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Operation Mind Control(Click to download free e-book)

Description of Operation Mind Control

The following 37-page essay contains some of the most interesting and important information you will ever read:

"The Controllers" by Martin Cannon

An excerpt from the introduction to The Controllers:

"... there is much more to the present day technology of mind control than mere hypnosis -- and many good reasons to suspect that UFO abduction accounts are an artifact of continuing brainwashing/behavior modification experiments.

Moreover, I intend to demonstrate that, by using UFO mythology as a cover story, the experimenters may have solved the major problem with the work conducted in the 1950s -- "the disposal problem," i.e., the question of "What do we do with the victims?"

If, in these pages, I seem to stray from the subject of the saucers, I plead for patience. Before I attempt to link UFO abductions with mind control experiments, I must first show that this technology EXISTS. Much of the forthcoming is an introduction to the topic of mind control -- what it is, and how it works.

Click here to download THE CONTROLLERS in its entirety (37 pages)

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