Dear Sir/Madam,  


I refer to the complaints  of  1) Mr. John Finch, 2) Ms. Swetlana Schunin, Chairwoman of the Verein gegen den Missbrauch¨Psychotronischer Waffen = Association Against The Abuse Of Psychophysical Weapons e.V.”, of which I enclose a copy.


To their contents I essentially adhere, so that I hope that things will now be seriously examined.


On this occasion I also take the liberty to again send you the following documents :


1) Declaration Of Concerned Citizens,

2) list of the subscribers,

3) a few personal ideas about national laws. (Point 1 and 2, in a non-technical way, give an idea of what it is about.)


I hope to hear from you about what the ICC will do against the unspeakable crimes against humanity that are being perpetrated at a distance by technical means. 

Respectfully Yours,


Jean Verstraeten[2]



2Also e.g. biological weapons, chemical weapons, hypnosis etc. may be used.

3I am myself a victim.  Already in the sixties I would have been it.  This, however, I was told by paranormal sources, so that up till now I don’t dispose of hard proof in the sense of the law and the judiciary.  I can add, nevertheless, that according to measurements proceeded to in July of 2012 in Brussels, 29 points in my body were found to be positive. Does this mean that such a number of implants were brought in?  Even to (alleged) victims this remains an open question,