I just watched an excellent piece of journalism, "Linux Sucks 2024" by Bryan Lunduke, a veteran and noteworthy Linux journalist.  I decided it was worthy of being mentioned and wanted to recommend it to others, so I decided to post a message about it over on the Linux Mint discussion forums.  I "previewed" my message before posting it, and noticed that the word "Lunduke" was being automatically removed from my post:

linux mint censors lunduke 1

I thought it odd that a discussion forum centered around a free software product would automatically censor the very name of a journalist who reports on topics of interest to the community.  I posted an open question in the forums asking why the man's name was being automatically deleted from my posts.  Within half an hour, my post itself had been deleted from the forum and I had received a "do not argue with us" message from the board administration:

linux mint censors lunduke 2

Wow.  This is part of a much larger pattern of censorship happening in the free-and-open-source (FOSS) software community as of late.   Something very strange is happening.   For more information on what I think is happening, check out this article I posted a few years ago:

State Action Doctrine and Intelligence Agency Dictatorship Part II: Covert State Control of Technological Progress