Sanders is especially concerned about Big Brother's exploitation

of the microchip. Sanders is an electronics engineer, inventor, author
and consultant with extensive background in designing surveillance system
equipment for the CIA, FBI and the Customs Department in Atlanta.
Although he worked on designing the microchip years ago, he is now
concerned that it will be misused.
     On a tape he produced to explain his views on the microchip, Sanders
says: "Thirty-two years of my life was spent in design engineering with a
PhD in engineering, and electronic-designing microchips in the bio-med

Working on the microchip, we had no idea about it ever being an
identification chip. ..."

[....] Sanders feels this chip may eventually used for life-long
identification, possibly against people's will. The government may have
the legal right authority to do this through the Immigration Control Act
of 1986, which gives the president the authority to implement whatever
type of identification is necessary to control the population. Sanders
fears that a SmartCard, invisible tattoo, or electronic microchip under
the skin may be used to enforce immigration laws. Currently there are
several pending measures before Congress calling for a social security
card for immigrant identification with a photo, fingerprint digitization,
or bar code. [....]

.. The injectable microchip has been equated with the "Mark of the
Beast" -- a reference to a Biblical prophecy predicting that only those
with a mark on the right hand or forehead in the End times will be able
to buy or sell. (The supercomputer in Brussels handling worldwide bank
clearings for the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial
Telecommunications is nicknamed "The Beast.")

(Related "bio-chip" information, as follows, is also contained in the
1994 book [ISBN 0-679-43176-4], Saved By the Light: The True Story of a
Man Who Died Twice and the Profound Revelations He Received, an
autobiography written by Dannion Brinkley.)

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* Steve Wingate / CITIZEN'S INTELLIGENCE ACCESS BBS / 415.927.2435 /

  The above information already proves that to track a animal, car or even
human is not a problem.

    Also comparing with my experiences in Taiwan, there are central control
stations that coordinate the use of the machine in major cities of
Taiwan.  These control stations are connected to sensors in the
streets.  So, they can track down someone anywhere within the city.  If
Taiwan has this type of machine control stations, United States should
have the similar control centers.  I suspect that these station might
use the "remote viewing" technology to locate anyone they're tracking on.
(and this technology may have been included in city design).
Therefore, a person can be located anywhere in the city,

I would like to show readers some evidences to prove what I said are true.

   There are eight of such kind cases had been reported in the " Microwaves
harassment & mind-control experimentation".   (See page 8, 9 on
electronic surveillance project- Author Julianne Mekinney  December 1992)
   One dividual (driven to extremes of stress by ongoing electronic
harassment focusing on her children) killed one child in an effort to
protect her from further pain.

   Another individual, during a telephone conversation, was told by an
employee of a local power company that , if she value the lives of her
children, she would  drop the her opposition to the company's
installation of high power lines.  Since receiving that threat, the
individual 11-wear-old daughter has been reduced to extrrement of illness
which cannot be diagnosed.    It's now also apparent to this individual
that her three-year-old son ids on the receiving end of externally
induced auditory input. (DoE figures prominently in this case.)

    If the Departmemt of Energy is really involved in above case then what
facts will it show us?  It proves that few Departments of our government
indeed use this EMR mind machine or at least use the invisible
microwaves weapon.

   In this cases, the family didn't receive message which directly
deliver to their brain by Mind machine operators.    You might ask what's
the real reason?  In my own opinion, I would like to say that these
families basically shouldn't be their torture subject of mind machine
operators because they're under control.   However, once these family
member's action or position oppose the interest of the mind machine
group then mind machine operators still can use the invisible microwaves
weapons (direct energy weapons) to hurt these victims' children then
black mail them in opened way (call these victims by telephone.).

   The above information also proves that none place is safe when you
live under the EMR mind machine surveillance system.   So even the above
children of average families who lives at home or even stay at hospital, the
children still can't avoid to be hurt by the remotely control invisible
microwaves weapon (or direct energy weapon) if the mind machine operators
wanted to.

   These parents can't do nothing to help their children or protect from
pains, one grieving mother killed one of her child to protect child from
further suffering.   This kind situation only proves that the EMR mind
machine surveillance system have already been established & network
whole nation.   Also the invisible EMF waves (microwaves) weapon can
remotely control the emitters then focus waves to hurt anyone in any

(The emitters should be designed as a new electrical parts which combine
with old parts as a new parts so it not only has the original parts function
but also can emit radiation waves by remotely control way.)
    The above evidence also show that actions of Mind Machine Operators are
extremely evil.

Not only will they read your thoughts, but they will also harm your body
with their invisible Electromagnetic radiation weapon.  By doing so, they
can decide how bad your body condition is or in what health condition
they will allow you to live.  Their action is more terrible than those
of Stalin and his philosophy, Stalinism, in Russia.  The Stalinism only
determine the distribution of material ("the redistribution"), but the
mind machine operators will distribute other people's life or their health
condition because they can use invisible electronic radiation waves (or
direct energy weapon) to hurt your body in your homes, cars, or everywhere
according to their remote control ability & entire nation network
surveillance system.

     Before I express my opinion to the Mind machine working way, I would
like to mention a Military & intelligence advisor- Mr. Harold Wolff. 
He  distinguished some special  methods into more relevant to subversion,
seduction, and interrogation.  
   Mr. Wollf also collected this kind experiences from the CIA's file
such as "threats, torture, coercion, imprisonment, isolation, deprivation,
humiliation, brainwashing, black psychiatry, hypnosis, and combined these
 as the basic interrogating theory & skill.  He offered to study these
method too.
    (page 149 -John Marks)
  So the Mind machine basic operated theory & skill of CIA included above
all methods & the knowledge of brain map, neuro-science,etc.
Since they had sold the mind machine to foreign country, they had built a
big area mind machine surveillance system in these countries.   Also the
same machine operated theory & skill  was learned by other country
machine's operators as a common sense to protect their mind machine as a
top secret.

    So the actions of machine operators are always cruel when they're
staying at the central machine control station or using their mind
machine to get rid of anyone.
     According to their basic operating theories, skills, training, and
personalities, the operators appears to others as the following:

(1). They have different standards with the current law of our society to
     distinguish who's good or bad.
      The normal societal standard is to protect law abiding citizens
and punish those who have broken the law in our society.  Comparing this
standard with that of the mind machine operators, one find that the
standard of the operators are almost completely opposite of the normal

    The operators distinguish people who's good or bad according their
special rule and never consider the current law.   The criminals might be
good people to the machine operators if the operators can predict the
action of the criminal, read the thoughts of the criminal, and the
criminal is not opposing the interest of the mind machine group.

           Also, the operators won't hurt the criminal in any way to avoid
security leak.  On the other hand, a law abiding citizen might be
considered a bad people by the operators if the operators can't predict
the action of the law abiding citizen and the law abiding citizen
somehow oppose the interest of the mind machine group.

     Also the machine operators will try to get rid of the law abiding
citizen in any way to avoid the mind machine security leak.

(2).  The Machine operators always have "two faces" or have been trained to
      have "multi-personalities"

       When the mind machine operators are living in their homes, they
act as if they are completely normal just like any common people.  They
follow the laws, talk to you as friends, and have their families and kids
just like any average person.

           Yet, when these people are on the job (working at the central
machine station or using their mind machine to carry out their jobs at
home), then they act as if they were completely different people.  It is
as if their personalities when from normal to something horrible, without
honor, moral values, and respect for human rights and lives.  It is as if
these people have a different personalities, and they assume this
personalities when they are on the jobs.

           The machine operators assume the position of power and show their
"darkside" to the subjects.  These machine operators will torture, abuse,
threaten, coerce, humiliate, seduce, brainwash, etc, the subject.
Also, they will abuse the invisible radiation wave as a weapon (and/or
the so-called "non-lethal" weapons) to get rid of the subjects when the
subjects become out of "control."

(3). Most of the mind machine operators treat themselves as the master of
 people or the first class citizens, especially when they're staying at the
central machine station or using the mind machine at any place.
     For those people who are under their (machine operators) handle,
the operators regard these people as their "kids."  These "kids" may live
peacefully  in the society for the time being as long as the "kids" do
not anger them, and the "kids" do not present a threat to machine
operators' interests. 

   The operators can watch any people inner secret or read people's
thoughts, also they can hurt the people by their invisible radiation waves
without knowing from the people.  The people are totally under their
control and are ignorance of this situation.  Without public
awareness, any law to constraint their actions,
or a regulating commission to check on the mind machine
operators, they are free to do whatever they want.  It doesn't take long
for these operators to regard themselves to be "above the law", and
"untouchable."  No longer, will they believe they are the public
servants.  The machine operators will regard themselves to be first class
citizens or the master of the people.

   As the old adage of "power corrupts", most of the operators have
enjoyed unauthorized power and for way too long.  They think they can do
anything and will never be held responsible because their tools use
invisible radiation waves that leaves no evidences.  They can hurt and
"get rid" of anyone without fear of being arrested because there are no
evidences to prosecute them with.

(4).  In a way, the philosophy of mind machine groups are very similar to
the philosophy that "there is no nation boarder" of the Europe Common
Market.  However, the philosophy of the mind machine group is applied to
political security instead of economics.

  The Mind Machine operators are the very special group (beyond the
government) and actually you can say that while the machine operators
carry out their job, they don't belong to any country.   That's because they
 don't care any law or constitution of any country to deal with their job
if anything which affect the interest of the Mind machine system.
   The operators of the Mind machine group (system) will help any country to
get rid of anyone if anyone can cause the security leak of the Mind machine.
  So a female victim of Taiwan who had been harassed by Taiwan Mind
machine group, although had moved to US but still met the same situation in
US.  ( The detail will be described later.)
    On above situation, any other foreign country machine operators would
co-detect the naturalized US citizens & exchange their file of information.

(5).  The evil belief of EMR mind machine operators is that when there's a
whip, there's a way.

   The security of mind machine system is considered by the machine
control group above the constitution of their country.
 So they do everything follow this group special operating way.    Their
actions appeared that they only believe forces and always use their invisible
radiation waves as a weapon to force victims to follow their intention.
    That's only because these radiation waves are invisible, noise-less (
except the painful howling of victim), no external injuries evidence, &
without physical contact, so there is no trace of any evidence of their
crime.    They are never held responsible by law.
   Since they don't pay any responsibility to their crime, their evil
belief is that there's a whip then there's a way.
  They usually used this way such as torture, humiliation, threat,
blackmail, or brainwash, etc. to hurt you & force you to follow
their order. 

