| Dec 31, 2016.


I’ve been intending to review Jack Brewer’s book, The Greys Have Been Framed: Exploitation in the UFO Community, for some time now. I’ve linked to some of Jack’s research posted on his blog The UFO Trail before. Jack has devoted considerable effort into tracking the connections between what passes for alien abductions and documented, historical mind control programs run under the auspices of U. S. agencies since the Cold War began. Those connections are not coincidental. Whereas Jack’s blog gives readers glimpses into the tangled web that results from the intersection of the high strangeness of alien abduction reports and things like MK-ULTRA, his book delivers the motherlode and — most importantly — citations and links to the available documentation.

If you can’t already tell, I consider this book a must-read for anyone interested in the alien abduction phenomenon. Most readers of my material will know my view of what people experience in this regard. I don’t think it has anything to do with extraterrestrials. While I leave room for certain cases that sound a lot like genuine demonization or possession, I think most of what passes for alien abduction is either natural brain function (e.g., sleep paralysis) or very human (and very sinister) intentional abuse of people. Jack’s book chronicles the latter, providing the paper trails that lead to people, events, clandestine agendas, psychological techniques, and drugs and other “technologies” for inducing such experiences and manipulating victims. And the data for all that aren’t new.

His book goes even further in that he documents how the abuse extends to defending the extraterrestrial narrative for what experiencers report when they seek help. This doesn’t mean, of course, that the same people behind inducing experiences are the ones intentionally furthering an extraterrestrial explanation. The latter typically occurs in the office or correspondence of a therapist or researcher already convinced that the abductions are part of an alien agenda. One would hope that the factual documentation offered in this book would persuade any reader to look elsewhere for answers, but I’m not holding my breath. At the very least honesty ought to require researchers to track through Brewer’s sources and demonstrate how they fail to account for something. Sure, that takes work, but it took work to ferret out the data in this book. Is it too much to ask that those who desperately want the abduction experience to prop up an extraterrestrial visitation worldview to do the same sort of work? Frankly, instead of funding and conducting a survey about peoples’ abduction experiences, whose questions are often leading, and whose raw data is apparently off limits to the public, perhaps Edgar Mitchell’s Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial Encounters (FREE) could pay for research into the truckload of material that connects these experiences to sinister human causation? Dear FREE: While trying to validate an experience through a survey, did it ever occur to you that the cause of said experience might not be what you presumed it to be when you wrote the survey? That’s called objectivity.

I won’t survey every chapter of The Greys Have Been Framed here (there’s just too much significant material), but a few stand out in their importance, at least to my thinking.

  • Chapters 2 (“Hypnosis and Memory”) and 3 (“Go West, Trance States, Go West”) are for anyone who has ever wondered about the accuracy (and even coherence) of memories solicited under hypnosis, and whether there might be some relationship of hypnosis to known mind-control programs. I’ve wondered both, so this chapter and its sources was worth the price of the book. The presumed validity of what hypnosis yields and the notion that it is purely “recovering” memories (instead of something is) are fundamental to the alien abduction phenomenon. Both are far from being assured.
  • Chapters 4 and 5 constitute a two-part treatment of the abduction experience colorfully titled, “The Raping, Murderous, Mind-Reading, Sperm-Collecting, ET Human-Hybrid Baby Snatchers” (Acts One and Two). While the chapters naturally overview what people claim happens to them during an alien abduction, these chapters overview the now-infamous Emma Woods case that has so tarnished the reputation of David Jacobs. Chapter 7’s interview with Dr. Tyler Kokjohn (PhD in Biochemistry) is also focused on thoughts about the Emma Woods case.
  • For those who’d be inclined to trust Budd Hopkins’ work with abductees over that of David Jacobs (with or without the demolition of Jacobs in the wake of the Emma Woods testimony), Chapter 6 will cut off that retreat (“Carol Rainey and the Priests of High Strangeness”). Rainey was the wife of Budd Hopkins and assisted him in his work with abductees. The chapter isn’t filled with whining and ranting about her ex-husband. Instead it recounts her habit of asking simple questions about ethics and method that Hopkins found irritating. Point: anyone who sincerely wants to find truth won’t be threatened by calls for transparency.
  • Chapter 11 (“Betty and Barney go to Montreal”) sheds light on inconsistencies and forgotten details of the mother of all alien abduction cases, that of Betty and Barney Hill. The chapter is a combination of Brewer’s own investigation and the work of Nick Redfern, a well-known UFO researcher who is convinced the Hill case is best explained by its MK-ULTRA connections. Why is Montreal mentioned? You’ll have to read the chapter, but here’s a hint: McGill University.
  • Chapter 13 (“Leah Haley and the 139”) is a shot across the bow not just to abduction research, but ufology in general. It details MUFON complicity (and ineptitude) in regard to what has become known as the Carpenter Affair. The experiences, research, and turnabout (rejection of an ET explanation for abductions) of Leah Haley are part of the chapter. Readers will be intrigued by connections between the Carpenter affair and the emerging panopticon state glimpsed through the case of Edward Snowden.
  • Chapter 14 (“21st Century U.S. Illegal Human Experimentation”) speaks for itself. In simplistic terms, this chapter seeks to connect the modern question of torture (think Abu Ghraib) to 20th century Cold War justification of human experimentation with respect to mind control programming. (One could add things like Project Sunshine as well). I was a little dissatisfied with the analysis here because the threats are somewhat different, but it’s legitimate to say they are similar enough to avoid dismissing points of connection that are real.

As noted above, the book is highly recommended. I can think of only one potential improvement. Jack’s resources are mostly online. That doesn’t mean the links don’t lead to solid sources. They overwhelmingly do. But the links leave me wondering if he deliberately included only those sources to make access to those sources easy for readers. I’m not sure that Jack had access to major databases that would no doubt provide more material that isn’t available for free online (like scholarly journals). Some of the links do of course lead to journal articles. I just didn’t check every link, so I’m thinking that his case could be made even more compelling.

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