April 19 - This Day in History - The Battle of Lexington

holocaustIn an act of symbolic revenge for the April 19, 1775 battles of Lexington and Concord which instigated the American Revolution, the decision-makers in the United States government in 1993 perpetrated a holocaust of God-fearing, independence-minded Americans, on the anniversary of those opening battles of the war for independence.  This page presents the facts about this modern-day American holocaust and its cover-up by the C.I.A.-controlled "mainstream media."  Let's get started.

Here is an still image of a U.S. Bradley tank shooting fire into the Branch Davidian communal home in Waco, Texas back in 1993:

waco tank fire 2

support our troopsThe image is a still shot from the documentary film Waco: The Big Lie (YouTube)  (download).  Here is a short excerpt showing the tank start the fire: 

Video running time approx. 1 minute

The C.I.A.-controlled American press responded to this footage with overwhelming silence, except in the case of its print publication The Washington Post, which responded with a despicable hit-piece authored by Jason Vest (who is described by his current employer as an "intelligence specialist") demonizing the filmmaker as a crazy conspiracy theorist who had mischaracterized reflections of sunlight as flames in order to stir up anti-government sentiment. You have seen the video; decide for yourself what the footage shows.  Notably, the government separately attempted to use the same excuse ("sunlight reflections") to explain away its own infra-red helicopter footage that showed agents machine-gunning the building exit during the fire. We'll get to that farther down the page.

But for now, here is another image of the tank shooting fire into the Davidian home:

waco tank injecting fire

The image above is a video still clipped from the documentary film American: The Bill Hicks Story.  The image is clearer and easier to see in the actual video footage shown in the player below.

davidian tanks3 for article lister only 0x0findagrave-bill-hicks

Watch the video, then continue on.


Video running time:  3 minutes 22 seconds

Bill Hicks was quite the joker, wasn't he?  It sure is a pity that he died when he was only 32 years old.  But lots of people die of cancer in their early thirties, right? Stephen Knight, for example.  Nothing to worry about.

Video running time: 15 seconds

 During the standoff, the FBI/ATF utilized psychological warfare techniques in an effort to convince the remaining Davidians to leave the property. One of these techniques involved blaring loud noises at the house day and night, such as recordings of animals being slaughtered, and the Nancy Sinatra song "These Boots are Made for Walking."  Notably, the lyrics to the song included the following lyrics: "I just found me a brand new box of matches, and if you play with fire, you know you're gonna get burned" (emphasis added).

support our troopsAnyway, if you want to learn what really happened in Waco, Texas, that the state-controlled American media never told you, then you need to watch this must-see documentary by William Gazecki:


Video running time:  2 hours 15 minutes

This whole documentary is required viewing for everyone. If you absolutely can't make time to watch the entire film, then just skip ahead and start watching from just before the one hour, fifty-nine minute (01:58:37) mark, for Dr. Edward Allard's expert analysis of the FLIR (infra-red) video footage taken from the US helicopter -- including his conclusion that government forces machine-gunned the Davidians who were trying to flee from the burning building.

Of course, if Dr. Allard had known what was good for him, he wouldn't have run his mouth:

waco experts died

waco expert found dead

"Local" Cops Keep the Press Away 



Jesus on cross

ATF Flag Raised On Site As Symbol of Military Conquest


support our troops

A few Davidians survived ...


Watch the "Rules of Engagement" documentary above. It's very important and you will not view this incident the same way after seeing it.  This was not a bunch of crazy cult members committing mass suicide like the state-controlled American press reported. This was a deliberate massacre of American citizens perpertrated by the federal government.

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C.I.A. Psychological Warfare in 2018: The Demonization of the Davidians Continues 25 Years Later

waco madman messiahIn early 2018, A&E produced a documentary TV program about the Davidians entitled "Waco: Madman or Messiah?"  This choice of title appears to have been carefully chosen for its psychological effect:  virtually everyone will subconsciously reject the idea that Koresh was a "messiah," and as a result subconsciously conclude that he therefore must obviously have been a madman -- since that was the only other of the two choices presented. This is an example of propaganda and applied psychology in action (for more on this point, see: How Emotions Affect Logical Reasoning.)

Like other dictatorships throughout history, the United States of America has a state-controlled press.  What makes ours all the more sinister, however, is that here in the USA, the state control is kept secret - it's done by the CIA or other intelligence services through countless proxy "private" corporations that the public is led to believe are not state agencies, which they in fact actually are.  Each of the hundreds of television channels displays a "network logo" at the bottom right corner of the screen, reinforcing the appearance that each is a separate business entity of some sort. In reality, today, virtually all mass media has been coopted by the state. The "independent business" entities are simply maintained to deceive the public into believing in the myth of a free press (a key disinformation theme), and also to allow the intelligence agencies to act in any manner they please without implicating the Constitutional doctrine of "state action." (1) (2) (3) (4)

Twenty-five years after the massacre, we still don't see the videos shown earlier in this article (much less, the complete Branch Davidian home movies made during the siege) (1) (2) on the "mainstream" TV shown to the public.  Ask yourself why.

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waco comment

waco comment 2


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davidian-familyIn Memory of the Victims

Died February 28, 1993

  1. Winston Blake, 28, black, British
  2. Peter Gent, 24, white, Australian
  3. Peter Hipsman, 28, white, American
  4. Perry Jones, 64, white, American
  5. Michael Schroeder, 29, white, American
  6. Jaydean Wendell, 34, Hawaiian, American

Died April 19, 1993

  1. Katherine Andrade, 24, white, American
  2. Chanel Andrade, 1, white, American
  3. Jennifer Andrade, 19, white, American
  4. George Bennett, 35, black, British
  5. Susan Benta, 31, black, British
  6. Mary Jean Borst, 49, white, American
  7. Pablo Cohen, 38, white, Israeli
  8. Abedowalo Davies, 30, black, British
  9. Shari Doyle, 18, white, American
  10. Beverly Elliot, 30, black, British
  11. Yvette Fagan, 32, black, British
  12. branch davidian kidsDoris Fagan, 51, black, British
  13. Lisa Marie Farris, 24, white, American
  14. Raymond Friesen, 76, white, Canadian
  15. Sandra Hardial, 27, black, British
  16. Zilla Henry, 55, black, British
  17. Vanessa Henry, 19, black, British
  18. Phillip Henry, 22, black, British
  19. Paulina Henry, 24, black, British
  20. Stephen Henry, 26, black, British
  21. Diana Henry, 28, black, British
  22. Novellette Hipsman, 36, black, Canadian
  23. Floyd Houtman, 61, black, American
  24. Sherri Jewell, 43, Asian, American
  25. David M. Jones, 38, white, American
  26. David Koresh, 33, white, American
  27. Rachel Koresh, 24, white, American
  28. Cyrus Koresh, 8, white, American
  29. Star Koresh, 6, white, American
  30. Bobbie Lane Koresh, 2, white, American
  31. Sheila Martin and family prayerJeffery Little, 32, white, American
  32. Nicole Gent Little, 24, white, Australian
  33.   and unborn child
  34. Dayland Gent, 3, white, American
  35. Page Gent, 1, white, American
  36. Livingston Malcolm, 26, black, British
  37. Diane Martin, 41, black, British
  38. Wayne Martin, Sr., 42, black, American
  39. Lisa Martin, 13, black, American
  40. Sheila Martin, Jr., 15, black, American
  41. Anita Martin, 18, black, American
  42. Wayne Martin, Jr., 20, black, American
  43. Julliete Martinez, 30, Mexican American
  44. R.I.P. Rosemary and Melissa MorrisonCrystal Martinez, 3, Mexican American
  45. Isaiah Martinez, 4, Mexican American
  46. Joseph Martinez, 8, Mexican American
  47. Abigail Martinez, 11, Mexican American
  48. Audrey Martinez, 13, Mexican American
  49. John-Mark McBean, 27, black, British
  50. Bernadette Monbelly, 31, black, British
  51. Rosemary Morrison, 29, black, British
  52. Melissa Morrison, 6, black, British
  53. Sonia Murray, 29, black, American
  54. Theresa Nobrega, 48, black, British
  55. James Riddle, 32, white, American
  56. Rebecca Saipaia, 24, Asian, Phillipino
  57. Steve Schneider, 43, white, American
  58. Judy Schneider, 41, white, American
  59. Memorial for Little One JonesMayanah Schneider, 2, white, American
  60. Clifford Sellors, 33, white, British
  61. Scott Kojiro Sonobe, 35, Asian, American
  62. Floracita Sonobe, 34, Asian, Phillipino
  63. Gregory Summers, 28, white, American
  64. Aisha Gyrfas Summers, 17, white, Australian
  65.    and unborn child
  66. Startle Summers, 1, white, American
  67. Lorraine Sylvia, 40, white, American
  68. Rachel Sylvia, 12, white, American
  69. Hollywood Sylvia, 1, white, American
  70. Michelle Jones Thibodeau, 18, white, American
  71. Serenity Jones, 4, white, American
  72. Chica Jones, 2, white, American
  73. Little One Jones, 2, white, American
  74. Neal Vaega, 38, Somoan, New Zealander
  75. Margarida Vaega, 47, Asian, New Zealander
  76. Mark H. Wendell, 40, Asian, American