(6). The Mind Machine Operators are practicing Stalinism.
Not only will they read your thoughts, but they will also harm your body
with their invisible Electromagnetic radiation weapon.  By doing so, they
can decide how bad your health condition is or in what health condition
they will allow you to live.
  Their actions are kind of Stalinism in Russia but getting worse.   The
political Stalinism only determine the distribution of material ("the
redistribution"), but the mind machine operators will allocate other
people's life (live or die ) or distribute their health condition
because they can use radiation weapon (nonlethal weapon ) to hurt
your body in your homes, cars, or everywhere according to their remote
control ability & entire nation network surveillance system.
    I would like to show readers some evidences to prove what I said are

   There are eight of such kind cases had been reported in the " Microwaves
harassment & mind-control experimentation".   (See page 8, 9 on
electronic surveillance project- Author Julianne Mekinney  December 1992)
   One individual (driven to extremes of stress by ongoing electronic
harassment focusing on her children) killed one child in an effort to
protect her from further pain.
   Another individual, during a telephone conversation, was told by an
employee of a local power company that , if she value the lives of her
children, she would  drop the her opposition to the company's
installation of high power lines.  Since receiving that threat, the
individual 11-year-old daughter has been reduced to extrrement of illness
which cannot be diagnosed.    It's now also apparent to this individual
that her three-year-old son ids on the receiving end of externally
induced auditory input. (DoE figures prominently in this case.)
    If the Department of Energy really involved in above case then what
facts will show us.    It only proved that few Dep. of government indeed
use this EMR mind machine or at least use the invisible microwaves weapon.
   In this cases, the family didn't receive message which directly
deliver to their brain by Mind machine operators.    You might ask what's
the real reason?  In my own opinion, I would like to say that these
families basically shouldn't be their tourture subject of mind machine
operators because they're under control.   However once these family
member's action or position against the interest of the mind machine group   
then mind machine operators still can use the invisible microwaves weapon
(direct energy weapon) to hurt these victims' children then black mail
them in opened way ( call these victims by telephone.).
   The above informations already proved that none place is safety when you
live under the EMR mind machine survilliance system.   So even the above
regular families children who live at home or even stay at hospital, the
children still can't avoid to be hurt by the remotely control invisible
radiation weapon ( or direct energy weapon).
   These parents can't do nothing to help their children so a invidual even
killed one child to protect her from further pain.
  This kind situation only prove that the EMR mind machine survilliance
system have already established & network whole nation.   Also the
invisible EMF waves (microwaves) weapon can remotely control the emitters
then focus waves to hurt anyone in any where.  

(The emitters should be designed as a new electrical parts which combine
with old parts as a new parts so it not only has the original parts fuction
but also can emit radiation waves by remotely control way.)
  The above evidence also show that actions of Mind Machine Operators are
extremely evil.

What are the real problems of this Mind machine group to our the society?

           Here are some of the basic operational principles of this machine and
the problems that existe because of the usage of this machine.

1.  Your privacy no longer exist when you are being investigated with the use
    of the Mind Reading Machine.

      This machine use electromagnetic radiation waves to investigate subject,
so he who is being investigated will be totally unaware (Electromagnetic
radiation is invisible and can penetrate walls, bricks, most metals and almost
anything in its way).   Next, it sends these collected brain waves to
the CPU, and the cpu translates these brain waves into words or picture to
describe human thoughts.

           Then, these pictures and words are display on a monitor for analysis
by the investigators.   Because the subject that's being investigated
cannot see the electromagnetic radiation, he is totally unawared of the
violation of his privacy (of his thoughts read by others).  This machine
can be used in day or night.  It is often used with any stop, so the
victim's thoughts are constantly being monitored.  Therefore, the dreams,
the ideas, the inner secrets or the other private feelings and thoughts of
the victim will be will be a open book to these investigators.  So, the
investigators just have to use the machine near where you live or work, then
they steal your most inner secret and take your privacy from you.

    The process of reading the thoughts work like this.  First, two machine is
set up from two different angles.  Then, both machines emits a high intensity
radiation which crosses the subjects' brains.  One machine will emit
radiation, and the machine on the opposite side will intercept the
radiation wave and interpret the informations.  After the detected
subject's brain waves had send to the CPU,it will be translated
into thoughts with words or picture, finally appears on the monitor which
operator can read & understand.
(Machine schematic)                   ( EMR)
                                                 Electromagnetic waves
 | --<---------<---------  Subject--------<-------<-------- |
 |                                                          |
---------  |                                             ------------
Brain waves|->---------Central process unit---------->---| Radiation
receiver   |   |translate brain waves into thoughts|     | Emitter
___________|   |with words, pictures, or languages,|      -----------   
                  |also translates commands into      | 
                  |electromagnetic waves which imitates|
   |----->-----|electrical impulse of the brain    |----->-----|
   |           -------------------------------------           |
-----------|                                          |-------------
command    |                                          |monitor
------------                                          --------------

       The best way to read thoughts is to make the subject fall asleep and
dreams because at those time the person being investigated has very
little control what his mind is thinking, and this allow the
investigator to influence the subject to dream about matters which the
investigators think are important.   So the investigator will conduct
their investigations mostly at night. But you must remember, they can
read your thoughts any time even when you completely awake.

           If the investigators are interested in some special information,
then they will not just read the thoughts, but they will also actively
direct subject to think about the things the investigators are interested.
Not only can the EMR mind machine decode brain patterns, it can also
send information to the brain using brain patterns.  As an example,  the
investigators might send a picture of something the investigator is
interested to the subject's brain, and this will trigger the subject start
thinking about the information the investigators are after.  This also
allow the investigators to study the personality and the history of the
For example, They can fax the nude photo of a girl or man into a person's
dream.  Then, the operators can study how the person reacts to determine
his sexual preference etc.

(In the earlier cited article about the San Dieago Hopsital's study, it
was mentioned that the research team can determine whether or not a
picture is familiar to a test subject with 80% accuracy (A computer is
used to analyze the subject's brain patterns, and the computer can
determine whether or not the subject is familiar with the picture without
the subject having to say anything).  This established that a certain
brain pattern represents certain "pictures"; and if this brain pattern is
send to the human brain, the subject's brain will start to form the
"picture" that's associated with that particular brain pattern.

2.  Exposure to the radiation emit by this machine is not only harmful to
    your body, it can also kill you.

      Whenever this machine is being operated on high frequency, it can be used
to kill you.  The beam of high frequency radiation emitted from the machine can
be aimed at your head or your body.  If the target is your head, your central
nervous system will be damaged.  If the target is your body, your organs will be
damaged.   If the target is your heart, it can cause heart diseases and
the machine can cause someone to die as if he was killed by natural

           Even if the machine is not being operated on extreme high frequency,
prolong exposure to the radiation will still make a person ill and slowly cause
his death.  Also the neurologists involved in this behavior alteration
research can promise the microwaves weapon ( invisible radiation waves) user
how to effectively damage subject's nervous system.

   Now let's back to see what will be the reaction of government officers
when people report to them such situation.

  * The FBI spokesman do acknowledge that they have received large
number of requests for asistance from "persons" who believe that they
are being "zapped by radio waves".... (See page 10 on Microwaves Harassment
& Mind Control Experimentation.----1992 December) 

Unfortunately according to above report, these victims are only treated as "
Mental problem persons" then dismiss their cases.

* Now, let's investigate if a person can be zapped by electromagnetic

If some of the people believe that these victims were zapped by
accidental electrical discharge, I would like to point out why
this cannot be the cause.

Almost everyone has heard the cliche "lightening never strike the same
place twice."  This is an observation that is extremely valid.  The
chance of lightening striking something is pretty low; and the chances of
it striking the same place again is considered astronomically small (or
nearly zero).
    That's because although lightening always strike the topest point of a
area, but the topest point will no longer on the topest after it was
striken (down) by lightening.   Therfore, lightenlig will never strike any
place ( a point) twice. ( or It should say never strike a same topest
point twice.)

  The same logic is applicable to these reported cases of being "zapped by
radio waves".  If this type of "zapping" is caused by nature, then it
would not strike the same place (subject) twice (just like lightening).
If it does strike some place (or subject) a number of times, then this
should be considered as a weapon used intentionally by Man or
under human control to cause harm.
I believe that these victims have been "zapped by radio waves"
repeatly.  Since if these "zapping" happened only once or twice,
the victims would have dimissed it as accidental.  Only when these
victims are zapped constantly by "radio waves"  also cause harming
their health, would they request help from authorities or the FBI.

So, these "radio waves" can't be caused by lightening or a naturally
occured strong electrical discharge, then it must something that's
man-made and designed specially to hurt or torture human beings.
Therefore, these man-made devices must be a type of radiation wave weapons.

So far we know that only "Non-Lethal Weapons" can cause the sensation of
being electrically zapped.  It is the only weapons that we know of which
can focused radiation waves to injure the targeted human being.
   According to scientist report, these "Non-Lethal Weapons" includes high
power Microwaves emittered (non-thermal), electromagnetic pulse
generator, infrasound, isotropic radiator, etc.

Currently, we know that only certain departments of the government possess
these Non-Lethal weapons in our society.  None of the civilians have or
use these weapon unless they are involved with intelligence agencies.
    Therefore, these users of the "Non-Lethal weapons"  all have to be
officers of the government (whether they are in uniforms or under-covered).

   So, the "smoking guns" is hiding in the pockets of some corrupted
officers who have abused their privilege and human rights of American
These corrupted officials are criminals who have betrayed the trust
placed on them by the U.S. citizens.  Furthermore, their actions have
violated the U.S. Constitutions, the civil rights, and the very basic human
rights of the victims.

Based on the deduction and the evidences presented from the above
paragraphs, a frightening picture is emerging.  When the victims report
that they're being "zapped by radio waves," most of them are treated as
"mental problem persons" by Authorities and then dismissed their cases
(According to the report of "Microwaves Harassment & Mind Control
Experimation" of ANSA).  If we supposed the Authorities really did not
possess the "Non-Lethal Weapons," then they might be making only judgemental
mistakes.   However, the evidence shows that only the officers or
authorities indeed possess these "Non-Lethal Weapons."  Therefore,
authorities' who accuses that these victims are "mentally ill" should be
considered as suppressing the truth of the abuse of these weapons.

By suppressing truth about these abuse, it shows that this is a
conspiracy against all the people living in the United States.  By
suppressing the truth, it indicates that they want to continue to abuse
these weapons without public awareness.  Without public awareness, then
there will be no pressure to the legislative body to regulate the use of
theese weapons.  Without these regulations, these corrupted officials may do
what they please without the fear of punishment from law, nor can the
victims find legal recourse.  The continuation of abuse of such weapon
will be a threat to every American.   Although on the surface, the United
States may still appear as the "Land of the Free" and may be more peaceful
because the dissidents and critics of these corrupted official have been
slienced, but in reality, our country will be moving in the direction of
a police state.     Also these victims surely are the sacrifices of a
political & social consopiracy.

     So far we know that the Nonlethal wreapon can cause the same symptoms &
also use invisible radiation waves.
   These Nonlethal weapon include the high power Microwaves emitters,
Electromagnetic pulse generatotrs, infrasound,isotropic radiators,etc.  
   Also so far we know that only some Departments of Government possess the
Nonlethal weapon in our society.

   So people feel that they're being "zapped by radio waves" constantly
or even twice is a alarm  to our society because these victims have
proved that few offices had abused the Nonlethal weapon to our US
citizens constantly in a deep covert operation way.   The few officers
who abuse the Nonlethal weapons to US citizens are real crimals because
they already abuse human rights & against US Constitution.
   According to the ANSA's report of "Microwaves Harassment & mind
control experimentation"--1992 December,  It did prove that
some officers (those who abuse Human Rights) have already used these "
Nonlethal weapon " on our US citizens for a long time. (ANSA: See
explanation at below 3.)

