How to Heal Depression




PART I: Understanding Depression

One: You Are Not Alone

Two: If You Need It, Get Help at Once

Three: There Is No Need to Suffer

Four: "I Can't Handle Anything Else!"

Five: "Why Bother?"

Six: It's Not Your Fault

Seven: It's Not Anybody's Fault

Eight: What Is Depression?

Nine: The Three Primary Types of Depression

Ten: The Symptoms of Depression

Eleven: Are You Depressed?

Twelve: You Can Be Depressed without "Feeling Depressed"

Thirteen: Seeking Treatment for Depression Does Not Imply a Lack of Character, Discipline, Common Sense, or Personal Strength

Fourteen: How Did Annie Hall Get Her Name?

Fifteen: Other Types of Depression

Sixteen: Delay Major Decisions— Depression Alters Perception

Seventeen: The Question of Suicide

Eighteen: The Power of Positive Thinking Crashes and Burns in the Face of Depression

Nineteen: God and Depression

Twenty: What Causes Depression?

Twenty-one: The Messengers of the Brain

Twenty-two: The Mind and Its Negative Thoughts

Twenty-three: Which Came First?

Twenty-four: Depression Can Be Hereditary and "Contagious"

Twenty-five: Depression Related to Age

Twenty-six: The Ain't-It-Awful Club

Twenty-seven: Physical Pain and Depression

Twenty-eight: Depression Affects the

Length and Quality of Life
Twenty-nine: Depression is the #1 Cause of Alcoholism, Drug Abuse, and Other Addictions

Thirty: Eating Disorders

Thirty-one: Insomnia and Other Sleep Disorders

Thirty-two: Fatigue

Thirty-three: Depression Destroys Relationships

Thirty-four: Romanticizing Depression

Thirty-five: The Stigma of Depression

Thirty-six: Why Depression Must Be Treated

Thirty-seven: Treatment for Depression Is a Natural Process

Thirty-eight: Your Treatment Is Unique to You

PART II: Healing the Brain

Thirty-nine: Choose a Doctor

Forty: The Diagnosis of Depression

Forty-one: Antidepressant Medications

Forty-two: Side Effects

Forty-three: The Prozac Rumors

Forty-four: The Right Medication and Dosage

Forty-five: "You're Not Dealing with Your Pain!"

Forty-six: A Good Night's Sleep

Forty-seven: Nutritional Supplements

Forty-eight: Treat Your Body Well

PART III: Healing the Mind

Forty-nine: Psychotherapy As Education

Fifty: Cognitive Therapy

Fifty-one: Interpersonal Therapy

Fifty-two: Acknowledging Two Pioneers

Fifty-three: Psychiatrist, Psychologist,or Both?

Fifty-four: Books, Tapes, and Videos

Fifty-five: Personal Growth

Fifty-six: Flexibility
Fifty-seven: Exaggerating Is Absolutely the Worst Thing You Can Do, and It Can Kill You If You Don't Completely Stop It— Right Now!!!

Fifty-eight: Observe Yourself

Fifty-nine: Heal Thyself First

Sixty: No One or No Thing Can Depress You Unless You Allow It

Sixty-one: "Yes" and "No"

Sixty-two: It's Okay to Feel—Anything

Sixty-three: Hurt, Resentment, and Guilt

Sixty-four: Forgiving

Sixty-five: Positive Distractions

Sixty-six: Straighten Up! Head Up! Take a Deep Breath!

Sixty-seven: Get Things Done or Let Them Go

Sixty-eight: Affirmations and Visualizations

Sixty-nine: Light and Meditation

Seventy: Lighten Up—Life Is Funnier Than We Thought

Seventy-one: Music

Seventy-two: The Opposite of Depression

Is Expression
Seventy-three: Gratitude

PART IV: As Healing Continues....

Seventy-four: Your Healing Has Already Begun

Seventy-five: Patience

Seventy-six: Think Big, but Not Huge

Seventy-seven: Healing Has Its Ups and Downs

Seventy-eight: Seek the Support of Others

Seventy-nine: Support Groups

Eighty: Twelve-Step and Recovery Programs

Eighty-one: Praise Yourself

Eighty-two: Give Yourself Time to Heal

Eighty-three: Be Gentle with Yourself

Eighty-four: View Problems As Creative Challenges

Eighty-five: Seek Comforting

Eighty-six: Relationships May Change

Eighty-seven: Enjoy the Good

Eighty-eight: Making Peace with Depression

Eighty-nine: Society and Depression (the Good News)

Ninety: Society and Depression (the Bad News)

Ninety-one: Giving to Others

Ninety-two: Thank You and Enjoy Your Journey

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