I subscribe to a service that lets me see how many people are visiting my site everyday, what countries they are coming from, their browser details, etc.    For visitors that arrived via search engines, in about half of the cases the search engine will also pass along the exact search terms the person used to find my site. 




On January 16 2012 at 12:53 AM Eastern time, someone in the Houston, TX area with Comcast Cable IP address searched Google for "jeffs guestbook" and entered code into my guestbook designed to test for scripting vulnerabilities:



February 9, 2012:

Military base searching for me by name


... and a few more interesting search queries:




Yes, it's happening in Australia, and indeed appears to be a global phenomenon.  For a very interesting account from a mind control subject in Austrialia, be sure and read Tania's story.


November 13, 2013




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October 28, 2018

The same crap is still going on. This website has been online since late 2011 in an attempt to call attention to these widespread classified human rights violations by the domestic intelligence services, but the citizenry doesn't care and isn't paying attention.  They're hypnotized by TV, Netflix and the many other components of the CIA-controlled domestic propaganda system, and so the classified mind-control technology continues to be employed.  The so-called "human rights organizations" like Amnesty and the ACLU have nothing to say on the matter.  They are either controlled by willing collaborators (as are many large visible companies and non-profits) or are outright controlled-opposition front groups. True political dissent does not exist.  Those who talk about CIA mind control like Jeremy Radlow are silenced and shut down. Those who dare mention that the income tax in the U.S. violates the Fourth and Fifth Amendments to its Constitution, like Irwin Schiff, are jailed and die in prison.  The only political opinions that are safe to have in the new America are those consistent with either the controlled "Republican" or "Democratic" parties.  And most people never question that the so-called "left wing" and "right wing" are being flapped by the same bird brain.

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Jan 15, 2019

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June 2, 2019

Who isn't following the law?

That's the textbook definition of "Zersetzung," right there.  If you thought the reunification of Germany put an end to all of these Soviet / East German Stasi tactics, you had better think again.  Now it's just happening everywhere, but you don't hear about it in the state-controlled press ... and those who complain risk involuntary institutionalization under psychiatric pretenses.  Keep watching football and saying your pledge of allegiance, America!

December 2019

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The phrase "book of Job" in the search recorded above is interesting in this context. It is quite common for mind control subjects / Zersetzung targeted individuals to be fed religious-themed explanations for their targeting, such as that "God is testing them" or ideas along those lines (see MC301: Common Disinformation Themes for more on this).

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