3.  This machine can be used to drive people mad:

           Whenever the operators of the mind machine had decided to dispose
of their subject, one of their tactics is to play with the mind of the
subject (their victim).  First, they will use the Mind Reading machine to
find out about the victim's secret or plan.  Then, they will
intentionally "bump" into the victim whereever the victim goes.  These
operators will create the impression that they know all the victim's
secrets or plans.  Their purpose is to make the victim feels that he has
absolutely no privacy at all.  This will mislead the victim to believe
that everyone know everything about him.  Eventually, the constant stress
lead to paranoia and insanity.

           If that doesn't work, the operators will "talk" to the victim.
This "talk" is done 24 hours a day util it drives the victim crazy or to
make the victim to be appeared as to be insane.
      Now let me explain how it works!                                       

      The human brain is not only responsible for thoughts, but it's also a
receiver for electrical impulses from various parts of the body. The brain
translates these impulses into actual sound or sensation. For example, the human
ears only collect sound waves.  Then, one of the organ is the audiatory
canal translates these sound waves into electrical impulses and send it
to the brain.  Then, the brain translates these impulses into the
sounds that you "hear".  So, if you can directly send the electrical
signal (characterizing somebody's conversion) straight to the subject's
brain. Then  the subject will "hear" the conversation without actually
hearing it through the ears. The ears is completely bypass in this hearing

 (This type of technology had been used by the medical community:     
 "They have enable deaf people to talk on the phone again by putting
  electrodes into the ears of deaf people" & "they've made a blind woman
  see patterns of light by putting electrodes in the back of her brain"--
  In a special report from the mystery of sense of" Discover" magazine
  June 93).                           
  There is another report about how this technology was developed along with
  mind control technologies was printed on "Lobster" magazine of United
  Kingdom in June 1993.  It's as below:

      Mrs. Janet Morris confirmed John Alexander's involvement in mind control
and psychotropic projects in the Los Alamos National Laboratories.   Alexander
and his team have recently been working with Dr Igor Smirnov, a
psychologist from the Moscow Institute of Psychocorrelations. They were
invited to the U.S. after Janet Morris' visit to Russia in 1991.  There
she was shown the technique which was pioneered by the Russian Department
of Psycho-Correction at Moscow Medical Academy.   The Russians employ a
technique to electronically analyze the human mind in order to influence
it.   They input subliminal command messages, using key words transmitted
in "white noise" or music.  Using an infrasound very low frequency-type
transmission, the acoustic psycho-correction message is transmitted via
bone conduction - ear plugs would not restrict the message.  To do that
would require an entire body protection system.  According to the
Russians the subliminal messages by-pass the conscious level and are effective
almost immediately.
           The above device although is developed in Russia proves that the
idea of sending voices to someone's mind without him actually "hearing"
these voice through his ears can be done. ( Those people who stay in a same
room with the target person but not at same place couldn't hear the voices

   Now let's back to watch what reaction of our Authority will be if our
citizens report that they're "hearing voices" in brain.

The FBI sopokesman have acknowledged that they have received large
numbers of requests for asistance from persons who believe they're being "
zapped by radio waves" and/or " are hearing voices"....
( See page 10 on microwaves harassment & mind control experimentastion.
However according to the report, these people will only be treated as
"mental problem persons" and their cases dismissed by the FBI.

Now, let's investigate if hearing voices in the brain can be caused by
electronics means?

The following is an excerpt from the book of Dr. Robert Becker (who was
twice nominated for the Nobel Prize for his work in the field of
bio-electromagnetism) published in 1985 (titled: The Body Electric).
In the early 1960s, Frey [Dr. Frey is a scientists who worked on the Project
Pandora funded by the U.S. Navy]  found that when microwaves of 300 to
3,000 megahertz were pulsed at specific rates, humans (even deaf people)
could "hear" them. 

In 1973, Dr. Joseph C. Sharp served at the Walter Reed Army Institute of
Research.  Dr. Sharp, serving as a test subject himself, heard and understood
spoken words delivered to him in an echo-free isolation chamber via a
pulsed-microwave audiogram (an analog of the word's sound vibrations)
beamed into his brain.

Dr. Becker went on to comment that "Such a device has obvious applications
in covert operations designed to drive a target crazy with "voices" or
deliver undetectable instructions to a programmed assassin."
Therefore, it is a fact that voice message can be delievered to the human
brains by electronics mean.

  We must educate the public that this is indeed possible and this
technology has been incorporated into weapons, so the operators of these
"Non-Lethal Weapons" can no longer mislead the American publics that
these victims are insane and crazy when in reality,  these victims are
perfectly sane.

   Only through this education and general consensus, will create an
atmosphere which will allow these victims to come out to make legitmate
legal claims against these criminals.  Unless this happens, these
criminals will forever be above the law and never be held accountable
for their evil actions.   

      The "Mind Reading Machine" use the same principle to imitating the
frequency of electrical impulses and actual sound(generated by the ears). Then,
this electromagnetic wave is aimed directly at the subject's brain. This will
cause the subject to hear what the operators want him to hear without
hearing by others. (not sound waves)

           The investigators abuses the above scientific principles to drive
their victims mad.  They will use this second method when the victim
doesn't sccumb to their first tactic.
           They will use the microwave radiation to send the operators'
voices to the victim (shooting it directly at the subject's brain).

           The subject will hear what they say as normal dialogue in a
whisper, but actually it is not a voice of sound waves which can be heard by
Since the victim can't find anyone around him speaking to him, he might
start to think that he is hearing things.  But, as this type of audio
harassment continues, the subject will eventually think that he is mad.

   If even this doesn't work, the investigators will try to start
agruments with the victims by sending him dialogues which will cause
victim to get angry.  The victim might be provoked to response to the
taunts, insults or profane language.  Often, the victim will respond with
outburst in public (which is where the operator will try to actively
engage in this type of operation).  This will mislead the people around
the victim to believe the victim is insane (because all they can see or
hear is the "unprovoke" outburst of the victim).
    This is how the mind reading machine operators try to set up
their victims to make the victim to appear as insane to other people.
The other might also be mislead to think that the victim is arguing with
ghost and make the victim to think himself is crazy.  At the end,
everyone will think the victim is crazy, and the victim will be
completely isolated.

   To avoid any general public who might meet the same situation & fall into
the trap, I would like to use a reply to Dr. Stevenson to clarify the
microwaves voices right now.  


   Dr. Steveson is a Ph D of psychology who is a reader of my post on
Internet & has mailed me a question about that how could one differentiate
the microwaves voices & schizophrenia?
The reply is as below:

   In 1973, the experiment of Dr. Sharp had proven that he heard & understood
 the spoken words delivered to his brain by using the microwaves frequency.
    Since the spoken voices (deliever to the brain through microwaves) is
coming from other person, this voices should carry the tone & accent
of that particular person who spoke.

   So a victim who heard the microwaves voices in his brain ( and no one
around can hear this voice because it is not sound wave, but deliever
through microwaves) should differentiate the voices as that of another
person whisper in victim's mind.

If a person can make such differentiation, then the voices should be
caused by microwaves.
 Thoughts is voice-less language in your mind, and language express the
thoughts with voices.
  When you're thinking, it is just like you whispered to yourself in your
mind with your tone.   This is very different than if someone use
microwave to deliever words to you.

With this obvious difference, anyone can easily differentiate if the
voice is coming from microwave.  This also already answer the question.

   So if other people use microwaves frequency to deliver the spoken words
to a victim, then these voices should carry tones or accents of others which
is different with that of the victim.

    So victims of such kind device can be educated to analyze the
difference, then they won't trust the microwaves voices and fall
into the traps again.
   However if a person believe the spoken voices belong to his/her own
or a good friend, or even misunderstood these kind spoken
voices came from the god (if the spoken words is voices of man) or the angel
( if it's the voices of women.) & try to follow the voices, then I will
consider this person as a victim who has been driven to schizophrenia.

Sincerely Yours,

Alan Yu


           There's one more method which the mind machine operators use to
drive their victim mad:  When the victim knows that he is being hurt by
radiation waves, but he doesn't know who are hurting him.

           When these investigators want to dispose the victim, they will
hurt the victim by using Nonlethal weapon (high frequency radiation
weapon).    If the victim doesn't know this and take actions to protect
himself, he will slowly die.  But, even if he realizes that he is being
hurt, the investigators will continue to harm the victim.  It will make
the victim extremely angry, but often the victim cannot fight back.
  This is because these operators will remote control the Radiation weapon
&  hide into building or house which are around the subject.

The victim will find himself surround by enemies who are "invisible".

           It will be difficult for the victim to find where the radiation waves
is coming from.

           If the victim can't locate it and figure out who are hurting him, his
frustration will drive him insane.  It will be similar to what
newspapers had reported numerous time.  "The gun man open fires
on the street and takes out his anger on innoncent bystanders."  This guy
will be charged with murder or be commited to mental hospital by authority.

  Acutally, this man isn't really crazy.  He knows someone is setting him
up, but he doesn't have enough knowledge of "Mind Reading Machine."  Nor,
do they know where to find his "invisible enemies who use the
Nonlethal weapon (radiation weapon)".    In his final frustration, he
will takes out his anger on anyone.    This is because he can't find or
locate his real enemy (the Mind Machine Operators) to retailate.

The whole story is very simple to those who knows the existence of the
"Mind Reading Machine", because the victim was just set up by the
operators of mind machine- "TRM".

  I would like to discuss two cases which happened in New York city to
readetrs right now.   These two murderers had been charged as
schitzophtrenic.   However I would like to discuss these two cases &
clear the differentiation between schitzophtrenic or being efected by the EMR
mind machine.
   Concerning the events of schizophrenia which occurred in New York, I will
further clarify it.  There were two case that were discussed in my previous
article.  One was brought up by Mr. Mark concerning the case of "Son of Sam",
the other one was something that I ran across reading the newspaper.
  I'll admit that I don't really know the details of the case (son of sam)
All I know was what Mark had said that the murderer had killed seven guys.
If murderer killed these seven people on different days, and he has no
financial dispute, emotional conflicts, and does not have any competitive
conflict with his victims, then I agree he should be insane.  But if all of
the seven people were killed on almost the same time on the same day without
any provocations, then I would suspect the machine might be one of possible
causes of this case.
      I want to make a clear differentiation between the two possibilities
(insanity and being affected by the Mind machine).

    If the operators want to ruin their subject, they'll just need to
drive him into killing one person.  This is enough to make him appear to
be insane to put him in jail or send into mental institution (although in
reality, the subject may not be truly insane.  He may be just releasing
the stress that's been created by having the machine used on him).  So,
logically the operator will not make any more effort to drive the person
to kill more on different days.  But, the person who is driven mad by the
machine may use a powerful weapons such as AK-47 sami-automatic to kill a
lot of people at one place to unleash his anger. (This place should be a
regualar place which the person always go or stay,  also where he met a
few people who would be the operators and taunting him with their actions
to drive him mad.
     The person doesn't know this Mind machine but he felt some people know
too much about him and everyone seems taunting him.  It make him angry
at the people of the place. )

   The other case happened in spring of 1994 & involves a person who
lived in New York:   This person & his family  was from China.

