The following is a Original Presentation.


The following is an outline of common disinformation themes used by intelligence agencies and their front organizations for the purpose of confusing targeted populations (e.g., patriots, nationalists, other political dissidents, mind control subjects).


Disinformation Themes Based on Plausible Concepts

  • "Gang Stalking"
    • The primary cover story for modern Zersetzung (the covert neutralization of internal state enemies by clandestine agencies)
    • Organized "gang" or "cause" stalking falsely attributed to private parties, such as:
      • gangs
      • terrorist cells
      • vigilantes
      • fusion centers
      • Neighborhood Watch or other civilian watchdog groups
      • cults
      • mafia
      • collection agencies
      • corporations
    • Objective is to prevent the mass population from correctly identifying clandestine state internal security services as responsible parties, by means of flooding the internet with a smokescreen of disinformation
    • Subjects typically referred to as "targeted individuals (TIs)"
    • Countless websites now deployed to promote this campaign
    • Typically presented in conjunction with themes of "schizophrenia" and harassment by microwave or directed energy weapons
    • Theme is used to provide cover for modern operations that:
      • Employ classified MKULTRA neurotechnology already implanted in civilian subjects (including target and those in close physical proximity such as bystanders, family, friends, coworkers, etc.)
      • Employ actors/operatives from all walks of life, but cause target to mistakenly assign blame to specific identifiable groups according to his own experiences, beliefs or prejudices
      • Share a standard playbook of tactics, notably:
        • Persistent attempts to compromise target's reputation, finances and freedom
        • Persistent ridicule and mockery of target occurring over long periods of time
          • Neutralization of whistleblowers or their information by making such appear ridiculous; frequently using controlled opposition (agents provocateur or other complicit actors posing as victims/activists)
            • Tactic: the presentation of organized conferences focusing on subject matter including conspiracies, UFOs, mind control and/or the targeted individual phenomenon.
              1st unity hope conference
            • Tactic: copying and pasting legitimate information onto a controlled website under a ridiculous headline and with tabloid-style graphic design. See the front page of this ( website as it has been replicated here, at the so-called "All Star Activist" website, depicting my work immediately below a cartoon graphic in which the words "Conspiracy Philes" (deliberate misspelling) apear written in what appears to be the handwriting of a five year old, under a "headline" combining references UFOs, satanists and aliens in the same sentence.
              allstaractivist conspiracy philes
          • Harassment tactics colloquially referred to as "directed conversation" and "street theater"
            • In public, assets in vicinity of target:
              • make plausibly deniable statements relating to private details of target's life, and/or
              • engage in mimicry of target's private actions
            • This tactic is designed to elicit a reaction from the target which will support a psychiatric diagnosis
            • See: Delusional references of communication
          • Assets performing in these events may be either:
            • Operatives acting with intent, having knowledge of the significance of their words and actions
            • Subjects under control of implanted MKULTRA neurotechnology
              • Neurotechnology makes possible involuntary "evoked actions" including involuntary speech
              • Words are chosen by a remote operator and delivered to subject's brain via classified wireless network and technology
              • Conscious will and decision-making ability of subject is bypassed; subject will not consciously realize what happened
                • See: Jeremy Radlow's materials from the now-defunct website
          • Participation by family members, friends and others close to target
            • Innocently
              • Implanted subjects can be used to vicariously harass target, as discussed above
            • Purposely
              • for personal benefit
            • Knowingly
              • under duress or compulsion
          • State employment of criminal parties in targeting campaigns
            • Diverts attention from state itself
            • Supports "gang stalking" disinformation theme
            • Designed to lead target to vainly seek help from authorities
          • Objectives:
            • Cause target to:
              • believe that "everyone is in on it"
              • isolate herself from her support network
            • Cause target's support network and the public to believe target is suffering from mental illness, based on target's erratic behavior, accusatory comments, and/or self-imposed isolation
              • Example: Mark Rich's account
                • Electronic Isolation

                  All of my friends and relatives that I am in regular contact with are being handled by the DOD with sophisticated surveillance technology. This includes forms of communication such as letters, telephone, and person-to-person conversations.

                  Every conversation with friends and relatives is hijacked by the DOD’s C4ISR system, which instructs them to comment on my thoughts and the directed-energy weapons attacks that occurred moments earlier. Their statements frequently contain painful phrases.

