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"woke," defined 1

"woke," defined 2

"based," defined


Voices of Black Men

"Based" Black Man #1: Calling White People Racists Constantly Is Turning Them Racist

Video running time: one minute

"Based" Black Man #2 Tommy Sotomayor: Let's Ban Niggers

Video running time: two minutes

(... and check out Tommy's website!)

"Based" Black Man #3 Teaches His Daughter Right: "We Must Stop C.R.T."

Video running time: one minute

"Based" Black Man #4A Rev. Manning: "Black Folks Don't Know How to Run a Nation"

Video running time: three minutes

"Based" Black Man #4B Rev. Manning: Whites Will Rise Up ... and He Will Join Them!

Video running time: two minutes

"Based" Black Man #4C Rev. Manning: Oppose "Niggerism"

Video running time: two minutes

"Based" Black Man #5 Louis Farrakhan: Race Mixing Leading to White Extinction

Video running time: two minutes

"Based" Black Man #6A Jesse Lee Peterson Asks White Liberal If He Loves White People

Video running time: one minute

"Based" Black Man #6B Jesse Lee Peterson Declares "White History Month"

Video running time: 2.5 minutes

"Based" Black Man #6C Jesse Lee Peterson: Problems With Black People

Video running time: 4 minutes

"Based" Black Man #6D Jesse Lee Peterson: Blacks Changed After the Civil Rights Movement

Video running time: 10 minutes

"Based" Black Man #7 Tells School Board to Stop Teaching Critical Race Theory

Video running time: 2 minutes

 "Based" Black Man #8 Shouts "Heil Hitler" at White Man, Making White Man Cry

(you can't make this stuff up)

Video running time: twenty seconds

"Based" Black Man #9 - Malcolm X: Blacks Shouldn't Cry For Jews

Video running time: one minute

 "Based" Black Man #10 - The Anti-Semitic Writer

Video running time: two minutes

 "Based" Black Man #11 - The Black Racial Nationalist

Video running time: one minute

"Based" Black Man #12 - Busta Rhymes: "F*** Your Masks"

Video running time: two minutes

"Based" Black Man #13 - Was Hitler Really Bad?

Video running time: 15 seconds

"Based" Black Man #14 - Michael Jackson: "The Jews Do It On Purpose"

Video running time: one minute

"Based" Black Man #15 - Millions of Loyal Americans Are Ready to Deal With Corrupt Politicians

Video running time: three minutes

"Based" Black Man #16 - Rapper Flavor Flav "Exposing the Nose"

Video running time: twenty seconds

"Based" Black Man #17 Says "F*** George Floyd and Brianna Taylor"

Video running time: thirty seconds

"Based" Black Man #18 - Proud Boy Cuts Down Antifa Banner

Video running time: two minutes

"Based" Black Men #19 - Explain Jewish Role in Black Slave Trade

Video running time: 17 minutes

"Based" Black Man #20 - Tyrone Warns Against the Kalergi Plan

Video running time: 25 seconds

Kalergi Plan 

Voices of Black Women

"Based" Black Woman #1 Shops the Book Section at Target

Video running time: one minute

"Based" Black Woman #2 Exposes the Hypocritical Double Standards Affecting Black vs White Speech

Video running time: thirty seconds

"Based" Black Woman #3: Exposes Hypocrisy of White BLM Agitators

Video running time: two minutes

"Based" Black Woman #4: Teen Identifies as White

Video running time: two minutes


based Marcus Garvey

michael jackson liked hitler

This is the real reason why Michael was murdered by his freemason physician (more info).

based black theologian says blm demonic

kalergi plan genocide white people

 theyll never call you a liar

asian hate

alexander jefferson

web dubois

black gabbers

so now you see who owned the slave ships

black nazi

quote Booker T Washington

black people are not oppressed

quote candace owens

black maga 2020

based black white supremacist pb portland

based david webb teleprompter

based gandhi

based jews are not oppressed

basedThe Israelite vs the Negro

based vernon jones

based william hall

based zuby covid quote

BLM is domestic terrorism

based i see adolf point now

This page was inspired by those "based" meme creators on the Telegram app, from whose various channels some of the above materials were collected.

doge follow your dreams

I am of Jewish descent. Feel free to call me "anti-Semitic" if this slideshow offends you.

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For behold, the wicked bend the bow,

they make ready their arrow upon the string,

that they may in darkness shoot at the upright in heart. (Psalm 11:2)


if voting made any difference they wouldnt let us do it mark twain

goofball7we are votinggoofball3


john locke[W]henever the Legislators endeavour to take away, and destroy the Property of the People, or to reduce them to Slavery under Arbitrary Power, they put themselves into a state of War with the People, who are thereupon absolved from any farther Obedience." 

John Locke




Interesting social media links

Some of the most interesting, cutting-edge information and commentary that you can find today is being posted on the social media app "Telegram."  Most of the images shown in the above slide show were found there. A lot of the content gets censored by Google and Apple, but if you're using a PC or an Android phone, you can download an uncensored version of the app by going directly to Telegram's website (rather than your device's app store).

If you're easily offended by so-called "hate speech," a free environment where anyone and everyone can post their opinions (including, unfortunately, dedicated US and Israeli military "influence" operatives and AI systems, domestic collaborators, a fair number of jerks and immature kids, all of whom attempt to drown out to the message of the many really smart and insightful people who lead me to recommend these materials), or anything inconsistent with what the controlled mass media and politicians tell you, then this is probably not for you.  If, on the other hand, you're already familiar with my website (the one you're on now) and want to see more of the kind of content that I personally find interesting, then check out some of the links below. 

This is not an endorsement of the Telegram app itself (don't trust it) or any specific content or opinions that may be found on the platform, or even on the channels linked below. I'm just saying that I find this stuff interesting and that if you like my website, you might find it interesting too. That's it. Nothing more. Your mileage may vary.

I am of Jewish descent and judge people "based on the content of their character."

The Western Chauvinist

Covid Red Pills

Covid Vaccine Victims

Institute for Historical Review

International Blackshirts

45th Division

White Lives Matter Official

Interesting as F**K

Nationalist Alliance

Campfire Intel (both the Telegram channel and the website)

Every Day (reporting black-on-white murders you never heard about)

Nationalist News

Resurrection Europa

White Defense Force

Stop White South African Genocide

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