   He killed his wife while she was working.  The newspaper
reported that the killer have recently heard a voice that he changed his
bad luck by killing his wife.  The Chinese guy had followed the voice'
"advice" to kill his wife when she was working at home because he
thought the voices was from the angel & try to help him.    The Chinese
newspaper--World Journal (This newspaper publish in US.) wrote this event &
reported the husband's words as above.   I suspect that this case might be
caused by something else (such as EMR mind machine operators.) other than

     That's because the mind machine operators can use the EMR mind
machine to set up anyone whom they don't like.
  If the operators of mind machine don't like this Chinese husband
then a female of operators can pretend as a sky angel & deliver the
message to the brain of Chinese husband.   The message should be just
like the news report that to kill your wife in order of change your bad
luck.   If the deduction is correct then both husband & wife are all
victims but the mind machine operators are the real crimals.  

  Here I would like to show you another information concerned about this
subject.    It's as below:
Big Brother's Recipe for "Revolution in Military Affairs"
In light of recent events, are we currently in the midst of an engineered
revolution such as this?
by Glenn Krawczyk
PO Box 1540 Burleigh Heads, Qld 4220

The Association of National Security Alumni is a Maryland based organization
 composed primarily of former US national security establishment employees who
 oppose the use of covert operations.
The Association's letterhead declares their credo:

" actions are counterproductive and damaging to the national interest of the
United States.    They are inimical to the operations of an effective
national intelligence system and corruptive of civil liberties, including
the functioning of the judiciary and a free press.   Most importantly,
they contradict the principles of democracy, national self-determination and
international law to which the United States is publicly committed."

In 1992, an Association sub-group known as the Electronic Surveillance
Project published a preliminary investigative report, entitled
"Microwave Harassment & Mind-Control Experimentation", which detailed the
covert deployment and testing of emerging behavior - modifying
directed-energy technologies on US citizens against whom the United States
Government has no legitimate legal or moral claim.
     The initial study investigated the claims of 12 alleged victims of
covert harassment and experimentation.
By mid-1993 the Association had been contacted by approximately 72 victims,
and at the time of this writing has been approached by over 200 such
  In a 1993 supplement to the original report, written by Julianne McKinney,
Director of the Electronic Surveillance Project and author of the initial
report, it states:
"While the majority of these 'experimentees' reside in the United States, a
number of virtually identical complaints have also been received from
England, Canada, and Australia.
  It would appear that these activities are also ongoing on the European

McKinney later states:

"It has been suggested that the long-term objective of all this
experimentation is to develop a system by which all (surviving) citizens of
this country may be monitored and tracked by a sophisticated, perhaps
satellite-based cybernetics system. 

   Certainly some of the research being dedicated to 'mapping of the brain'
 shows this potential.
  We are in receipt of preliminary information which points to magnetic
resonance imaging as being critical to this process."
    The above information had provcen the Microwaves technology had been
used in mind control or as a invisible weapon to hurt or get rid of US
citizens who legally live in the society.

4.  This machine had built a new slave system, because the subject who be
investigated had been treated only as a property of them.
    The machine uses invisible electromagnetic waves to invade people's privacy
and read people's thoughts without trace of any evidence.   The subject
is unaware that his thoughts are being read.  So, the operators can uses
this machine on anyone as many times as he please and hurt anyone without
any permit.    The most horrible thing is that the operators always use
this machine depending on his mood.  When the operators are in a good
mood, the subject may face a fair treatment.  But when the operators are
in bad mood because he does not complete understand the subject with this
machine, the operator will take out his anger on the subject and punish
the subject with this machine until the subject is dead.
    The subject is not under any protection of law because there are no trace
of any evidence with the weapon of radiation waves.  The subject is treated only
as their property.  The investigators do believe that we (who are detected)
belong to them (their "kids" or property), and they can do anything to us
even take away our life.  Because they do everything by this invisible
electromagnetic waves and shows no trace of evidence.

     The country will no longer belong to people but will belong to the mind
machine operators day by day.   It's because our citizen's rights can't oppose
the operators' invisible power, if we still keep quiet to this situation.   If
you don't care the serious situation then we won't have law to regulate this

    The operating way of mind machine- "Mind Reading Machine" had built a
real new slave system and treated us only as their "kids" whom can be
punished by the operators in any way, and their properties which the
operators can deal with as they desire.
5.  The actions of the Mind Reading Machine operators are violation of U.S.
    Constitutions and human rights.

    Since the operators use this machine to share your thoughts, your
dreams, your ideas, your privacy, your body, and your life, (They even can
hurt your body and take away you life just by operating the machine at
high frequency.)  You are definitely not the true owner of yourself.  No
longer, do you belong only to yourself?   The "Mind Reading
Machine's operators share all of you memories and everything that is in
you mind.   Which the Communists cannot even do , but the operators of
this machine had achieved it.
 There is a information I would like to show you right now which came
from German, a phychologist & member of the Freedom of Thoughts Fundation.

 German report: (Freedom of Thoughts Foundation)

 A New member of Freedom of Thought Foundation, a
 psychologist, wrote Advisory Board member, W.H. Bowart, from
 Germany to report his first hand knowledge of mind control:
 The functions of torture are at least:  to associate the
 original personality of the victim with pain, panic and
 horror - the desired personality is conditioned with
 pleasure afterwards; to function as aversive conditioning to
 establish new behavior patterns; to establish a panic-
 controlled mechanism of amnesia ("If you remember, you will
 try to betray us, but we will be informed before you succeed
 in managing this, because we are everywhere, then you will
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
 be tortured again, so you will not remember!"); to produce
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
 an artificial, controlled multiple personality disorder
 (which is under natural conditions a result of
 traumatization (ill-treatment, sexual abuse in childhood
  And by the way torture itself, even if not combined with
 mind control techniques, elicits amnestic disorders or
 memory blockades concerning the process of torture in many

 Watch the words of Mind machine operators-----" If you try to betray us,
we'll be informed  before you succeed, because we're everywhere, then you
will be tortured again."

  So terrible threaten words only show readers that the evil action of the
EMR mind machine operators.    Not only German but already lots countries
( such as US, Taiwan,etc.) should use the same mind machine.  So the
operators of EMR mind machine are really everywhere & that's why they can
keep their secret.   That's because they not only destroy every subject
psychologically or even tourture the whole family of subject with their
invisible EMF (electromagnetic frequency) weapon or even get rid of them.

   I would like to show you the evidences from the report of Microwaves
harassment & Mind control experimentation ( Electronic survilliance Project)
--December 1992
 The victim will be isolated from their members of his/her family when
highly focused forms of electronic harassment commence.
 The exception to this is when elderly patrents and young children in
the family became targets for apparent purposes of intimidation.

   There is two cases which had been reported on above.
   One individual (driven to extremes of stress by ongoing
electronic harassment focusing on her children.) killed one child in an
effort to proitect her from further pain.
  One individual during a telephone conversation, was told by an employee
of a local power company,that if she value the lives of her children, she
would better drop her opposition to the installation of power line.
     The above cases indeed prove this group is challenging the current
law, & Consititution.

6.  Who are investigated by the "Mind Reading Machine operators".      
     Based on how this machine has been used in Taiwan. I should say that they
try investigate everyone in their country.  They do not have enough agents,
however, to do this.  Therefore, they focus their attention on investigating the
key person in politics, business, science, organized crime, etc.  These people
are mayor, the congressmen, highly ranked scientists, businessmen, the crime
bosses or anyone whom they are interested in.   The actions of these
operators are beyond all logical thinking.  They not only investigate
criminal, but also normal people whom are important or they are
interested in.   The operators will keep their records on the subject
forever.  They will continue their investigation of same person until the
subject is under their handle ( The mean they can predict the subject's

   These people should be totally unaware of that they are being
read thoughts or spyed & the operators can predict their actions.
  If some important people are against the interests of the mind machine
group, then the operators will use the machine to read and influence the
minds of these people (also a kind of unawared victims) to eliminate
opposition.  If any important people cannot be controlled by the
mind machine group, "Non-lethal" weapons will be used to induce death.
  The mind machine group won't torture the high position people but only
induce the artificial death to them (who oppose their interests & can't be
controlled.), if there's no opportunity the mind machine group will make
the chance. (if not then the mind machine group will keep waiting or
find the next chance.).   That's because these people's complaints will
cause large attention from the society if they are tortured.
  In general public, he who knows, will be torture and tracked forever
until death.  Those who remained ignorant is allow to live peacefully
because they can be spyed on at any time and then, they will be under
controlled.   However this kind peace living will only last as long as they
are not aware of this mind macnine & no intention to oppose the interests
of mind machine group.
  And that's what the under control meanning of mine.
    They think it's the best way to protect the country.   So if it's the
same situation in United States. Who are investigated by them?  I believe
"most of us are investigated by them at least once."  If we don't make a
new law to regulate this groups and machine right now.  The situation
will only get worse.     The unauthorized power of the investigators will
extent to maxima.    And it will be even more difficult to be changed in
the future.         

   Especially now the information or report have proven that the local
law enforment already use such kind equipment.  (  Time Magazine
reported such as Russian mind machine & nonlethal weapon have been used by
local law enforement of US.)     It prove what I say are purely true.

      I suspect that they might already build a general public surveillance
system of entire nation in these countries.
    I would like to show you a information as below:
    In August 1971, there is a general efficiency surveillance security
system program proposal submitted to the President Nixon.  It proposed to
wire every house, car, and boat in America.  The plan included a
blueprint for a government- operated propaganda system via a TV network
that would have linked every state, city, and home.
  (See page 181 on the"Uncloaking the CIA")

      Although this program wasn't accepted At that time.  It did prove that
 they have this plan and can make it for a long time.   If once they
carry out this plan in right now, they can combine with current
scientific technique such as "remote viewing", non-lethal weapon, mind
machine-"TRM".  They can easily to make it also advance to the invisible
(electromagnetic waves) way.
      In 1980, the Senate passed the Intelligence Oversight Act of 1980.
This Bill include estabilishing no standars for covert operations or
employment of academics, clergymen or journalists as spies or informers
and npopewnalty for the public disclosure of agents working for the US.
   (See page 73 on "CIA"-by Brian Freemantle)

    The above Bill already prove that they were allowed to build the general
survelliance system if they could operate it in covert way.  
 Then this machine might have been installed in all public buildings, such
as shopping centers, schools, supermarkets, bank, airports, etc, also include
the vehicles.   (The main intersection of street, the shoulder of highway
might have installed the electrical  receiver.)   The law abiding
citizens will be totally under their control wherever he/she goes.
That's why they so serious to deal with any security leak.
  Some of them also already abuse their Mind machine surillian
system & invisible EMF waves weapon to pursuit personal interest or unlesh
personal anger.    The above cases of children being hurt by the
invisible waves weapon are the perfect examples of Mind Machine
Operators abuse of power. 

