This is an FYI to any Infowars / Alex Jones listeners.  Alex is now actively promoting CIA disinformation targeted at patriots in order to confuse them about the law:

The disinformation, explained

In the above link, David Icke is promoting an old disinformation meme that has been around for over a decade and was seen in the mid 2000's being promoted by other disinformation operatives including his old colleague Jordan Maxwell, with whom David associated at the Truth Seeker Company in San Diego.

The core idea of the disinformation theme is that for every living breathing human being, the government has also created a corresponding corporation called a "straw man" in each person's name (using all capital letters) without telling anyone.  It says that government only has jurisdiction over the corporation, but not over the real person, allegedly because living human beings are only subject to the "common law."  By unknowling accepting the "straw man," people supposedly "contract" with the government, thus giving the government jurisdiction over them.  The underlying false idea that these people are promoting is that there are actually, secretly, two separate systems of  government -- the "common law" for natural people and the "statutory" law for corporations, and the government only has jurisdiction over corporations.

The theme goes on to promote the idea that, once you become aware of and fully understand this state of affairs, you can "get out of the system" by "revoking your contract with the government" by taking various nonsensical actions (e.g., filing certain nonsensical paperwork with state agencies that administer the Uniform Commercial Code).

The reality

Govermnents have jurisdiction over both real people and corporations under long-established principles of law. They neither require nor request your individual consent. In the countries that trace their systems of law to Britain (e.g., USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India),  common and statutory law are NOT two independent systems of law, as these disinformation operatives hope to convince you, but rather they are both part of the SAME systems. Legislators make statutory law and judges make judge-made law, the latter being properly referred to as "common law." The United States Constitution clearly contemplates both. Any first-year law student can attest to that. We may not LIKE what the government is doing (in fact, in might be downright tyrannical), that does not mean that the government must lack jurisdiction based on some bizarre legal theory. It just means they're illegitimate based on common sense and man's natural, God-given rights.