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Who controls your technology?  Intel.

intel inside laptop

intel overview

intel defined

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in q tel

minix A

minix B
Click here or on the image above for more information about the Intel "Management Engine."

minix C Tannenbaum

For many years, Andrew Tannenbaum (the author of the MINIX operating system) was not aware that that his creation had been secretly snuck into millions of Intel processors. Click here to view the "open letter" which he wrote to Intel after finding out about it.

Some readers of Slashdot, a popular tech news website, also had some interesting comments about this story:

minix D

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Who controls your technology?  AMD.

The corporate logos of other major chip-makers also signal their true identities. AMD, one of the three major CPU manufactures (along with Intel and Apple), uses a stylized freemasonic square and compass as their logo. Compare the AMD vs masonic logo:

amd athlon

making good men better since time immemorial 

NVIDIA, who makes the graphics chips, uses the freemasonic Eye of Horus:

nvidia vs amd

is it time for open processors

Click to read the ful article: "Is It Time For Open Processors?"

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Who controls your technology?  Alphabet.

 google cia 5

google cia 6

google cia 4

google cia 3

google cia 2

google cia 1

google nsa

congress adds bill of rights

First two amendments to U.S. Constitution

google buys youtube

youtube alters algorithms after mass shooting

youtube gun censorship

youtube will put disclaimers on state funded broadcasts

youtube takes aim at conspiracies

youtube to demonetize offensive videos

Jeff says ...  

That's what I call ...

pot calling kettle black

... or, in other words,

consider the source

youtube warns of consequences

Youtube bans Stanford video contradicting WHO

Meaningful private competition will not be permitted, when the state is in control:

vidme shuts down

google erases kurdistan from maps

  lunduke google blocking voting apps

At the same time, extreme "leftist" organizations are complaining that Google is censoring them as well:

google censoring leftist websites

Video running time: Approx. 10 minutes


Jeff says:

They'll censor anyone, especialy activists, who are a thorn in their side.  "Left-wing" or "right-wing" labels don't matter and are themselves disinformation concepts in a very real way. 

The whole point of this article is to suggest that Google shouldn't be censoring anyone, since it is in every meaningful way an arm of the state. It's legal status as a "private corporation" is simply a smokescreen designed to conceal this fact from the general public.  I suggest that the citizenry needs to be made to catch on and raise a huge ruckus about this sort of thing. 

youtube suspends chinese dissident

google ceo says need to deal with conspiracy theories

google pirate bay

google blocking torrent sites

Jeff says:

It warms my heart to see how Google and Moscow are walking hand-in-hand when it comes to "delisting" websites so that nobody can find out about them any more.  The right of all people to free speech and  communication must yield to the rights of state-controlled megacorporations to lock down the communications infrastructure so that we only have access to officially-sanctioned content, mostly in the form of brain-dead "entertainment" and "news" programs. 

We are told that we need to fight "piracy" (a scary word, conjuring up images of mauraders on the high seas) and the only way to do that is by shutting down (and deleting any references to) these evil "pirate" websites.  What they're not telling you is that the free and open technogical systems that make so-called "piracy" possible are the same ones that enable people to communicate freely over the internet, sharing mass amounts of data, without being shepherded into using state-controlled -- and censored -- platforms such as Google and YouTube.

mexico piracy case

google amp

google says censored chinese search engine great

google the new censorship
Recommended reading: Google: The New Censorship

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Who controls your technology?  Apple.

apple computer 666

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Who controls your technology?  Microsoft.

windows10 spying cant be stopped

microsoft spy features windows 7 8

Many years ago, I came across an article that discussed how Windows XP (the extremely-popular operating system released by Microsoft in August 2001) was designed from the ground up to spread user data all over the hard disk drive, and in numerous ways to generate all kinds of forensic evidence about what a user had done with their computer. If anyone can find a copy of that article, please send it over to me using the "Contact" link at the top of the page.

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tuxWill the free software movement (e.g. GNU/Linux) set us free?

Jeff says:"Don't count on it!"

During the last decade or two, a small (but significant) number of people, particularly those with greater-than-average computer skills, abandoned their expensive Macs and/or the in-your-face spying of Microsoft Windows 10, and began switching to the various "distributions" of the freely available Linux computer operating system. The licensing structure of this "free software" movement tends towards the creation of a vast culture of free software from which more and more people over time can benefit -- at least in theory.  Obviously, this is something that powerful interests have worked from behind the scenes to keep under control:

lenin quote controlled opposition

linux backdoor

debian owned by nsa
Click here to read entire article: "Julian Assange: Debian is Owned by the NSA"

is systemd an nsa attempt

software bugs

Jeff says:

Personally, I'm hoping that those Italian guys behind the Devuan project (a version of Linux without the "systemd" problem discussed in the preceding news clippings) find success, but I'm not holding my breath.