     Since the Mind machine- "TRM" have been invented and kept as a top
secret ,certain part of authorities have changed their position to
protect the mind machine-"TRM" secret and the operators first.    If
people mention about this machine or be aware of this machine, they will
be accused as insane or gotten rid of by the operators in spite of their
human rights.

       If the authority deny this device also allow the machine operators using
the invisible Nonlethal weapon to get rid of people, then I'll ask you a
question.     Do you believe some of the authorities is still abiding the
founding  principles--FOR THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE, and OF THE PEOPLE?!

7. The machine can be used as a tool of surveillance and interrogation
to any subject in any place, if the operators so desire.
    How could they do it in the whole country?
    There are three reasons to explain it.

      The first reason:   The machine combine with a special surveillance
system--" remote watching" ( or later might combine to use the injectable
micro-chips to track people.).   There are some radar which can find a fly a
kilometer away or track a human at twenty five miles.(see the report of Dr.
Becker on above)   Also there is a " PSI TECH" company hold a " remote viewing"
technique, they can used this to find the Saddam's scud missile site and the
napped person in the hidden place.(see report of Ms.Armen Victorian.)    I
suspect the both report concerning a same equipment but the "remote viewing" is
the advanced & final product.  The "remote watching" use such kind of radical
waves( with the penetrate ability of walls, brick, metal) to find and locate the
subject (or object) accurately in any place ( home or building) no matter day or

      This EMR mind machine (TRM) also can connect with the surveillance
videos in the public building.   If the really carry out the program of
general surveillance system, the machine suppose to be installed with remote
watching on the outside of building-top or light poles to watch the
people in the outside space area.   Also it can be remotely emitted the
microwave to hurt any subject.

   Now let me show you such kind information which is " Project Slammer.
Project Slammer is a CIA-fund study, managed by CIA & FBI behavioral
scientists, which explores the "mental make-up" of alleged security risk,
along with their family members & close associate.
   Ms. Julianne Mekinney, a former intelligency agent of US Army, point out
 that a survillian activities might fall under purview of "Project
Slammer".    The response of spokesman of FBI was angrily declaim that "
You don't know who is conducting that survillian system! You don't know
if that is a state police survilliance!...or a local police survilliance!
It could be a totally unleated operation! You don't know who is
conducting that survilliance! ..[etc.,etc.]

[   See page 10 on --Microwaves Harassment & Mind control
experimentation ( Electronic survilliance project) December 1992 ]

   However the answer of spokesman proved that the FBI is at least
acknowledging existence of the survilliance.     Also it proved they all
can use this survilliance system fropm local police , state police
untill FBI, CIA.

      The second reason:    There are lot invisible weapons have been
invented and can be combined with the (TRM) machine to use (such as the
microwave emitter, electromagnetic generator, the infrasound weapon) to
interrogate or threat anyone,  or interfere with any victim brain's
electrical activity.    This kind action won't earn any other to pay
attention to it because these kind weapons are invisible, noise-less (except
the painful holwing of the victims.), and  no exteral injuries evidence.
  So these EMR mind machine operators always pride that they can
tourture peoople & never can be held by law.
   There are eight cases of microwaves harassment happened in families which
have been reported on above. (See page 9. microwaves harassment &
mind control control ex[erimentation.)

      The third reason:   The (TRM) mind machine can be remotely controlled &
installed in the vehicle just like the mobile-phone.    So wherever you
go(by car) or wherever you stay (any place), you're totally under spied,
if they so desire.

   So if any top Authority had maken the bad decision --" install this
machine in all building & vehicle also install the electrical waves
receiver in the intersection of streets (or highway shoulder ) such as
light poles.     Then what will happen?   Only the law abiding citizens
will be totally under spied without any privacy, no matter of where you
go or where you stay? 
  Now let's figure out that --Does our society have been built these
kind electric survilliance system in entire nation?

  I would like to show you this kind information to you.  It's reported
on the article of "remote mind control technology".  (Author-Anna Keeler)

           In 1984,  U.S.  House of Representatives
report, a large number of stores throughout the country use high
frequency transmitted words (aboive the range of human hearing) to
discourage shoplifing.    Stealing is reported to be reducec by as much
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
as 80% in some cases. 
   The above situation seems this microwaves frequency of delivering message
(device) had been used in these stores.   What is frightening is that words,
transmitted vialow density microwaves or radio frequencies, or by other
covert methods, might be used to create other influence.

it is now known that applied biological (and other) frequencies can also be
used as direct  "information inputs" (e.g., of  feeling or emotion) and to
reinforce brain rhythms associated with conditioning and information
processing.   One way to get such a signal into a human may be through
^^^^^^^^^^   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
use of a high frequency carrier frequency. Results of research into information
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
processing, unconscious processes, decision making, memory processes, and
evoked brain potentials would likely be exploited or integrated in an
interdisciplinary system.
Covert technological influence is not so foreign to the American way of life
as one may think.

   ** The above report in a 1984 U.S. House of Representatives, mentioned
that high frequency audio transmissions are applied, for instance, in some
department stores to prevent theft (one East Coast department store chain was
reported to have saved S600,000 over a nine-month period), and in some
grocery stores with the result that employee induced cash shortages
significantly decreased and employees are better mannered.

     In other words, as Helms wrote of, verbal messages are delivered at
frequencies above human hearing.   Technology for commercial applications
is relatively sophisticated (one studio uses a "layered" approach and 31
channels in preparing tapes;  some employ a "dual coding" approach,
integrating scientific knowledge of information processing modes of the
two brain hemispheres, and others use techniques where a consumer is
spoken to as a three year old child).    There is no U.S. law
specifically regulating these types of transmission (over radio and TV a
Federal Communication Commission "catch all" provision might apply). 

   If industry uses undetectable audio transmissions to meet
security concerns, it seems that the military and CIA would exploit the
same technology and would have developed much more sophisticated
technology for applications.   The public's conception of
"subliminal" [programming] is naive compared to capabilities.
    According to above information, I would like to deduce that these
bussiness stores' owners might have cooperated with the Authorities or
Intelligence agencies in a covert manner.
   So these stotres owner can spy any special subject (empolyee) for
authorities (or even help to drive a subject mad.) with such device.
   On the other hand, these bussiness owners also can get benifet from
such device, such as to protect their property or easily manage their
  Such kind cooperation can reduce the against opinions from society to such
device.   It also can help authority to build the electric survilliance
system in these bussiness stores then network entire nation.
   I would like to show you another evidence from the report of
"Elecronic surveillance Project"--- by Julianne Mckinney.
  The majority of those now in contact with the project -white-collar
professional --have lost their job.  Termination of employment  in many
of these cases involved prefatory harassment by the employer &
co-workers, which considered with other overt forms of harassment.
   The above information prove that some business owners might have
recruited by this mind machine group to co-operate this machine &
radiation weapon to US civilians.

    If our society already be made the sacrifice for the "TRM" and the
crimes have never been reduced, Who should responsible for it?!

8.  This machine have done a lot of harm to our society but still can't reduce

      I don't intent to oppose the CIA nor to any other agencies when I talk
about the Mind machine-"TRM".  I just want to let this machine to be used in
right way.  Authorities always think that by keeping the machine as a secret,
they can easily stop crime or find the spy.  Comparing with the facts, we know
it is wrong.  The problem here is such kind machine is usually used on law
abiding citizens first, but not very effective to regulate the criminal.  this
is because the law abiding citizens have fixed job, fixed address, regular life
style and all have I.D.  The operators of machine can easy find them, check
them, or work on them, they are totally under control of operators of the

      On the other hand, the criminals almost have no fixed job, no fixed
address, no regular living style, come and run suddenly, or even no I.D.
except the leaders of mob ( they have the fixed address.).   The
operators of the machine can't so easily find or get them and keep
working on.

      That's why the operators can't predict the actions of the criminal and
the crime have never been reduced.  Also the spy will be more difficult to find
than the criminal because the spy of other country will be taught how to counter
"TRM".   Furthermore, some people who are absorbed by intelligence agency
of other country, could also be agents of United States because other
countries would try to absorb people who have access to classified
documents or military secrets.
   Therefore, these double-agents will definitely know the "TRM" very well
and know how to avoid being detected.

      So the "TRM" will be mostly used on the law abiding citizens.   If the
authorities continue to keep the mind machine- "TRM" as top secret then
it only hurt the law abiding citizens and keep special privilege of
operators forever.
    The operators not only can use the machine do their regular job but also
can use it for their personal motive without any limit.
    On the other hand, if the whole nation surveillance system already built
and the operators just need staying the central machine control station and can
watch everyone or hurt everyone by using the non-lethal weapon. Then what will

    Everyone will be under the threat of their power.  If any operator make any
mistake who can stop or correct the event.  If one of the operators try to get
rid of any important political people who can stop him/her?  If the whole nation
surveillance system is true, they even can get rid of our President of country.
Who can check their loyalty & who'll read their thoughts for the country
security?  Especially, a retired top political people will lost all power and
also under the threat of mind machine with the surveillance system.

      I hope the authorities can release the secret of mind machine.  Let this
machine be used under legal restriction and force the operators work in opened
way.  Let the operators work as the public servants who have the delegated power
but also have the obligation.  Once the operators of machine can work in opened
way, it will not necessary to get rid of anyone to avoid security leak.  After
the duty of operators have been opened to society, their actions can be also
checked by representatives from the city to state then to federal government.
      They can't do everything as before, then the cruel action won't be easily
committed.  On the other hand, this kind technology should also be transferred
to the civilian scientists or academia for using in medication or other variety
ways which are good for mankind.   That should be the original goal of the

9. It can make the car accident on high way to get rid of people.
   I would like to explain it to you as follow:           
  This machine can be installed (mighty have been installed) into your
automobile because it can be remote controlled. 
   Now, I would like to explain to you that how it can works.

    Two small specially designed emitter emit the magnetic waves which
frequency imitate the brain waves , is the basic requirement.
   Another one is a special radar which is used as remote watching emitting
waves to locate the subject accurately in the car.
   After the designed emitter and radar are installed in the car, it emit
the magnetic waves when you're driving.    That's because the emitter are
connected with the emission or engine system.    The receivers of the
brain waves can be installed at the intersection of street to receive
the brain waves from the car ( Such as the light pole which locate each main
intersection of streets, roads or the shoulder on high way.  If they have
installed this kind system in light poles then they should have
succeeded to handle people in cars . )
  This will just like the mobile-phone which you can talk in the car
within a large area but this machine use the different also special low
frequency radio channel.   Also each pair emitter in a car should have included
different code- it just like the different phone number of every
mobile-phone in the car.--to distinguish the signal(brain waves) come
from different car.  

   This way, the investigators of control station can monitor what you are
thinking when you are driving.    They also can remote the small emitter
emit high frequency radiation to interfere with your thinking process
and make you feel sleepy, or even aim the magnetic waves to the brain on
the part of nerve system which control sleeping to make you dizzy.  

     This will make you suddenly falling into sleep without any knowing
while you are driving on highway to cause the car accident.    They will do
this to get rid of the subject whom they can't control or they don't like
, or whom is the victim for the purpose to avoid the security leak.

