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I have been a TI for years. I moved out to a smaller town in east Texas because I was scared and thought it would be better. It was but not for long.
Now, I'm starting to undergo the electronic "non touch" or. "Soft touch" harrassment all the time. It started with sleep disturbances where I was waking up more tired than I did when I lied down. Now I believe I can feel them buzzing the house in all sorts of frequencies during the day when I'm here alone. (The dogs in the house feel it more than me but my BP will raise for no reason about the same time they start to bark.)
Ive had a home break (nothing was stolen). They stopped on Memorial Day and the Fourth of July.
Thanks for the site,
Keri Booth

P.S. Anybody know how I can get to the link "Countermeasures"? I'd like to read the info but the li.j seems to be bad or missing. Id appreciate it.

Added: July 22, 2017
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Thank you.

Added: July 5, 2017
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I always have issues obtaining this site, so it gather it
Contains information which is of important to TI,s
Keep up the good work Jeff

Added: February 27, 2017
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I'm too a victim of electronic stalking and mind control. And every day it's rough. I just wish I had help are am able to get Justice for this crime that was committed to me.I haven't been able to sleep for days.i still have people following me. I have people coming around me keeping up drama. LORD Knows I be glad when I can get help with this,and prosecute the people that did this to me.And, the people who helped.

Added: December 31, 2016
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This is a very interesting site. I would like to be subscribed for future emails and updates. Thank you.

Added: December 27, 2016
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Thank you, this site is most helpful. Some other sites are helpful as well. It would be nice to have a separate forum website.

I read of people who have been going through this for years and I cannot fathom what that can be like.

This technology of brainwaves communication through EM is real and they are using it in the USA. I've had it happen to me about 2 weeks ago and then throughout one weekend, then it stopped and then next weekend for a couple of days.

The scenarios they create are very sophisticated for one and I have so many observations and things I've learnt about it from studying them as I could.
I've never had any history of any psychiatric disorder and I am in my early thirties. I've also had other forms of real harassment of noise, cell phone text/calls and emails.

I feel my suffering is bad and annoying but I really feel for those who have suffered so much more than me. I could not have handled that at all.

In my case I think they're local and related to police or a shadow police faction. I'd like to think they wouldn't pursue if I lived away from here.

This needs to be exposed and fast. Because it didn't take them long to start using it on me and they didn't hesitate. At first it was more mild, then it became worse. In my case, I feel they aren't seeking to directly destroy or cause total harm. But the harm is there because after the event you tend to feel a bit weak and with loss of appetite.

I want to find out how to intercept the waves. If no one listens then what if Russia were to get this technology. Or do they already have it?

Thank you for keeping the website running,

PS: I can update if I see that they stopped or they moved their emitter and aren't monitoring my brain after some days or a month.

Added: September 15, 2016
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Hello Jeff,

Thank you for your work. I have been researching this information for a couple of years and I have came across your website today.

Added: March 30, 2016
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Thank you for your website, it brings together the most reliable information that can be found about this horrible crime.

I am a target since 2013. It's been a horrendous experience. At that time I had been a star software engineer at Microsoft for 10 years. They've ruined my brain, now I can barely concentrate. I've lost my job, my wife and 3 yrs old son left me, and I've ruined a ton of money running all over Europe and US trying to escape the torture. They don't let me sleep, I am woken up several times a night, and they laugh about it. Somehow they disabled my passion, I am now a vegetable from both intellectual and sexual points of view.
Often times I think about what it would take for these crimes to be revealed to the public. Someone with know- how must betray them. An Edward Snowden who can undeniably demonstrate to the public this monstrous technology. What are the chances of that happening ?

While I was in Switzerland, I've been told/transmitted, by the agents of that country, that they are not allowed to use strong effects there, and indeed I felt the most protected while I was in Zurich. Perhaps that country will finally break the secret and stop this crime once and for all, by making the technology public. This is the only chance for the planet.

Admin reply: Your symptoms are consistent with the many credible reports made by modern mind control subjects. However, I would advise against believing anything you are led to believe by those who are torturing you. In particular, as far as I know there is no reason whatsoever to believe that being in Switzerland (or any other country) will result in you finding relief or getting justice of any kind. The targeting of internal enemies and political dissidents that is currently taking place is occurring worldwide and by a power that is at a level higher than the visible "nation states" which we are allowed to see.

Added: February 17, 2016
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I'm not sure if this falls within the primes of the topic, but this morning I closed my eyes and could see random documents (similar to pop ups on a computer screen) constantly moving in my head. For the record they were ACTUAL documents that i could see the words, but could read them. When I tried to focus in on a name or at least a piece of information I could make out, I felt a warm sensation in the upper right side of my head and all the images instantly went black. I felt light headed and developed a slight headache for about what seemed like a half an hour. What are your thoughts on this?

Admin reply: Study my website carefully, starting with the lead article on the front page, then form your own conclusions. JP

Added: February 14, 2016
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very good website , I am pleased to visit :D

Added: January 6, 2016
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