                  Friends and family also participate in what appears to be computer-generated PsyActs every time I’m around them. Similar to the battleswarms, I’ve concluded that these acts are run by a computer program, which simultaneously instructs multiple relatives and friends to participate in a single display.

                  A majority of these acts are what most people would consider to be silly. They are typically insulting. Many appear to be intended to portray me as an incompetent fool.

                  (Mark Rich,

        • Artificial "synchronicity" (see below)
        • "Mobbing"
          • Term applies to targeting activities that occur in the workplace context
        • ajp-cognitive-neuropsychiatric-models-of-persecutory-delusionsOther tactics calculated to cause target to react:
        • Other tactics supportive of a long-term take-down program 
          • Sometimes referred to as "slow-kill"
          • Avoids negative public relations issues associated with more direct measures such as incarceration or extrajudicial killings
        • in some instances, bullying in the primary school context
  • Mental illness
  •  COINTELPRO continues today
    • This idea by implication falsely attributes primary culpability for abuses to the FBI or law enforcement agencies
    • This idea appears credible on the surface, because law enforcement may in fact participate in targeting activities
    • The assignment of blame to agencies who (at least theoretically) are subject to oversight by the legislative or judicial branches of government serves to create a false perception that "the system works" and the problem may be resolvable through conventional "checks and balances"
    • It is disinformation because the abuses are more accurately characterized as a modern form of MKULTRA mind control, though incorporating COINTELPRO-like elements or tactics, and as such originate at extremely high levels of state security classification, beyond oversight by, or accountability to, visible institutions of government, or to the citizenry at large.
  • Human experimentation or "research"
    • This idea appears credible because medical personnel and technologies are directly implicated 
    • It falls under the category of disinformation because the technologies herein described are weaponized, fully operational in such capacity and are presently deployed and in active use against domestic targets.  
    • Any purported "experimental" uses of the technology are therefore purely incidental or secondary to the operational uses
  • Electromagnetic pollution 
    • Appears credible due to arguably valid health concerns relating to the issue
    • Disinformation when discussed in present context
  • QuWave DefenderAlleged use of unrelated technologies
    • Objective:
      • Divert attention from the true issue of MKULTRA neurotechnology
    • Electronic harassment ("EH") by directed-energy weapons ("DEWs") or microwaves
      • The primary cover story for MKULTRA neurotechnology deployed against civilian populations.
      • Used in conjunction with "gang stalking" mythology as discussed above
      • For detailed analysis, see MC402
    • In reality,
      • Barring the unlikely disclosure of the true nature and specifications of classified mind control technology, any allegations pertaining thereto are mostly speculative, distracting, and irrelevant, amounting to constructive disinformation 
      • Many are clearly inconsistent with demonstrated capabilities of technology
    • Commonly suggested:
      • Lasers
      • Masers
      • Specific wireless telecommunication platforms
        • Commercial cellular networks
        • Satellites
      • High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP)
      • Ground Wave Emergency Network (GWEN)
      • Extremely low frequency (ELF) fields
        • Washington Navy Yard shooter Aaron Alexis believed he was being attacked by ELF waves
      • RFID chips such as PositiveID (formerly VeriChip)
      • Voice-to-skull ("V2K") audio transmission
  • trump media warThe illusion of a free press.  Portrayal of the mainstream corporate media, by itself, as being independent from the state, rather than covertly state-controlled (as is in fact the case)
  • It's not the government; it's the "mafia" 
    • In reality, "mafia" and major street gangs are state-controlled agencies
  • Hegelian Dialectic ("problem-reaction-solution")
    • False-flag terrorism and its consequences
      • Parties mounting credible opposition will be prime target for the disinformation campaigns described on this page
  • Attempts to link homeschooling with terrorism
  • State employment of unofficial proxy organizations
    • Dissent Management
      • May present high-quality information and arguments advancing views contrary to state objectives
    • Proxies using spiritual or religious ideologies to advance state interest
      • Freemasonic "New Age" and occult movements
        • Promote themes discussed in detail below under "Fictitious Concepts"
      • Religious legalism
        • Citation to religious scriptures, often taken out of context, as literal or binding authority
        • Used to engender complacency in the face of state excesses, particularly civilian disarmament schemes
        • In Christian context, directly contradicts Holy Bible