Now I would like to show you some information which is as below:

      Mr. Lundis, a very religion gentleman who work at the church every
 Sunday as a volunteer, told me that Since 1983 the automobile of US
had been designed to emit signals from the car to satellite.     He
told me that the authority can monitor you wherever you go (on the car).
(According to the ability of injectable microchip which can track animals,
cars, or even human.    See above explanation.)
      I believe what he said was a fact which based on his best knowledge.
  If what he said was a fact then this proved that the general
surveillance system indeed has existed for a long time.   Further more this
also prove it's possible that a mind machine might have installed in every
car of the nation.   That's because they can collect information of your
thoughts (brain waves) & use this signals to send to satellite.
   That's why they designed the emitters in the car to send signals to
satellite.   Their purpose should not be only to find where you are because
it's too simple & nonsense.     The real purpose of them should be to read
your thoughts to know what you think whenever you go.  

   I'll deduce that the radiation waves emitter might be installed in the
front between driver seat & engine.   The assisting collectors of brain
waves can be installed on the side of road or intersection to increase the
collected ability of signals.
  If above situation happen to any owner of cars, then I'll feel sorry
to him/her because there's no any privacy in his/her car.  ( The above
injectable micro-chips also can be installed in each car & tracked by
   If the electromagnetic waves emitter is indeed installed in the car,
 then the location in the axis of steering wheel should be the most
possible area which can be installed the radiation waves emitter.
   That's because it face to your face & can easily emit the EMR waves on
you also this place seldom happen the problem.    
 However I have found a heavy & thick hexagular metal in the axis which is
connected with a "electric magnet"(it's made with a iron bar).    The
thick & rounded "electric magnet" isn't a necessary equipment which is
connected with the horn.   That's because they can easily use a wire instead
 of the electric magnet.  ( They use the electric magnet as a part of
circuit of the horn when they can easily use a wire instead of magnet.)    Also
the heavy & thick hexangular shape metal is completely useless in there
except to connect with the electric magnet to increase the electromagnetic
field.  (The electric magnet is fixed with the special design, hidden in the
axis of steering wheel, then connect with the hexangular heavy metal.)

 I already took away this hexangular metal and insert nonconducting material
to avoid anything might conduct with the electric magnet.    That's
because I couldn't move away the electric magnet which is fixed by
special design to avoid that anyone who might doubt it & move it away.

   The hexangular metal is about 2 lbs & look like as below:

           /         \
       /   /--\    \
      /   |    |    \
     /     \--/      \
     \               /

 There's something look like (black) rubbers but can be used to completely
circuit which you can find it at the video game controller.
These kind thing (look as rubber) hold this hexangular metal on six points
also connect with a piece of triangular shape metal (hold at same six
points) on button.
The piece of triangular metal look like as below:
                          |  |
                         / o  \
                       /  /-\   \
                  /   |   |  _ \           
                      O   \-/  \____

 This piece metal is used to hold the hexangular metal at a fixed
position & then connect both (The hexangular metal & the electric magnet). 

  After I put into the nonconducting  material to cover the electric magnet
then I cover with few pieces of other metals.  I hope I can block any waves
which the electric magnet might emit out.  (After that I never meet the
unnormally dizzy situation in a hundred miles driving distance.   Before
I found this I have ever met few times dizzy situation.   Also once I was
only driving in a short distances.)
Some people might say that this magnet is a sensor to determine the
position of wheel.   I disagree with it.
I had learned how to maintain a car to keep it working in best condition in
my military service.
That's because I learn to drive in military.    The military taught me
how to maintain a car before I learn to drive it.   There's words of them-
"learn to maintain before you learn to drive it."   Also I do have the
certification of car maintenance technique of Taiwan.    I got that
because I pass the examination before I came to US.
   So even I'm not major in mechanical engineer but I do know much about
a car.
   Not only I can do the routine maintenance job for my car but also can
do the engine tune up or cooling system flush.  
This kind maintenance knowledge of mine make me know that which parts should
have sensibility.
    Also this words only shows that they didn't check this parts.
That's because the rounded bar magnet is fixed with steering wheel also has
a small hole to connect with another piece of triangular metal.
   The above is already enough if they really need this magnet as a sensor
(which I don't believe because they can only use the piece of triangular
metal to determine the position of wheel.)
  So it's obviously.    if you can only use the piece of triangular metal
to determine the position of wheel then they won't need the hexangular metal.

What is the function of the hexangular metal?    I don't think that any
kind reason need the thick & heavy metal which weight is about 2 lb.
 Also the piece of triangular metal connected with the black materials in
six point of the hexangular metal then contact with the electric magnet.
   The black materials (look as rubber) can be used to completely
circuit which you can find in the controller of video game.
  This can increase the electric field & face to the driver's face.
   I have said that in my previous reply if the few suspects have installed
the emitters of mind machine in cars then they would design the new
parts.   This kind new parts should combine with the original parts.   So
this parts not only can work as original parts but also can emit the
electromagnetic waves.

   It's obviously that the above electric magnet & the hexangular metal
can also emit electromagnetic waves.   That's the main point.
  Even the electric magnet is really used to.... as they said.   From the
view point of function, you can either say that the function of parts is
used to produce the electromagnetic waves or might...as they said.

  However I can drive my car as normal after I took away the thick & heavy
hexangular metal.    We know that manufactures always advance their
technique & reduce the unnecessary parts in a product to reduce the cost.
   So this kind situation is very unusual if any part is useless but
include in a product.
Everyone can check your car in the axis of steering wheel to find it.

One more evidence is in the steel frames which divide the driver's door
& the passenger's door.    I describe it  as below:

     There's a wire connect with the back door to supply the electrical
power to door light.  This wire extent from the steel frame between two
doors (The driver's door and passenger's door are separated by the steel

This steel frame is used to hold the seat belt also there's space inside to
install wires.   I found the wires which supply the electric power to the
 door light , are split four wires.
  The very stranger thing is that one of the wires connect to some thing
inside the steel frame which was covered in the steel frame like a box.  So
you can't see it.  However this wire supply the electric power to something
of the box.   I already disconnect this wire & still drive as normal.
Both side of the steel frames which divide the driver & passenger
doors, have the same thing.   One of this frame locate the side near of
driver.   If they installed the collector of brain waves & emitters
inside this frame (near brain of driver) then they not only can read
driver's thoughts but also can deliver spoken words to driver's brain
to drive him mad, or focus EM waves on the part of driver's brain which
can react dizzy situation to cause car accident.

The diagram as below:

            | |   | Steel frame
            | |   | between the door of driver & passenger.
            | |   |
            | |   |
Back     | |   | Something inside of the steel frame
door     | |_ _| but covered with pieces metal as a box.
light  - |   ! |
            |   ^ |
           4 wires

   A wire connect with the thing as plug ( The ! as a plug
locate in diagram & the wire ^ connect the plug as a outlet.)
  I have already disconnect the wire with the steel frames of both side.
   Now I can drive as normal without any botching.                     

The third evidence is as below:

There's a wire carry electric power whether is negative or positive charge.
This wire has a rounded hook to connect a screw then contact with the
body of car.  This wire is hidden in the body side of car near the driver
 This wire is covered with plastic & rug which use glue to fix & avoid to
be removed.

Both side near the front door, have the same wire to contact the the body of
  Car diagram:

                        / wheel       |  |   |                 \
    ______  _ _ /     _         |  |   |                    \__________
                          ( *)        |  |   |  Steel frame
                          /  EMR      |  |   |
                        /  waves      |  | ! |
                                            |    ^ |   A wire carry electric power
 ^       wire---@ screw          supply unknow thing in the frame as a box.
 --     ----------------------------------------------      ----------

Even I took away these wires found that the body of car is still carrying
one of Charge ( electric). 
   So it should have other wire which carry on charge then connect with
the body of the car.
   These wires connect with car body & always carry one of charge of
electric power (in negative or positive charge) because it came from the

   So it promise that any other wire contact (or remotely controlled to
contact) with the car which is carrying the other charge ( negative
or positive charge) then can supply the electric power as normal.

   The wire in the steel frame will be used exactly as what I said.
If they did install the emitters of mind machine in cars then the
situation will like below.

   The axis will emit the electromagnetic waves & the frame unknown box can
collect brain waves or deliver words.
   If they try to make a car accident then the magnet in axis can emit
large electromagnetic waves to cause driver falling in dizzy situation.

  After I block the electric power on above wires, so far nothing bother
me & I can drive as normal.

  Some people will think that this isn't the first time that you've
attributed normal human failings to machinations of this device.
Can't I accept that there is no such device and that people fall asleep
at the wheel either because they're tired or have fallen prey to the
hypnotic rhythm of the road and boredom?

  Well, I have heard about this kind theory since I came to US.   However I
never heard this kind idea in Taiwan and never have this kind feeling when I
was military officer & driving on high way in Taiwan.

   If the high way is exact straight & can last such kind straight line at
least over three hours then I can consider it might be possible as they said.
 Chance are this kind situation seldom happen.
   People fall in sleep by reduce their concentration but not pay
concentration then fall in sleep.   Although it can easily causes tire
after drivers  get off their cars.   However in normal condition, the
human reflex in body can produce alert signal then human will know how to
avoid danger.

  So If people drive on high way & feel tire, this kind situation
should come slowly & can be known by driver as a alert signal.
The driver should have enough time to consider that whether take a rest or
not.    The emitters of mind machine will cause different situation.
The large EM waves will suddenly cause people to become dizzy to
the point of unconscious.    So driver will cause car accident without
the alert as normal reaction from natural reflex if driver doesn't have
the knowledge of the mind machine.  That's because there's only
a few minutes time to make right decision to avoid the car accident before
to the point of unconscious.

   However the above straight line seldom happen in high way except in
dessert or may be few areas which I don't know.    So I don't take it as
a usually happened condition.

 If people have a good sleep and in a normal physical condition then I
would like to make a logical consideration.   It's as below.

  In my own opinion, when people are driving & watching the road, their
blood will flow into the brain for their concentration logically.    In
this condition it'll just like the people play the gambling in a room.
    People seldom fall into sleep in a gambling.  So it should seldom happen
fall into sleep when they're driving.   Especially if they suddenly
feel dizzy in one or two hours driving time then It's really unusual.
    However this can easily cause tire after a long distance travel when
people get off the car. 
  That's because people spend lots concentration (brain energy) in driving.
   On the other hand if people didn't have good sleep or not in normal
 condition in one's body then it doesn't count.

  Now I would like to show you a example & this staged accident might be
caused  by the electromagnetic waves (microwaves) which emitter might have been
installed in cars & was remotely controlled by EMR mind machine group.
   It should be noted that, In some cases "accidental" death do occur.
One individual in contact with us reported that his mother drove off a
cliff to her death, during a period when he was researching evidence
that  a still-respected, high-level state Department official had passed
A-bomb secret to the Soviet Government during World War II.  The
accident occurred shortly after her car had  undergone routine maintenance.
She was returning from a dental appointment when the accident occurred.
  Witnesses states that it appeared that she had suddenly stepped on the
accelerator before running off the road.    The accident served to
terminate this person's research project.

