I have strong reason to believe that numerous members of my family have been subjects of mind control programs.   An earlier blog entry contains my speculations about my father's possible involvement.     However, I have far stronger reason to believe that my step-brother Richard, from my father's first marriage, is/was a mind control subject.    He was about twenty years older than me and I never knew him because ever since I was a small child he had been institutionalized in psychiatric hospitals due to "schizophrenia."   

Even though I had been dealing with this subject for several years when I first published this article in November 2013, it had never occurred to me that there might be a history of this kind of abuse in my family.  However, I recently learned from a family member that during his teenage years when he began to get "sick," Richard complained of hearing voices which told him that 1) he was losing his soul and 2) that he would be sacrificed.    

For those of you who have read my articles Freemasonry 101: Mind Control and Freemasonry 301: Blood Debts and Human Sacrifice, you will immediately recognize the significance of these particular themes to someone making these complaints.  I believe that Richard has been a mind control subject since at least that time period.    It may go back further.   My family was led to believe that he must have "blown his mind" by using street drugs, which from what I can tell was probably a common cover story for mind control operations back in the time period from the 60s through the 80s. 

These are the facts of Ricky's case as best as I can determine:

Apparently, at the age of 16 or 17 he got into a fight with someone in the alley of a business that my father owned at the time.   This was circa early to mid 1970s.    He was taken to Morristown Memorial Hospital.   The hospital called my parents to inform them that he had been diagnosed with a collapsed lung.   About 4-5 hours later, the hospital called a second time and said he did not have a physical problem after all, he had a serious mental problem.  The hospital said they had called over to nearby Greystone State Psychiatric Hospital to alert them that Richard would be sent over.   The hospital asked my parents to pick Richard up and bring him to Greystone, which my parents did.  

At Greystone, Richard began hearing voices and was diagnosed with schizophrenia.   After about two days there, somebody apparently realized that he really did have a collapsed lung and sent him back to Morristown Memorial Hospital to get that treated. 

Richard had been a troubled kid -- a loner who hung out with older people at the bowling alley, had no friends his own age, and at this age (15-16) hadn't held a job.   My parents figured that maybe these were warning signs that they had overlooked.     And I suppose they had no reason to think otherwise.

But now, in 2013, I do have a reason.   Richard may have been a troubled kid, but there were NO OBJECTIVE SIGNS of mental illness whatsoever until the day they took him to Greystone.   It was there, WHILE UNDER THE "CARE" OF HOSPITAL PERSONNEL, that he first exhibited psychotic symptoms.

Something is very wrong with this story.   Why did the hospital call my parents and have them take Richard to a psychiatric hospital when he had already been diagnosed with a collapsed lung?   I verified with another family member who works in the medical profession that this was clearly out of the ordinary.  

All things considered, it seems quite clear to me that if Richard wasn't already a mind control subject by the time of this series of incidents, then he became one while under the "care" of the doctors at Morristown and Greystone.   The fact that he was a troubled kid was not a warning sign of mental illness -- it may have been the reason he was selected for mind control experimentation.  It is a lot easier to convince people that someone is nuts when they come from a troubled background to begin with.   It's not as easy to say that about someone who is normal, successful, outgoing, and active in the community.    Richard's troubled state made him an ideal candidate for this kind of "experimentation" (if it was that at all -- perhaps just plain "abuse" is a better term).  Then again, although that is a logical explanation, I think it is probably even more likely that he was selected because his (and my) father had also been a subject of experimentation (albeit unknowingly and in an apparently more limited scope, decades earlier).

Things went downhill for Richard after that.   He was not able to function normally, had worsening symptoms, and was institutionalized in Greystone on and off for many years.  

Based on the facts at hand, and my own personal knowledge about and experience with this subject matter, I am convinced that Richard most likely did NOT have any kind of organic "mental illness" at the time of his initial diagnosis.   It seems that he was subjected to some type of MKULTRA abuse at that time.   His psychotic symptoms which followed that fateful incident were either due to brain damage resulting from the initial incident, and/or his continued status as a subject of a clandestine mind control program.

After originally posting this article, I got in contact with a relative with whom I had not been in previous communication, but who had been closer to Ricky. I received the following message as part of our correspondence: