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The shooter in this Huffington Post news article certainly looks crazy.  What I am wondering, however, is whether or not he was deliberately driven crazy by ACTUAL telepathic harassment of the kind that seems to be in widespread use today, and that relies on wireless brain implants which are put into people's heads during covert abduction events.

Targeted individuals are reporting this in alarming numbers lately, and this is shaping up to be one of the largest mass human rights violations of all times.   


 For more on the above story, see MKULTRA Subject Kazuki Hirano Requests Assistance.


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Boston bomber heard voices

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January 10, 2017

Florida airport shooter Esteban Santiago also complained of being mind-controlled by the CIA:

santiago mind controlled

Santiago now faces the death penalty, but the intelligence operatives who run the modern day neurotechnology-based mind control system, and who were ultimately responsible for Santiago's rampage, will undoutedly remain beyond the reach of the "law."   The FBI and police don't get paid to investigate THEM.  No, many of your "law enforcement" personnel have in fact sworn formal oaths to conceal their crimes.  They will do so as they wish to continue receiving their paychecks.  So instead, they'll just take mind control subjects in for "mental health" evaluations, a process that involves no trial and no jury.  Because the psychiatric establishment is, after all, just an arm of system designed in large part to conceal the existence of classified mind-invasive technology.   The domestic war criminals remain free, and the victims are conveniently locked up. 

The families of the shooting victims will likely applaud the enforcement droids who in reality work for the people responsible for the deaths of, or injuries to, their kin. And the general public will continue not to care.   They will keep watching football, and voting in their rigged elections, and tuning in to see the latest episode of the Walking Dead, and signing up to serve in the armies of whatever "national government" rules their particular chunk of land, and pretending everything is just fine.

September 16, 2017
Apparent mind-control subject Anissa Weier will be confined for at least three years to MKULTRA hospital

I just came across the case of Anissa Weier, a twelve-year-old girl who was involved in the stabbing of another kid based on her delusion that a fictional character was going to hurt her if she didn't.  As with so many other "mentally ill" attackers, Weier reported that she believed her mind was being read. As those who have studied this website will immediately realize, this is a red flag indicating that the actor is most likely a CIA mind control subject.  Synthetic telepathy neurotechnology has existed for a long time and is a key tool used in manipulating mind control subjects. But it remains classified and they can get away with claiming people like Anissa Weier are simply "mentally ill."  The following are a few snippets from "news media" coverage of the Weier case, with my markings in red:

Anissa Weier article

 Anissa Weier article 2

Anissa Weier article 3

anisa weier 4

It seems to me that Anissa Weier's problems have only just begun.  She is an apparent mind control subject who is now being taken away from her family and locked up in a mental hospital -- where she will spend at least three years in the physical custody of the very MKULTRA psychiatrists who are responsible for both her mind control and her violent actions. Another life ruined. 

9/19/2017 update - Another interesting aspect of the Weier case is that the perpetrators' motive was to offer their victim as a human sacrifice.  For a background on why this is highly relevant to mind control, see the links below under "Related."

October 3, 2017 update - Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock

Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock

Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock worked for defense contractor Lockheed

Lockheed Martin connected to MKULTRA

The intelligence agency (state-) controlled American mass media won't talk about this.  Instead, they'll just have one of their PR puppets (euphemistically referred to as "reporters") talk about how one of their different PR puppets (euphemistically referred to as "politicians") wants to introduce stricter gun control legislation, which is an "obviously" needed response:

paddock 3

Parkland school shooter Nikolas Cruz was also an apparent CIA mind-control subject

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Waffle House shooter Travis Reinking was also a likely CIA mind-control subject

It seems like lately, if there is a mass shooting incident being publicized by the mainstream media, one can pretty safely assume that the shooter was a CIA mind control subject.  In just about every case lately, there exists some major red flag that the "mental health" issues being suffered by these shooters is really a symptom of CIA mind control.  In other words, the "psychiatric problems" are not at all organic or natural, but artificially caused by physical mind control technology being used against the subject (almost certainly in the form of classified brain implants, as discussed elsewhere in this series).

In the case of the Nashville Waffle House shooter Travis Reinking, in addition to his more bizarre behavior and claims, he was also an avowed "sovereign citizen" -- meaning someone who publicly rejects the authority of all existing governmental structures.  In other words, he was a political dissident, making him an overwhelmingly obvious target for neutralization by the domestic intelligence services. He had also made statements that he was being subjected to harassment and surveillance, which is commonly reported by individuals who are in fact being targeted by the state.  The problem is that, unlike the citizens of the former Soviet Union or East Germany, the public in the modern western World doesn't get that they are in fact living in an intelligence-agency-controlled dictatorship that controls the mass media, so the normal citizens just buy into whatever BS the "media" reports -- in this case, that these mass shooters have "mental health" issues and that gun control is the solution. 

What is really happening here is that we are living in a dictatorship in which the very concept of political dissent cannot be permitted to exist; rather, anyone who disputes the authority of the state must be delusional, since the state's absolute authority is beyond question.

In Reinking's case, the media focuses on the horror of the atrocity itself, and the delusional symptoms of the shooter (in Reinking's case, his erratic behavior and delusional beliefs about Taylor Swift) but of course does not discuss the true underlying cause of the mental illness.

travis reinking sovereign citizen


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