 [ See page 8 on Microwaves Harassment & Mind control experimentation
(Electronic surveillance Project) ----December 1992 ]

   Considering the millions people who are driving & affected by the
emitters of mind machine if the emitters really have been installed in

That's why I must tell the society with few example which facts had
happened before.

If you disagree with the deduction based on Mr. Lundis' words & above
evidence, then I would like to ask you a few questions ?

Can you explain the two evidences which I found in car.
what is the purpose they installed the hexangular heavy metal in the
axis of steering wheel?
 Why it need to connect with a electrical magnet?  Also both metal are not
necessary in using except these kind parts can increase the electric
field.    I already took away the hexangular metal & still
drive as normal.   Also after that I never meet the dizzy situation in a
hundred miles distance while I'm driving.  ( Before I found & took away
this hexangular metal, I meet such kind dizzy situation few times even in
a short driving distance.)

Why they need to connect a carrying electric power wire with the front
body of car from both side?
Why they need to connect a wire with both side steel frame? (which wires
always carry electric power as the horn.)
( The steel frames divide the driver's door & passenger's door)
It not use for any light but supply the electric power to something which
is hidden in the steel frames as a steel box.
Every one can check these place to find it, it won't spent you too much
The belief & concentration are what you only need.

Why they want to use the carrying electric wire to connect the Unknown boxes?
What kind things will be hidden inside the unknown boxes?
Do you have a logical explanation to it?
The answer might be only that the emitters of EMR mind machine have been
installed in cars then can solve these question.           
   If the above deduction is true then even most people didn't get hurt, It's
still a terrible thing.
   If you disagree this point then let me explain it as a example:
    If people live in a country which is carrying out the martial law,
they may see the soldiers carry guns at the intersections, or the
machine-guns locate on important locations.   What will you think about it?
You'll think these people are living in a freedom society or dangerous
situation!, even most people never get hurt.

    If the emitters of mind machine have been installed in cars then what
will happen?    It's obviously that we can figure out it as below:

 These kind cars are similar as the country which are carrying out the
martial law and then drivers are similar as the people.
  The emitters are analogous as the guns or machine-guns in people's cars
and operators of mind machine are similar as the soldiers who hide in the
central machine stations.
    The operators of mind machine not only can read divers' thoughts.
  The operators can shoot (focus) the electromagnetic waves as a weapon on
people's heart to cause natural death, or emit large electromagnetic
waves to make driver falling in dizzy condition suddenly then cause car
accident on high way. 
 They also can focus the waves on driver's brain on the part which can
cause dizzy to cause car accident too by remotely controlled way.
  The operators can get rid of drivers as above even they never hurt you,
if they had installed the emitters in cars.

    If the above deduction is all correct then your car not exactly belong
to yourself.    Whenever you're driving the machine automatically detect your
thoughts but the chance is that the machine operators will read your
thoughts or not.
   The operators of Mind machine just need to turn on the switch of your
car in the central machine station.    They can read your thoughts
wherever you're driving.   It just like they reach you on your
mobile phone.  The only different is that they not only know what you say
but also can know what you think! 
     The most terrible thing is that the machine operator might emit the
huge electromagnetic waves to force driver lethargy (fall in sleep
suddenly) and  make the car accident to get rid of anyone on high way, if
they so desire.
About Mr. Lundis words, Mr. John Ho of Dallas, Tex. made his comment with
a true story as below:

 Regarding the people are being monitored in their daily life,
I do believe that there are a lot more going on than we think. Let me share
with you a true story:

Recently a big telecommunication company here in Dallas was testing
their new PCS (Personal Communication System) in downtown
Los Angeles, it required to install some small receivers
on the light poles. While the technicians were installing
their equipments, they found some unknown boxes hanging on
the light poles and none knew what it was - these are
veterans technicians who install equipments all over the
country. Apparently one of the guys must have done something
to one of the boxes b/c a few days later, the office in Dallas
received a phone call telling them to stay away from those boxes.
The caller is the FBI.

Question here: what's in those boxes? why is FBI involved?
What are those boxes doing there? what does it do?
What is this thing? go figure.
// John Ho from Dallas, Texas, USA (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

     I do believe that information of Mr. John Ho is very valuable and have
proved something for me.
    I knew a victim of EMR (electromagnetic radiation waves) Mind machine.
The experiences of this victim was that when he walked to local supermarket
 shopping, sometime he heard the spoken words to deliver to him in air.
Also he feel that sometime the waves was shot on his head while he walked
pass by the light pole.
     He told me this situations few times and I always tell him this only
came from mind machine so don't confuse it even we can't find the exact
location of the machine to be installed.   Also I always think about that
how could they find a subject exact location while he walked.
I had ever doubted the light pole but I can't make the judgment since
we have never a chance to check it.   Also may we have no this kind knowledge
to judge whether the equipment of light pole is normal or not?

   Fortunately, some technicians had checked it for us and this indeed
prove that we have found the right way.   The surveillance system is indeed
exist but they change to use the wireless way ( EMR waves way) instead of
the old plan to wire every home.

   If this kind boxes indeed belong to FBI then I would like to deduce that
the light pole is the exact place which was installed the surveillance

This modern surveillance system should include that:

1. remote watching (remote viewing)--use the EMR waves to spy everyone who
      pass by the area & find the exact location of any walking subject
      whom they're interesting in.

2. electromagnetic waves emitter--to shoot & hurt everyone whom pass by if
    they want or deliver the spoken words to everyone who walk on the
    area if they try to drive anyone mad, and send signals to remote control
    the equipment in driving car.

3. EMR signals assisted collector--to assist collection the brain waves
   (thoughts) from any car which pass by so that they can read anyone
    thoughts while he/she is driving, if they so desire.
   Also the surveillance system on light poles can network to whole
      nation by the electro radiation waves connected way.

    If the above deduction is correct, I would like to say that.
   The things is obvious a part of surveillance system.
 So they can do above all of the things.    Chance are that the agents
are not enough to detect everyone of entire nation.     So will you be
detected or not?  it will depend on the choice of the agents
( machine operators) to turn on the switch of your car or even
home (in the mind machine central station) or not.
  Some people will say that the manufactures won't sit back quietly to
this and there's no way you can install such device without knowing from
machinisians in routine maintenance.    Also a mechanic who's looking for
problems might stumble across a couple of dozen of these every year.

 No! I really don't think so even the manufacturers under their pressures. 
  Surely some people who worked in this area disagree with them and
released this secret information to society.

 That's why We could hear & share the information (from manufacturers) here
Otherwise we won't know it.
Also I disagree that this kind action belong to our government.
  Anyone who has this idea then already get lost in this subject because
he/she misunderstood the meaning "Government".

    Who is Government & who stand for the country?
Our US government divided into three parts- the Executive branch, the
Legislative branch, and the Judicial branch.   The Mr. President is the
head of executive branch and can stand for the Government.
 The Constitution, the whole Congress, and the majority of the people stand
for the country. 
If anyone American people won't care who he is, violate constitution he is

That's why former president Nixon left the position of president in the
Watergate event.
No any title above the president in executive branch, so no any officer
or agent can violate the constitution too.  Otherwise these people are
criminal suspects but not officers especially not government.
The agents who violate constitution is only a few people in the
executive branch or even in any agency.
They even can't stand for the normal officer so no any chance stand for the
"Government" especially if they violate the Constitution.
They're guilty if their action indeed violate the US law or Constitution.
Except they're represent the executive branch to carry out their duty in
legal way & no any action violate constitution.  Then you can say that they
represent the government.

  If what I deduce the emitters of mind machine in cars is correct, then
these people are guilty because the violate constitution.

Also I only talked about the operators of mind machine & the emitters
So I never think this kind actions belong to US government but few agents
who violate the constitution in a covert manner also without authority
from the government.
So don't accuse the Government of US.   Most of officers in executive branch
might even don't know it.
From the Rodney King event in California, we know that few authorities might
violate law even when they were carry out their duty.   After they
violated law they're suspects but not officers.
The whole nation all angry with that event after the TV broadcast this news.
  The former President bush, the General Attorney all resent & disagree this
kind action can stand for policeman.   They're not chance stand for the

 The machine operators are in the same condition.
 They're guilty.  They're not officers but suspects if they really use
the emitters to hurt or get rid of people.

    I still believe that our country have the best Constitution in the
world.   Also the best Constitution need to protect by actions from the
government to our all people, otherwise it's only words if some people
don't care about it.
  However if some people or even few authorities violate the US Constitution
in a covert manner then they're not "officers" but the "criminal
This kind few authorities can't even stand for their own agency because
I believe our real agencies will follow the law & constitution of US.

We should fight with them to protect our country & Constitution.  
This kind actions not only protect our rights but also  maintain our
country stand on the world forever as a symbol of FREEDOM, LIBERTY, and
I just reported the words of Mr. Lundis & believe what he said based on
his best knowledge.
    If what he say is a fact then I would like to make a logical
consideration as below.

     Actually the manufacturers are real victims in this whole event.
   Few authorities might seduce & cheat manufacturers that the purpose of
this thing is to protect our country.  Also the authority would say that
they just want to find the spy or criminals but nothing else.   The
manufacturers would not know that the authority installed in the
equipment's of mind machine.   In stead of that the manufacturers would
consider that they only help to install a tracking device.
    It won't get hurt if they only installed the tracking devices.   This
kind action can help authority to track the spy or criminals but won't hurt
the law abiding citizens.   So in this condition, if the manufacturers
agree it then they would think that they're patriots but not conspirators.

  However it's still violate the Constitution so some of them release the
secret out.   Also if the authority promise the manufacturers that this kind
devices would install in all cars which are allowed to sell on the US
markets from the agreement of Government which was made in their misled
way.   (  If they really have installed in the emitters of mind machine
in cars then the top officers of Government are also victims.   That's
because they're misled by these few manipulators (few agents).  That's
because the top officers won't know they installed the equipment of mind
machine which can focus the strong waves to shoot on human heart to
cause natural death, or emit the large EM waves to make driver feeling
dizzy suddenly then cause car accident. 

     The top officers might be only told that they only install
the tracking device but not mind machine equipments, even if they told it's
mind machine equipment but would say it only can read thoughts.  However
they would never tell top officers these emitters can focus waves to kill
human being in a car or cause car accident from their remotely controlled

   The manufacturers were misled too.   In such condition, manufacturers
would think that even from the view point of the competition,
all cars still meet the same competition & the equal situation.   
  That's because there's no any manufacturer will be allowed to be an
exception.   Under this kind "forces" or pressure, the manufacturers might
have no chance to select but only can follow the plan.    Also few of
them might participate this plan in a aggressive manner in order to protect our
country which as the authorities told them.

  However I can sure that none of manufacturers know that the mind machine
might have installed in the cars and never know these emitters can kill
human being in cars as natural death or cause car accident.   So the
manufacturers are victims in the whole event if the authority have
installed the emitters of mind machine in cars.
The above is only a logical consideration & deduction, if the words of Mr.
Lundis is a fact & they have installed this devices in cars.

