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 In 1988, an inmate in a Utah prison named James Fratus wrote a letter describing how he was being tortured through the use of some kind of synthetic telepathy technology that allowed his jailers to play back his thoughts over a loudspeaker in real-time.  (Research It)

 If you haven't already seen both of the Bioethics Hearings videos (on the home page of this site), and heard Jeremy's podcasts, I would highly recommend you take the time to do so now.  His ideas might shed some light on the "hows" of getting large numbers of people to appear to be harassing someone.

There is a very real possibility the abuse of this technology may soon be affecting someone you know or care about, and having as accurate an understanding as possible about what is going on may make all the difference in the world.   It might mean the difference between life and death, or between freedom and institutionalization. 


 Are you familiar with what a modern "smartphone" can do?    What if you remove the screen, buttons and other user interface elements, and just leave the CPU, radio and power source, then miniaturize that?

 What if you replace the microphone with an MRI type of detection device that detects neural activity, and the speaker with a device that produces not sound but brainwave patterns?The SIMS

 Then implant the device in somebody's brain while you have them unconscious?   And it has a high-speed connection over a cellular (or other wireless data) network?

 Then you leave it there for years and never use it in any way that would cause the implantee to become aware that it was even there.

 What if you did this to large numbers of people?

Mind Control Tech Leaked in Obscure 1966 Film

The film Cyborg 2087 was released in 1966, and featured a scene where a character "from the future" described how in the twenty-first century, all human beings would have their brains implanted from birth, and their thoughts controlled by the state through a technology called radio-telepathy.  

In real-world application, the technology today is more commonly referred to as "synthetic telepathy" rather than "radio-telepathy."

"Easter Eggs" in Cyborg 2087

cyborg-2087This film contains a couple of revelations that apparently were intended to be overlooked by the general public at the time of its release, but which today have become glaringly obvious thanks to internet access making research of these obscure subjects much easier.

In the story, the discovery of radio-telepathy is credited to "Dr. Marx," an obvious reference to the alleged founder of communism.    Additionally, the female doctor in the film is named "Dr. Mason," who is tasked with keeping the secret "from falling into the wrong hands."    This  refers to the global occult ("masonic" in the generic sense) network whose members perpetrate horrific crimes against the civilian populations of their own countries using these technologies, and who on pain of death conceal its existence.  

Further elucidation on this point is contained in my equally-important research exhibit entitled Freemasonry 101: Mind Control which should be reviewed together with this page.  Additional reference material on the true origins of the Communist ideology falsely attributed to Karl Marx is here.

The freeze-frame below shows a scene from the film indicating that the radio-telepathy demonstration takes place at a company named "THE MONARCH CORP."    This is also a hidden "easter egg" revelation: butterflies in general -- and the term "monarch" in particular -- are signature symbols used by real-world mind control operations.  

The specific division of the Monarch corporation depicted here is named "Future Industries."   This is an allusion to the fact that technologies are first developed in secret by the military-industrial complex, and only made public after much time (often decades) have passed.

Monarch - Cyborg 2087 still

Researcher Fritz Springmeier wrote extensively on this subject.  The following is an excerpt from his work:

A great deal of Monarch programming and slave abuse, (as well as the drug trade) is done under three major covers or fronts: Religious Fronts, the Front of National Security and the Military, and the Entertainment fields, especially the Country Western Industry, the Rock Music Industry and Hollywood. The religious fronts were popular for centuries, especially when groups like the Jesuits, the Assassins, and other groups held immense power. Religious fronts are still being used such as J.Z. Knight, Elizabeth Claire Prophet's CUT church, the Church of Scientology, the Charismatic movement, Jim Jones and Jonestown, and David Koresh's group etc. Billy Ray Moore's Lord's Chapel is entirely a mind-control operation. There is a nondenomination Pentecostal church in southern Washington whose entire membership is Satanists under mind-control. It would take a book to explain how these religious fronts are part of the total trauma-based mind-control and how they operate to protect mind-control, however there are publications which go into some of the CIA connections to these groups. It is suggested that interested persons read these publications.










assange enforced telepathic readings

Government psychiatrists preemptively defined the complaints that they anticipated would be made by modern MKULTRA victims as first-rank symptoms of schizophrenia and/or other mental disorders.

Thought Broadcasting
A symptom of schizophrenia in which a patient reports hearing the thoughts of others, being able to broadcast his/her own thoughts, and hear thoughts or voices where none exist. Specific manifestations may include a paranoid belief that thoughts are being recorded and re-broadcast by a radio or by a voice outside one’s heads. When thought broadcasting occurs regularly, it begins to affect behaviour and interferes with the person's ability to function in society
Segen's Medical Dictionary. © 2012 Farlex, Inc.

Here is a clip from the 2003 film Control Factor, a fictional movie based on actual scientific developments that are not generally known about.   It contains the common disinformation theme of confounding synthetic telepathy neurotechnology with voice-to-skull audio transmission (a point discussed at length in my companion article MC402 - Brain Implants vs. DEWs) but is otherwise quite on-point and relevant in its presentation:

This technology is now being used to mind control unsuspecting citizens who have been abducted, had their brains implanted, amnesia then induced (most likely by drugging and/or neurotechnological means), and returned to their beds or other places of abduction with no memory or obvious signs of what happened to them.

This is what all the "alien abduction" stories in the media during the past several decades were all about; a cover story for government abductions and mind-control. Researcher Martin Cannon figured this out in the 1990s and wrote one of the most important research papers ever written on the subject, entitled "The Controllers." This essay put forth his theory that "alien abduction" was a cover story for U.S. government mind control programs. Not too long afterwards, he had a rather sudden "change of heart": 


 Today, we hear less about "aliens" because the technology has gone mainstream, and modern victims are instead lead to believe that they are being "stalked by gangs" or are mentally ill.  In reality, however, it is just the continuation of the atrocities which began no later than the 1950s with MKULTRA.

telepathic-alien-google-search Victims who complain to medical personnel will immediately have their charts noted as having made statements that fit the "diagnostic criteria" for mental illness -- as defined by popular vote (not scientific facts) of participating committee members and then codified into the "DSM" -- the Diagnostic & Statistical Manual used by psychiatrists to diagnose mental disorders.


Once classified as "mentally ill," a person can be deprived of their liberty without regard to the due process protections contained in the Bill of Rights (or similar provisions in many countries outside of the U.S.). The whole system was set up this way on purpose, to accomplish the long-term goal of creating a social order where the population can be directly controlled in a manner most people never would have dreamed possible. This goal is now being realized and will radically change the relationship between governments and individual human beings forever if something is not done to stop it. 


How this all turns out depends at least partly on how *you* respond to this information today and in the future.


November 2011



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