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Everyone who values their freedom and the freedom of their families ought to watch the following videos -- several times each -- TAKING NOTES and PRACTICING the phrases.   The principles explained in these videos by right apply to all human beings, even if you live outside the USA in a country that does not recognize these rights.   

The men who founded the USA in the late 1700's put their signatures to a document called the Declaration of Independence, which declared that ALL men have certain inalienable rights which derive from God Himself, and that the only legitimate purpose of any government is to secure these rights.   It is now over two hundred years later, but instead of progress leading us to a world where everyone's rights are protected, instead vicious criminals have taken over the major governments of the planet and they are systematically eliminating people's rights once again, even in the countries that used to be called "free."    In principle, however -- and in God's view -- all people still have these rights, even if their vicious criminal leaders do not recognize them.

By educating yourself about what these rights are, helping to bring this information to others, and claiming these God-given rights for yourself (even if only in your heart, if it would be too dangerous to do so publicly right now), you are doing your part to help build a bridge to a world in which these rights may one day be protected for all people regardless of geographic location, ethnicity, or other arbirtary considerations of men. - Jeff Polachek, December 28, 2011

10 Rules For Dealing With The Police


 Busted: The Citizen's Guide to Surviving Police Encounters

Key Phrases to Memorize From the Videos:

  • "I don't consent to any searches."
  • "I want to remain silent until I talk to a lawyer."
  • "Are you detaining me, or am I free to leave?"
  • "I can't let you in without a warrant." 

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Real-Life Example #1: Steve Anderson

The following is a great example of one citizen who knows his rights and refuses to waive them even when badgered at a disgusting suspicionless Nazi checkpoint on an Arizona highway.   Unfortunately, most American people have been so dumbed-down by the state "good citizen" slave training public education system along with TV, Hollywood, junk food and sodas, that they have no idea in the world what their rights are.   As a result, now in 2011 the federal government is planning a MASSIVE EXPANSION of these Fourth Amendment violative checkpoints because they figure since the American people never mention their rights anymore, they obviously don't have any.  My hope in publishing this material on my website is that perhaps enough people will agree about just how important this is, spread the word to everyone they know, and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

Here is another video from Steve:

Real-Life Example #2: Top DHS Checkpoint Refusalstop-dhs-checkpoint-refusals



If You Don't Know -- and CLAIM -- Your Rights, You Don't Have Any