support our troops

Memorial markers at Mount Carmel center today:

Note: Several of the following images of memorial markers to the murdered Davidians are high-resolution photos which have been shrunk to fit your screen.  You can save or view the full-size versions by right-clicking on it (or using whatever other browser controls you have available).

waco memorial full DSC02912


 Waco Memorial

Waco   Seven Shepherds

waco Cornerstone Plaque 3 2016

waco survivor clive doyle at graveyard

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Recommended further research:

  • "Waco: A New Revelation (Both Spiritual and Political)" by Charles Pace (one of the local community members), including information about apparent participation by the US Army Delta Force in the siege. Make sure to scroll down and check out some of the videos embedded on this page.

The above link and associated video presentation is not to be confused with the 1999 documentary film of the same name:

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FLIR Analysis by Edward Allard, Ph.D.

My typing from a photocopy in my possession -- Richard J. Sanford

Civil Action No. H-95-587 Judge Atlas

DEBORAH BROWN, et al., Plaintiffs v. UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, et al. Defendants


Edward F. Allard declares and states as follows:

1. My name is Edward F. Allard. I have worked for many years in the field of radiation physics related to thermal imaging, thermal signatures, thermal suppression and especially in aspects of those subjects relating to Forward Looking Infrared [FLIR] military systems.

2. My experience is set forth in my curriculum vitae, which is attached to this declaration. I received my Bachelor of Science in physics from Boston College and my doctorate in physics from the University of Missouri. I hold Patent No. 4,413,668 on a device to suppress thermal signatures and Patent no. 5,013,092 on a microdischarge image intensifier. My inventions and studies will enable use of uncooled thermal imagers with predicted performance better than the current TOW antitank missile night sight; design and calculation for these required an expert knowledge of photocathodes, photo detectors, signal detection, noise, charge transfer and optics for thermal imaging devices.

3. I began my career in this field as a supervisor at the Defense Department's Night Vision Laboratory, later becoming Deputy Director, Systems Development. My team developed and defended a variety of programs in the area, including L3TV systems, the thermal night sight for the Dragon antitank weapon, the night sight for the TOW antitank missile system, and other programs. NVL pioneered the Common Module System that is the foundation of the thermal imaging systems used in Operation Desert Storm.

4. As a defense contractor and government employee, I have analyzed a number of thermal imaging devices. These include comparisons of L3TV with thermal imagers, comparisons of American and foreign imagers, analyses of the thermal imager for the M1 tank, design of thermal pointing systems, construction of a T-62 thermal target for tank gunnery, and countermeasures to completely hide an M60 tank from enemy FLIR and to reduce FLIR signatures of tents, trucks, ships, and individual soldiers. The interpretation of FLIR imagery requires skill and experience. As but a few examples, materials which reflect sunlight and thus seem bright in the visible spectrum will often appear indistinct, or even dark, to a thermal imager; the very reflective properties that make them bright to the eye make them appear cool, and thus dark, to FLIR systems. Interpretation of thermal images requires a knowledge of the reflective properties of both natural and man-made objects.

5. I have reviewed a FLIR tape depicting the events outside Waco, Texas, on April 19, 1993, which tape was obtained from one of the defense attorneys involved in the criminal cases that arose out of those events. My analysis of the tape follows. All times given are those shown in the timeclock shown in the tape. All directions are given from the standpoint of the viewer.

6. At 11:24:31, the FLIR is recording events in the rear of the building, where the Combat Engineering Vehicle [CEV] has partially demolished the area known as the "gymnasium." The FLIR shows several flashes appearing from a point to the left of the CEV. These are elongated in shape, several feet long, and appear and disappear at a regular rate with regular spacing between them. I note five flashes from one point, appearing and disappearing at the rate of 7-10 per second. At this location some non-flashing movement also appears visible. There is no natural explanation for these flashes. Natural phenomena do not heat and cool in fractions of a second. My expert opinion is that these flashes appear to be the muzzle flashes of a fully-automatic firearm, firing at about 500 rounds per minute cyclic rate. Carefully examined, in slow motion and by frame-to-frame observation, the flashes originate to the left and progress to the right, indicating that they are being fired from a source outside the building, and fired into the building.

7. At 11:42:56, the aircraft bearing the FLIR is circling the side of the building. A hot image is visible inside the side, ground floor, window of the "corner tower." As the aircraft continues its movement the image vanishes, underscoring the fact that the image is a hot object inside the room, the sight of which is lost as the aircraft moves on and alters the perspective through the window.

8. At 11:44:52, a momentary flash of radiation is seen to the rear of the central "tower." This may be at a location in the open area to the immediate rear of the building. The flash is visible for ten frames, approximately a third of a second, much longer than the flashes described above. It is not possible with these data to determine the cause or source of the flash.

9. At 11:47:50, the FLIR is recording events at the front of the building. A CEV has driven into the building, withdrawn, and has a large piece of rubble lodged on the front of the vehicle. An individual is dimly visible exiting the vehicle, walking to its front, and dislodging the rubble. The CEV is at this point halted within a vehicle length, perhaps twenty feet, of the front of the building.

10. At 12:07:40-42, the aircraft bearing the FLIR is circling past the right tower. A heat source, long and narrow in form, quickly appears across a window of the tower. Upon careful examination, slow motion and frame-by- frame, I believe this is more likely to be a heat source outside the window, than one inside it. It is noteworthy that the image does not vanish or fade as the aircraft flies past, in contrast to the heat signature noted at 11:42:56.

11. At 12:08:32, the FLIR depicts events at the rear of the building, where the large "gymnasium" structure has largely been demolished. Two very bright thermal flashes are visible near to or in the window at the center, in front of and to one side of the CEV which is stopped there. I see no natural explanation for these flashes. They would not, for instance, be reflections of sunlight off glass.

12. At 12:08:52 there are again radiation flashes, which I believe to be firearms fire, from the side and rear of the CEV. Again, when carefully examined they appear to move in the direction of the building.

13. In brief, my examination of the FLIR tape indicates:

a. An analysis of the tape, field by field, reveals thermal flashes occurring that have pulse times and time intervals between them consistent with the intervals of automatic weapons fire. Pulses of approximately 1/15 second occur. There are no naturally- occurring phenomena that could explain these events.

b. Other thermal flashes of radiation, approximately 1/3 second in duration, occur in various areas of the building complex. Again, no naturally-occurring phenomena can explain this.

I declare under penalty of perjury that the above is true and correct.

Edward F. Allard, Phd.

Dated this 1 day of Feb, 1996.

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support our troopsFor more information about the cult religious significance of holocausts (mass murder by fire), please see my companion article Freemasonry 301: Blood Debts & Human Sacrifice.

Also, be sure and check out survivor David Thibodeau's website at


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