   I believe our American people would like to fight for the justice, for
the freedom of their thoughts, their privacy rights, and the Constitution
of United States.    I believe our American people would like to fight
for the human rights but not to be the humble slaves of the Mind machine

  However people won't be angry to any terrible thing which people aren't
aware of it.   That's why I talk about this mind machine to our society.
That's because it's hardly aware of this machine if you don't have the
knowledge about it.    Actually even the machine operators are hurting
people, people might only think that something happen them from their bad
luck because they don't believe the operators of mind machine can do this.
  If the above deduction is true then the agents might have installed in the
emitters of mind machine in cars without permission from the government.
  That's because the Congress or even executive authority won't allow these
agents do this if they know this emitters can get rid of any human being.
These few agents might think that this kind action can easily accomplish
their mission also people won't be aware of it.   So they dare
across the line and install the emitters of mind machine in cars.

The real problem here is how could they install this kind equipment(device)
 also avoid it to be found by machnicians in any repair store.

However if the intelligence install it then it won't happen the problem as
above.   That's because they should have considered about this & solved it.
 Under a logical consideration, I would like to explain it as below:

   If this kind emitters have been installed in cars then this emitters will
be specially designed & combined with the regular parts as one to use.
   For example,  If they designed a special emitter which can work as the
original regular parts but also can emit the electromagnetic waves.
  If they install this kind emitters in hidden place such as the place
behind the speed-meter as a motor to work for speed needle then who'll know
it.  ( Also they might install this emitter in the axis of steering wheel to
connect with horn as the normal parts.)

  This area will not be checked in any routine maintenance.    Also
this kind area seldom happen problem to insure that this equipment
won't be found by other technicians.

   I can say that not only the routine maintenance won't touch it (it's no
necessary to open the plastic cover about the speed-meter in any routine
maintenance.) but also this area won't meet any problem at all.
  That's because the performance of the emitters' parts should be designed &
tested above the standard of all other parts.

   Even this kind parts (emitter) might get damage in a car accident.   The
Mechanic will only order the same parts (emitters) from the original
manufacture dealer to fix it and keep it working as normal (as the original
parts--emitters) then who will know it?
They surely can solve the problem and install it if they so

   Right now, I would like to tell a true story here, the role of the story
is a lady.
  This lady I had mentioned before in my article who is a victim of the
Mind machine in Taiwan.
  She moved to Maryland after she recovered from the hospital in
Taiwan.    She told us few times that she heard someone talked in her ears (
actually it's delivered words to her brain by the mind machine operator.)
either she was by my friend's car or my relative's car.
 ( She was determined as a insane by the machine operators of Taiwan so they
lock her where she will go even at home.  Also the operators deliver
words to her with a bad intention.      They try to make others truly
believe that she is crazy because nobody will hear any word in the same car.)

   Another experiences of victim is a man.
He told me that he was shot by the electric waves ( it like a bee-sting.) few
times either he by bus or by car of his friend.
    I figured out it as that the emitter should be connected
with the car battery by specially wire.   The electric power is always on
and no need to turn on the ignition system.   This just like you can horn
or turn on the high beam without turn on the ignition system of car.
Also this emitters can be remotely controlled because the light poles
always beside the road or around the parking lots.   
  I had found the hexangular metal in axis of steering wheel and it might
can increase the electric field.
  I found it because I doubt this area can emit the electromagnetic
waves.    That's because I have few experiences on
suddenly falling in dizzy situation and once is very clearly.
   The clear experience was that I drove to pick up my young kid who's later
at school.    The distance is very short only about 15 minutes in
driving time.     When I drove at halfway I suddenly felt that I almost
fell in sleep ( a feeling of lethargy).    I know this is very unusual
and use a metal plate covered on the steer wheel (covered the horn) then
this feeling gone.    I reacted as that because it's the fast way to block
any emitter which might exist to emit EMR waves to my brain.
After that then I found the hexangular metal.

   The above event are facts & true.   I can swear it under the name of God.
   The above information make me believe that the Mind machine might have
been installed in cars for a long time.
These few agents use the mind machine operators to build a martial law
in cars or even in the country.    They're not officers also can't stand
for any agency.   Surely they can't stand for the government but
criminal suspect.   That's because they already violate the US constitution
if they really have installed the emitters of mind machine in cars.

    Also the threat to everyone is that they always carry their radiation
waves weapon when they spy you.   This will promise immense danger
to our society.

      The above information were known by me for the past ten more years.  What
I am concerned is the way that this mind machine (Mind Reading Machine)
could & had already been abuse as above.    Also they have three steps to
get rid of a subject, the first step is to drive people mad, if it's
failure then the second step is to make the car accident on high way, the
last step is to open the hidden radiation waves emitter (already
installed with the surveillance system in entire nation.) to hurt the subject
slowly die or hurt the subject in any place to kick off the subject from
the society.

     So it not only can read the thoughts of people and invade his
privacy without permission.   It also already be operated as high level
electromagnetic waves as a weapon to hurt, punish, threaten, or even
kill the subjects whom are out of their control or they don't like.   And
if any operator has political ambition,  he/she can get rid of any high
power political person by the invisible radiation weapon with the
surveillance system.    Also nobody check the loyalty or thoughts of the

     Since this machine had already been used efficiently in Taiwan.  It should
be used more effectively and efficiently in the United States -where it was
originally invented.   In the past ten years, they may already include this
machine in the city design and have been using the machine from the city, county
to the states of the whole country.

    Then this machine might have been installed in all public  buildings, such
as shopping centers, schools, supermarkets, bank, airports, etc, also include
the vehicles.   (The main intersection of street, the shoulder of highway
might have installed the electrical receiver.)   The law abiding citizens
will be totally under their control wherever he/she goes?   Also our
congress members will meet the same situation because the surveillance
system is true and fair to anyone.
    If the above situation is correct, then the power of machine operators
already extend to the maxims.  They can hurt anyone or even get rid of anyone
but won't be held by law because there is no any trace of evidence with their
radiation waves weapon.

      Their power will be unstoppable.   Nobody can control or stop them
when they make mistake or even do something against law or
if any operator has political ambition he/she can get rid of any
important political person.   Who will check the operators' loyalty and read
their thoughts?

      No any place is safe and that's including our personal home.  We will have
no privacy and shall forever be threatened by high frequency electromagnetic

      I truly hope that our responsible citizens  will have knowledge of such
machine.    If some of the agents of authorities of our country had been
using this machine to investigate our citizens just like Taiwan.  I hope
you will look into this event and take action so that laws can be made to
regulate this machine.
    I would like to suggest you that ask Mr. President release the mind
machine-"TRM" secret ( Because the mind machine owner-CIA always
irresponsible deny, we can ask them do nothing.)  and let the machine be
used in open way.   Let the representatives and Congress check the
actions & works of machine operators as a routine job.

      Then our citizen's rights and all people's rights which include the
privacy rights and our human rights will soon give back to us.
      Finally, I would like to let you know that how could you know that
they use the electro-magnetic waves to detect your thoughts.
    I'll offer some hints to you to find out if you are or had been investigated
by this machine.

      Of course, you should be in normal condition without health problem, no
over work, no emotional stress ( such as lose love one), no special personal
problem, then you can use the tips.  It's as follows:
1.  When you're dreaming, you suddenly think about or recall events (people or
    things) which happened many, many years ago(even more ten or twenty years 
    before).  The dream of a person should relate with what he did, whom
   he met, what he try to recall in the day or before he go to sleep.
           If your dream didn't connect with above situation but suddenly think
   the events (things & persons) which happened many, many years ago. 
       The dreams don't belong to you.  It might the operator use the   
   machine to read your history through your recalling in dream.

2.  If you feel easily to make the day-dream than usual or suddenly change your
    regular sleeping time to go to the bed at irregular time.  If the sleeping
    time which always accompany with lots dreams, the machine might work on you.

3.  If you work alone in office or at home, your brain can't stop think other
    things which is absolutely disconnected with what you're doing.  This kind
    thinking should be very mess. If you try to stop the trail of thoughts but
    can't do it.  These thoughts aren't yours.  It just like a guy flipping the
    book to find the page which he needs.  The operators might be searching the
    information from your thoughts.  (Except it is your intention from personal
    problem or special emotional stress.)

4.  After you go to the bed, you easily fall to deep sleeping than usual and
    can't easily wake up as usual.  This situation always accompany with lots

5.  Your recent sleeping time had been longer than usual but you still
    feel tire or dizzy.

           If it accompany with lots dreams then the machine might work on
    your thoughts.  But, if there is no dream, the most terrible thing is, the
    operators of the machine might use the electromagnetic waves to hurt you.

                           Sincerely Yours,

                                  Alan Yu

** About Author & why do I want to talk about the EMR mind machine?

    My major is in finance and not in science.  When I graduated, I was
the first of my class (quartermaster) from the finance & quarter school of
Taiwan's Army.
    I handled the classified document mentioned in this article when I
was a lieutenant colonel of Taiwan's National Defense Department in 1984. 
The document indicated that the Taiwan's Military Police Department
request to order the parts of this machine (for maintenance purposes).

    At that time, I was serving at the highest audit center for
Taiwan's military budget, and it was my jurisdiction to audit classified
and unclassified military spending.  In addition, my yearly evaluation
was "A" at that time, and I maintain the same level of performance until
I retired.

    I had seventeen years experiences in military service.   When I
retired, I received the award of "Loyalty & Dedication" with both
signatures of Minister of Defense and the President of R.O.C.(Taiwan).

** Some people had said to me that if the EMR mind machine indeed
exist, it would also be classified, and you would be violating
your security clearance to talk about it.  So quite frankly, what you are
saying about a Thought Reading machine would be qualify as treason for you.

    Well, discussing this secret with the general publics is not treason,
but it may be a violation of the military security regulations if I were
still a citizen of Taiwan.  Since I have naturalized as a citizen of
USA and no longer of a military officer of Taiwan for a long time, I can
discuss any military secret of Taiwan legally if I so desire.   But, I
didn't do that, and I do know numerous of Taiwan's military secrets.
This is because to talk about these secrets will be an act against my
conscience.  The only exception is the "Mind Reading machine".

     Now,  I would like you to know why I am discussing this machine.  My
purpose of talking about this machine is not only because it reads people's
thoughts and violate people's rights to privacy (which it does).  What
prompted me to come forward with this information is the cruelty of some
of the operators of this machine.

     They are not public servants as any governmental officer should be.
Instead, they believe they are above the law and the master of the people
which they investigate.  These operators uses electromagnetic radiation
(EMR) waves to harm people whom they do not like.  Sometimes, they use the
machine to drive other people mad; this is because the operators cannot
predict these people's behaviors.  These operators could also cause car
accident to finish them off as another alternative.  But these victims
are human beings, and they didn't break any law.  These operators believe
that they have the rights to change the other people's lives if these
operators so desired. 

     It only because most people still do not know such machine existed
and no law had been made to regulate this machine and the operators.  Such
things may be not known by the machine inventor, but it is this type of
abuse human lives which prompt me to come forward.

-Alan Yu