Disinformation Themes Based on Fictitious Concepts

  • Disinfo example"Alien" abduction
    • This cover story was used primarily during the latter half of the twentieth century, most heavily in the 1980s and 1990s
    • Purported "aliens" were typically telepathic
    • Ubiquitous victim reports of "missing time" characterized the phenomenon from the beginning
      • Symptom of amnesia
      • "Screen memories" covering the amnesic period were a hallmark of the phenomenon
    • Martin Cannon's landmark research paper "The Controllers" publicly postulated UFO abduction as an MKULTRA cover story, and he soon recanted it under apparent pressure.
    • UFO "research" efforts
      • An entire field of so-called "research" in this area exists to cover modern MKULTRA operations.  Several years ago, I was personally told in no uncertain terms by one of the most well-known "ufologists" in the field that "the number of serious UFO researchers is zero."  At the time, I did not understand the significance of what I was being told.
      • Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) organization
    • MILABS ("military abductions")
      • Cover story directed at MKULTRA subjects enrolled in "alien" themed programs
      • Objective is to create appearance that abduction by human agencies is a benevolent and defensive response to "aliens"
    • alfred-bambremont-webre-exopolitics"Exopolitics"
    • Campaigns for "disclosure" 
    • Depictions of "alien races" (e.g., greys, reptilians, Pleiadians)
      • Compare "Pleiadians" to Theosophical "ascended masters"
    • "Ancient Astronauts"
    • See:  Leah Haley on Alien Abductions: "It Doesn't Happen"
  • Allegations that implanted technology does not physically exist, but is "etheric"
  • Other cover stories for neurotechnologically-induced thoughts, actions, visions (including dreams) and memories (see Mind Control 102)
  • "Satanic Ritual Abuse"
    • Abuses may be real but deliberately framed in misleading context
    • Victims typically accused of suffering "False Memory Syndrome"
  • intervoice"Hearing Voices is Normal" Campaign
    • Intervoice
    • The Hearing Voices Network
  • Name-calling (the ridicule and marginalization of political dissidents by labelling them based on the subject matter of their dissent)
    • conspiratard"Conspiratards" or "Truthers" - anyone questioning the factual history of "terrorist" events as reported by the C.I.A.-controlled news media
    • "Anti-Vaxxer" - anyone who questions the safety of vaccinations being pushed on the population by the medical/pharmaceutical establishment
      • See example at below/right showing how this label is used in conjunction with a "guilt by association" attack in which a mainstream news article associates the label "anti-vaxxer" with the term "flat earther."  This attack is designed to cause the reader to believe that, since the idea of a flat earth is patently ridiculous, it must also be equally ridiculous to question state-sponsored vaccination programs
    • "Birthers" - a term that was used to ridicule those who questioned Barack Obama's place of birth, which was relevant to his eligibility to serve as President of the United States
    • flat earth anti vaxxer"Denier" or "Denialist"
      • HIV causes "AIDS"
      • "Change"
        • "Climate change" was used to replace the "global warming" campaign once it became untenable
          • Alternatively, "earth changes"
          • Skeptics derisively referred to as "climate change deniers" (see example below)
        • Key arguments used to justify past military actions will be maintained by victors when supportive of present public policies
  • david ickeClaims calling into question the nature of material reality
    • Higher dimensions
      • Alternatively, higher "densities"
    • The universe is a hologram
    • The universe is a simulation as depicted in the popular film The Matrix
    • The universe is a "multiverse"
    • The "Electric Universe"
    • Time travel or "timeline manipulation"
    • The cyclical (alternatively, fractal) nature of time and consciousness
    • Polarity
    • Synchronicity
        • This idea attributes meaningful coincidences in your life to "spiritual" causes.
        • People who buy into this way of thinking can thereafter be easily manipulated.
        • Target made to experience unusually frequent and persistent "funny coincidences"
          • A key example is the so-called "11:11 phenomenon"
        • Objectives:
  • collective-evolutionOccult or luciferian "philosophies" including theosophy, gnosticism, anthroposophy
    • Commonly claim that humans (alternatively, the Earth itself) will soon attain a "higher level of consciousness."
      • It will happen by one of the following processes:
        • "Awakening"
        • "Ascension"
        • Becoming "multi-dimensional"
