The reason not to sell out has nothing to do with respecting the majority of the population that has already demonstrated by their actions what they are really all about.   The Powers That Be are right about them and they deserve whatever they get.

The reason not to sell out is for the minority -- the needles in the hay stack -- who really are innocent and who do not deserve what is happening to them.

Here is a video of Glenn Beck doing a good job of showing how the American citizenry themselves, collectively, are responsible for the destruction of their own nation:

I wonder if Glenn Beck had anything to say on the subject back when George W. Bush was in office many years ago and was quoted saying he wanted to be a dictator.


STASI ShieldAlex Jones was commenting on his January 6, 2012 show on the subject as well. I guess history just shows time and time again how the great masses of people can be herded and manipulated.  He also commented on how the relentless drive of these people to just totally destroy everything ... freedom, the natural environment, the planet itself, is just totally inhuman.   He says it's almost as if we're under an alien invasion trying to destroy the planet, but it's not literal aliens but rather Hell on Earth actually being unleashed. 

Based on my own education and considerable personal experience, I have to agree.   I have heard highly educated Christians and Luciferians both point out separately that the moral of the Bible story where Satan tempts Jesus on the mountain is to be found in the fact that Jesus never questioned Satan's authority to offer him all the kingdoms of the world.  They were Satan's to offer.  

What is still absolutely amazing to me is to see how the USA, the one country whose government was founded on the principles of restricting government and protecting individual rights, apparently now has a functioning system of citizen informants operating at all socio-economic levels, that would put many overt dictatorships (such as East Germany) of the past to shame.

hidden-evilThe American citizens today (as well as those of other western countries) are willing participants in the destruction of their own civilizations. Their combination of pathetic evil little hearts and myopic inability to see what they are building for themselves is nothing short of suicidal insanity and it is sickening to watch.  

For further details on how this works today in America and other western countries, see Volume II of Mark Rich's The Hidden Evil.