Jeff's Comments:

FamilyFor decades, innocent citizens have been victimized by classified military operations which have included manipulation of human reproduction.   The so-called "alien" abduction cases (a cover story for MKULTRA operations of the late twentieth century) were full of cases of women experiencing abnormal pregnancies, disappearing fetuses, and the like.

If the woman in this story is a subject of such a program, then it would follow that whoever is running the program knows what is going to happen to her unborn children ahead of time because they have planned it that way.

Further, my research indicates that classified MKULTRA neurotechnology has been implanted in large numbers of civilians, including children.  This makes it possible to induce in the subject artificially created dreams and to control their speech.   The remote operators of the technology can "speak through" the subject.  In this case, the subject is the young child of the woman experimentee, and the source of the "psychic" information is the remote operator.

This hypothesis provides a rational explanation, based on technology known to exist,  for the unusual so-called "psychic" ability of the child.



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