        • Enlightenment
        • "Emergence" or metamorphosis
        • "Evolution"
        • Making a "Quantum Leap"
        • "Quickening"
        • "Shift"
      • Claim is rooted in various Biblical passages
      • Unwitting subjects of MKULTRA neurotechnology implantation may ascribe their symptoms to the supposed "evolution of consciousness"
        • As a result, they may be less likely to deduce that their brains are nodes on a classified computer network
      • A prominent disseminator of this disinformation, Rupert Sheldrake, was stabbed in 2008 by apparent MKULTRA subject Kazuki Hirano.
    • "The Seven Rays"
  • Themes requiring you to renounce your self-identity (ego)
    • To communicate with your "higher self" or "oversoul"
    • To achieve "oneness," infinite love or "unity"
    • Failure to conform to cult mindsets often presented as "fear based," "negative" or indicative of a spiritually "unevolved" personality
  • sedona-vortex-guideAlleged psychic phenomena
    • "Chanelling" 
    • Activating your 12-strand DNA
    • "Remote viewing"
    • "Vortexes" at Sedona, Arizona
  • The human mind is not physical
  • A plethora of pseudoscientific and "New Age" nonsense, notably:
    • Frequency, "vibrations," and energy-themed disinformation
      • "Love and light" 
      • "Scalar" waves
      • "Torsion fields"
      • "Sacred" geometry
        • Crop circles
        • The "G" in the masonic logo (square and compass)
      • Frequent references to:
        • Solfeggio frequencies
        • Schumann resonance
      • Blavatsky's "Key to Theosophy"Occult organizations relying heavily on vitalism doctrine
        • Theosophy, freemasonry, rosicrucianism, gnosticism
          • Frequent references to:
            • Saturn
            • Melchizedek
            • Jungian psychology
        • Hypothetical "life force" energy from orgone, orgonite, prana, qi, chi, chakras, kundalini, crystals, gems or pyramids
          • "Intuitive," "distant," or "energy" healing
          • Mythical "Vril" power
            • Origins in 1871 occult novel "The Coming Race" by British Rosicrucian and politician Sir Edward Bulwer Lytton
            • Expanded upon by Theosophical Society founders Helena Blavatsky and Annie Besant
            • Later a strong influence on Adolph Hitler
            • See: Wikipedia page
            • Related mythology
              • Lost continents (e.g., Atlantis, Lemuria)
              • Inner earth / hollow earth
                • Mythical cities: Shamballa (derivate: "Shangri-La"), Agharta
                • See: Masonic Rap Video
        • Higher "planes" which are only visible to occult "masters"
          • "etheric," "astral," or "light" bodies
          • "lightworkers"
          • auras and Kirlian photography
          • geomancy, "ley lines," Feng Shui and the Earth's "energy grid"
          • often claimed that implants are not physical but rather "energetic"
      • "Indigo children"
      • "Psychotronics"
        • A meaningless pseudoscientific term
        • Innocent MKULTRA subjects may adopt term in reference to any technology related to mind control
      • Science fiction concepts presented as reality
        • "Stargates" or wormholes
        • "Hyperspace" physics
      • Alleged secret applications of quantum physics
        • Often attributed to Nikola Tesla
        • Free energy or "zero-point" energy
        • The "flow"
    • "Radionics" (voodoo)
    • mayan-humor"Dowsing" (divination)
    • Homeopathy
    • Alchemy
    • "Parapsychology"
    • "Reverse Speech"
    • Self-realization or "individuation"
    • Gaia consciousness
    • Akashic Records
    • Unrealistic claims regarding the efficacy of positive thinking
      • "The Law of Attraction"
        • Promoted via heavy internet distribution of film "The Secret" and derivative works
      • "You Create Your Own Reality"
        • Alternatively, "Co-Creation" of reality
      • Prosperity theology churches
    • "Fortean" studies
    • "Cryptozoology"
    • Astrology, tarot, numerology
    • "Earth Mysteries"
    • monkey fortune tellerThemes based on ancient religious mythology
      • Gnosticism
      • The "Golden Age"
      • 2012 and the Mayan calendar
      • References to Mesopotamian/Sumerian "Annunaki," "Tiamat" and "Nibiru"
        • Popularized by the late Zechariah Sitchin
    • Tall tales about the imminent destruction of Earth by "Planet X," comets or "earth changes"
    • Total strangers who begin their correspondence to you with the salutation "My Beloved"
    • Dawn of a "New Era"
    • Building a "New Earth"
    • Sundry other variations too numerous to mention here, often characterized by extremely haphazard capitalization, punctuation, grammar, or formatting of text, and/or having a general tone that evinces a "screwball" or circus-like feeling