The freedom made possible by free software poses a threat to political powers that seek to control civilian populations.  They, in response, predictably will oppose its use, and today seek to do so by convincing the public that freedom is evil and that, at least when it comes to technology, the only people who would want to use free and open software systems are communists and terrorists!  To further this objective, loyal collaborator-minions have been placed into key positions throughout the free software movement and have already begun to dutifully carry out this important agenda. For example, the Mozilla Foundation -- a key bastion of the free software movement and maker of the popular Firefox web browser -- is already working to sabatoge the movement from within by literally associating itself with communist- and terrorist-associated organizations:

lunduke mozilla donates 100k to antifa

When the general public begins to hear more and more stories like this one, they will be ever-more-strongly convinced that they ought to keep using the proprietary (but familiar) computing systems from the likes of Microsoft, Google, and Apple. Which all spy on you 100% on the time, ostensibly "legally" -- because your mere use of their software indicates your "consent" to such monitoring. 

Mozilla is also hoping you'll place your trust in them to identify "misinformation" on the web:

mozilla info trust

As I said above, however (in the context of Google doing the same thing), I say again: consider the source. Who, exactly, is so concerned nowadays about "helping" the general public to "fight misinformation?"  What we are witnessing is the covert takeover by the state of all private entities who have any meaningful influence.

In December 2017, Mozilla began automatically slipping new plug-in software into newer versions of its Firefox browser, which users would automatically receive when the browser updated.  One observer on a tech-focused discussion forum commented:

mozilla robot

The existential reality here is that you don't have a meaningful choice when it comes to technology (or media, for that matter, as is covered elewhere on this site). They're all covertly controlled by the state, and they have a de facto monopoly.  The appearance of our having a few "choices" (i.e., Google vs. Firefox -- or Apple vs. Microsoft -- or CNN vs. MSNBC) are simply illusions designed to lead the civilian population into believing that they still live in a "democracy" or other such nonsense, where meaningful freedom of choice and private competition still exists in these key areas.  

stockholm syndromeThe maintenance of such a facade is an age-old tactic used by military forces to pacify conquered populations. As Machiavelli wrote over five centuries ago in The Prince, "[w]henever those states which have been acquired [...] have been accustomed to live under their own laws and in freedom [..., then continue to] permit them to live under their own laws, drawing a tribute, and establishing within it an oligarchy which will keep it friendly to you."   In the modern-day conquered western world, they maintain the appearance of allowing us to continue to live not only "under our own laws," but also to have freedom of choice when it comes to media and technology.   But it's all the same sort of lie ... the same sort of magic trick illusion.   Today, it's just done on such a grand scale that most people cannot fathom what is in fact happening.

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stallman richard 1131079586

Dr. Richard Stallman, one of the founders of the free software movement, made the following remarks about the vanishing state of privacy in the modern world:

stallman surveillance

Click here to read the entire interview with Stallman.

Official promo video for Dashlane password management service shows user with "007" e-mail address:


You think you're dealing with "private" parties, but everywhere you turn nowadays, there is more covert state action.

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October 2018: Facebook censoring foreign disinformation

facebook censors iranian disinfo

blue hair guy jeff says

That's great news!  I'm so glad that Facebook is protecting me from seeing the disinformation sponsored by Iran.  But I'm even more looking forward to the day when they start censoring the disinformation sponsored by my OWN government. Maybe they'll get around to that soon.  Nah ...

Oh, and now in February 2019, it looks like the European Union has decided that is joining the Orwellian Global Censorship System ... oops, I mean the World Government Prior Restraint of Disallowed Communications Grid ... no wait, I mean the Noble Fight Against "Piracy." Yeah, that's it!

Don't get upset though, because it wouldn't be a GLOBAL dictatorship without EU participation, now would it?

eu new copyright law content filtering

Anyway, for more information on the sickening totalitarianism being imposed on the nations of Europe please see my separate research exhibit entitled The European Union's War on Democracy.

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The following article is also required reading:

The coming war on general purpose computation
Click to read "The Coming War on General Computation"

A wise comment on the nature of the internet:

internet society comment 2018

mussolini quote


Linux Mint forums censor me for mentioning Bryan Lunduke

Today is February 12, 2024. I just watched an excellent piece of journalism, "Linux Sucks 2024" by Bryan Lunduke, a veteran and noteworthy Linux journalist.  I decided it was worthy of being mentioned and wanted to recommend it to others, so I decided to post a message about it over on the Linux Mint discussion forums.  I "previewed" my message before posting it, and noticed that the word "Lunduke" was being automatically removed from my post:

linux mint censors lunduke 1

I thought it odd that a discussion forum centered around a free software product would automatically censor the very name of a journalist who reports on topics of interest to the community.  I posted an open question in the forums asking why the man's name was being automatically deleted from my posts.  Within half an hour, my post itself had been deleted from the forum and I had received a "do not argue with us" message from the board administration:

linux mint censors lunduke 2

Wow.  This is part of a much larger pattern of censorship happening in the free-and-open-source (FOSS) software community as of late.   Something very strange is happening.   For more information on what I think is happening, check out this article I posted a few years ago:

State Action Doctrine and Intelligence Agency Dictatorship Part II: Covert State Control of Technological Progress




State Action Doctrine and Intelligence Agency Dictatorship Part I: Pushing the Envelope in Controlled Media