Disinformation in the Form of Legal Mythology

  • False legal theories designed to confuse and stumble pro-liberty individuals
    • Objectives:
      • Divert them from self-educating about legitimate and relevant legal issues
      • Discredit legitimate methods of asserting rights, by association with frivolous arguments
      • Portray pro-liberty citizen activists as dangerous "extremists" and/or mentally unstable
        • Thus making armed police action against them seem justifiable to the uninformed public
    • Key buzzwords:
      • "Sovereign citizens"
      • "USA INC."
      • "Redemption in Law"
    • usa-inc-flagOften based on wishful thinking (may sound "too good to be true")
    • Common claims:
      • All government agencies are private corporations.
      • By following a specific formula known only to a select few, you can set yourself free from state coercion. 
        • Frequently involves filing UCC financing statements
        • Promoters may charge large sums for fraudulent "paperwork" services
      • Your name printed in all-capital letters on various government or banking documents is a legal fiction called a "straw man" which is distinct from your physical person and over which you must "assert control" before your rights will be respected
      • The federal government only has jurisdiction in Washington, D.C.
      • The Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) is a planetary law that supercedes the US Constitution
        • In realilty, UCC is a model state law which has been adopted (with variations) by all 50 US state governments, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands
        • In reality, the UCC governs commercial transactions and does not impact the US Constitution
      • Claims that admiralty/maritime law now applies in all court proceedings
        • In reality, admiralty law procedures have been extended to civil forfeiture proceedings -- perhaps objectionably -- and this is a topic worthy of further research.  However, courts have uniformly rejected arguments that the gold fringe on the flags found in American courtrooms somehow transforms the court into an "admiralty" court (there is no such thing). People who make these arguments are likely to be fined and/or imprisoned for making frivolous arguments.
        • See: The Fringe on the Flag
        • See: Judge Posner's Order to Hakeem El Bey
      • "Right to travel" arguments
        • False claims that one can drive without a driver's license or registered vehicle
        • Argument may be philosophically sound but is legally without merit
        • May cite antiquated, isolated decisions of state lower courts that are not binding authority
        • Will result in sanctions
      • U.S. federal income tax avoidance
        • Alleged methods for individuals to avoid having any income tax liability whatsoever
        • Many of these are actually based on sound legal principles
        • These are included in this outline of disinformation:
          1. because of the danger involved, and
          2. because they are often discussed in the context of other disinformation topics
        • In reality:
          • Key constitutional principles have been rendered essentially meaningless and ineffective when it comes to income tax enforcement
            • Including Fourth and Fifth Amendment protections
            • The problem is unlikely to ever be redressed
            • Severe civil and criminal consequences are visited upon tax avoiders regardless of the merits of their arguments
          • The only safe response therefore is to comply
      • The government only has jurisdiciton over you once you inadvertently "contract" with them by specific words or actions
        • This is a fraudulent argument apparently rooted in social contract theory as incorporated by the Declaration of Independence (i.e., the principle that government derives its just power from the consent of the governed) 
        • It is disinformation designed for the purpose of getting liberty-minded Americans to make nonsensical arguments rather than learning about the substantial rights which they really do have and which are secured to them by the Bill of Rights.
        • In reality, under American law:
          • Jurisdiction of police and courts is based on laws authorized by the Constitution (whether state or federal).  
            • The Constitution is the putative contract between the people and the government
              • As a result, your individual assent is not a prerequisite to state exercise of jurisdiction
            • See: personal jurisdiction
          • You as an individual have inherent, inalienable, God-given rights, even if you don't know them
            • These rights are secured -- not granted -- by the Constitution and Bill of Rights
              • They are therefore properly referred to as "constitutionally-protected rights" rather than "constitutional rights" (the latter implying that the rights are created by the Constitution)
              • This is also the reason why a Constitutional Convention is the worst possible thing that could happen -- because they would take out the Bill of Rights in a heartbeat
                • The potential to correct any other possible deficiencies in the Constitution is completely outweighed by the overwhelming likelihood that the Bill of Rights would be lost
                • State assertions of non-cooperation with undesirable federal activities by means other than Constitutional Convention may be more effective and will avoid placing the Bill of Rights in jeopardy
                  • See: Tenth Amendment Center: "The Blueprint: James Madison's Advice"
                  • See: Tenth Amendment Center
                  • See: Fake "Grassroots" Movement Aims to Revoke Bill of Rights
                  • See: Is the Patriot Movement Controlled Opposition?
                  • As George Washington observed, "government is not reason, it is not eloquence, it is force. Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master."  Both levels of sovereignty in the American system - the states and the federal government - are capable of infringing on liberty.
                    • The use of "states' rights" doctrine to violate the liberty and equal protection of American citizens (particularly minorities) was properly remedied by the ratification of the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.
                    • Today, even greater threats to freedom tend to originate at the federal level.  This is a likelihood which the framers foresaw and sought to foreclose by insisting on the inclusion of the Bill of Rights as a condition of their agreement to ratify the Constitution.
                    • Arguments characterizing either "states rights" or federal supremacy as the "correct" interpretation of the American constitutional system are both wrong. The key question to ask is whether particular policies (at either level of government) tend to promote or hinder the protection of the rights of all people.
                    • State "nullification" efforts are therefore justifiable to protect the liberties of their citizens against federal excesses, but not when the states themselves seek to persist in discrimination against minorities or other violations of individual rights.
                  • Example
                  • us-will-not-challenge-state-pot-laws
            • You can easily waive your rights without realizing it
              • Corollary: If you don't know your rights, you don't have any
              • See: How to Assert Your Rights During Police Stops
              • your-vote-countsThe federal government and all states train officers to lie and trick citizens into waiving those rights
                • This is a done as a matter of unofficial policy:
                  • State is now effectively privately owned
                    • Pretense of constitutional government maintained to prevent civil unrest
                      • "Whenever those states which have been acquired as stated have been accustomed to live under their own laws and in freedom [...] permit them to live under their own laws, drawing a tribute, and establishing within it an oligarchy which will keep it friendly to you."   (Machiavelli's The Prince, published ca. 1513)
                  • State exists for its own sake
                    • to protect interests of moneyed elite who are its owners
                    • original purpose "to secure inalienable rights of citizens" obsolete
                  • Citizens considered mere livestock whose purpose is to generate revenue for owners

What It's Really All About






Excerpted from a book:

The alchemical principle of the Revelation of the Method has as its chief component, a clown-like, grinning mockery of the victim(s) as a show of power and macabre arrogance. When this is performed in a veiled manner accompanied by certain occult signs and symbolical words and elicits no meaningful response of opposition or resistance from the target(s), it is one of the most efficacious techniques of psychological warfare and mind-rape.

Michael Hoffman, Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare

From an internet forum:

Briefly back to Communion if you don't mind - I have had this little niggly thought for a while now that there was something unnatural about that book, the way it was advertised and the effect it had on me, kind of like it was designed to trigger people. Which is also partly why Into The Fringe has had an impact on me. It did trigger a very real memory; But apart from that, as mentioned in the book, Communion was also involved in the start of Karla Turner's journey; I also bought Strieber's book on impulse, at the time not remembering what I'd forgotten.

Additional Examples of Typical Modern Disinformation

disinfo freedom juice

alex jones humanity faces unconscious shift

David Wilcock


indigo children


















In September 2013, radio host Alex Jones inteviewed Dr. John Hall, a medical doctor who claims to have spoken with thousands of modern mind control victims and purports to be an expert of the subject.   During this 40 minute segment, Dr. Hall promoted a number of the disinformation topics identified in my above outline, particularly: "stalking," microwaves, directed energy weapons, and "satellite terrorism" (his term).  At no time did he mention synthetic telepathy neurotechnology, which is the primary issue that all of the above disinformation topics are designed to conceal, despite the fact that its existence is now an acknowledged fact of modern science even in the unclassified literature.








This next one is notable because it comes from Derrick Robinson, the leader of FFCHS ("Freedom From Covert Harassment and Surveillance").   For more information on why this is disinformation, see my article MC402: Brain Implants vs. Directed Energy Weapons.


val valerian disinfo list

Here is another example of what I call "screwball" complaints; i.e., those that appear designed to make MKULTRA victims, collectively, look like a bunch of incoherent nutcases:

screwball email 2

climate science deniers

synchronicity academic article


I'll wrap up this rather serious research exhibit with a bit of on-topic levity.


Video running time: 4 minutes

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