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In a recent comment, Angelica asks:

Why haven’t the FBI or the CIA or Homeland Security stopped these websites or infiltrated these gangstalking organizations?

The answer to this question is not going to sit well with many readers. Other readers have already deduced the answer, and also know the answer is not to many people’s liking, which may be why they didn’t respond. To address the question, I’ll have to give not only my answer, but the method by which I arrived at it.

This is not new ground for TI’s. Mark Rich has covered this topic in his own article, A camp for every belief. Of the theory that vigilantes or other extremists are behind these gang stalking campaigns, he writes:

Supposedly, one of this group’s primary enemies is the government. Yet this global network is able to command significant federal, state, & local resources. They roam the streets of your neighborhood with impunity. They have the full support of all key centers of the community. How can an anti-government extremist group do this?…

Surely a network of vigilante extremists with military-grade weapons that are capable of causing the traceless murder of top government officials must be a threat to national security, right? Wouldn’t it be mainstream public knowledge that this threat existed, just like the terror alerts which the public is bombarded with?

This is exactly the line of reasoning I employed when I broke out of the Vigilante Network camp of thought. I had been willing to believe that a large group of people had somehow been riled up against me and were misusing law enforcement resources in their campaign, and so on, but cracks started appearing in this theory in 2007.

First, they had stalked me in every town, eventually following me to a location a hundred miles away from ‘ground zero’. Second, they had been able to get at things they shouldn’t have been able to, from day one, but in mid-2007 they got at my safe deposit box. Third, in early 2008 I began experiencing conspicuous mental and sensory surveillance, and it was made clear to me that I had been under this surveillance since the very beginning.

It had become obvious to me that this was not an ordinary vigilante operation. Somehow, I had blundered into a massive conspiracy (or such was my reasoning in early 2008) run by people who had essentially taken over the government and many institutions, and were stealing the nation’s most advanced surveillance technology for use in vendettas like this one.

I had repudiated the Vigilante Network theory and joined the Wrong Hands camp, without having seen a single TI web site.

Of this camp, Mark Rich says:

Another belief which has been promoted is that the governments have these weapons, but that through carelessness they have fallen into the wrong hands… the implication is that the program is run by a tiny rogue element within the government.

He goes on to ask several good questions:

How could these rogue federal entities command significant state resources & direct these citizen groups, every day, all across the planet, without ever being detected?

Why have [government officials] ignored these complaints? Shouldn’t they at least be concerned for their own safety? After all, this is military-grade, silent killing technology. Furthermore, this global network of Gang Stalkers is essentially a political weapon, & whoever controls it obviously wields significant influence. So, shouldn’t they be interested in learning of its origin & purpose?

As an unwitting advocate of the Wrong Hands theory, I took it for granted that my government would be eager to know about how this technology was being misappropriated and who was using it. How could they possibly not see this as a national security issue, was my reasoning.

In early 2009, after Obama had taken office, I struggled with the issue of how to approach my government. I knew it was going to be difficult to find the right channel to send this information through.

I decided to contact the National Security Agency by phone. I was unable to get through to anyone other than their Public Affairs Office. The PR person I spoke to encouraged me to leave a message, which I did. She warned me that she could not make any promises.

The very next day, I drove directly to the National Security Agency building in Maryland. For those of you considering doing likewise, don’t, unless you’re invited. Because I hadn’t been invited, I was ‘rejected’. A K-9 security team searched my car very thoroughly, and then I was ordered to drive off to the side. After a long wait, a man identifying himself as a surveillance specialist interviewed me while armed guards watched suspiciously.

There was one important detail that I didn’t recognize the significance of at the time. I had written down the details of some vehicles I had observed following me in a notebook. A security officer spotted this page, tore it out, and asked me what the meaning of the information was. After I told him, he confiscated it.

I was referred to the FBI. I contacted them several times, and was mystified by their (and the NSA’s) lack of interest in this issue. My final phone call, in July 2009, included this excerpt which would turn out to be quite telling:

FBI agent: Don’t be ridiculous. They can’t read your mind through the internet!

Me: I didn’t say that. You’re putting words in my mouth. I said the gang stalking me was reading my mind while I was using the Internet, and commenting on it in chat rooms…

FBI agent: Gang stalking? Who told you about gang stalking!

Me: Uh, nobody told me anything.

FBI agent: Gang stalking! What web site did you learn about that from!

Me: Uh, it was just a phrase I used.

FBI agent: Anyway, I’m very sorry you feel you have to leave the country, but the FBI can’t help you…

I had decided that under the circumstances, it wouldn’t be a good idea to fly out of the country. I entered Canada, and amazingly, the stalking followed me there.

By early August, trying to understand how I could have been singled out for so much attention, I began searching for information on this phenomenon. I discovered conference calls hosted by Freedom From Covert Harassment & Surveillance, and listened in. What I heard convinced me that this was much bigger than I had imagined. I connected the dots with my encounters with the FBI and NSA, and realized that my government was involved.

I had joined the Government Support camp.

Mark Rich says this explanation is necessary, but it doesn’t go far enough:

No one wants to believe that their own government is deliberately & systematically murdering & torturing people on a massive scale. And that they were meticulous enough to block all standard escape routes. Because–this blocking tactic itself implies extremely brutal intentions. Unfortunately, this is the case.

… some advocates of this [theory] may conclude that the program stops at the highest level of the visible governments. Probably, some of these people are genuinely not aware of any higher controlling organizations.

For me, the Government Support camp was a brief layover. Once I had become aware of an entire community of people who were being persecuted the same way I was, I began obsessively learning everything I could about this phenomenon. I did not dismiss any theory out of hand, no matter how ridiculous. I reasoned that even the most bizarre conspiracy theories had some kernel of truth in them; if people experience things which the official channels deny the existence of, they will naturally try to come up with their own explanations.

I began contacting people who claimed to be having similar experiences in other countries. The details of their experiences rang true to me. I also knew that the stalking, surveillance, and directed energy weapons followed me seamlessly across at least one national border.

It was now clear - by late August, 2009 - that I had become targeted by an international, supra-governmental organization. Ever since then, I’ve been trying to get my mind around how this organization stays out of the public eye, and how it mobilizes so many people against targets - not to mention, why certain people get targeted for destruction. My web site reflects much of my current understanding.

The answer to Angelica’s question

The reason the federal law enforcement agencies aren’t intervening, or at least infiltrating the gang stalking groups we’re familiar with, is because they’ve been told not to.


Mark concludes his article with an important idea:

Identifying the true cause of a problem is an important step toward a remedy. With the limited resources that are available to you, you may never be able to attain the absolute truth regarding a phenomenon. But the higher your level of your understanding of a subject is, the better you’ll be able to explain it, & the more effective your actions will be.

I couldn’t have said it better myself. It is the rationale for this web site, and for my constant updates to it.

  1.   jeremy

    Copied over from the old server.


    sharon sloan wrote:

    i also went to the fbi, there reply to me was we have not had any one figure this out yet. they also stated that they have had several calls with the same complaints. i went in person and handed them the mk ultra gang stalking papers i printed off of the enternet they just shrugged it off. what i dont understand is one of my perps i was in a relationship with is in on this. he looks at me one day who are you going to call and then he says there is no one you can call. he said you can run but you cant hide. then he stated i know what you do every second of every day. what doesn’t make sence is come to find out he is a drug dealer with close friends on a police department. at the same time he was trying to convience my family and friends i was crazy. now the way i see it is our police departments are trying out some of the latest technoligy. which in return has sabatoged us for thousands of dollars.

    starkeep wrote:

    its funny i went to the fbi in nevada and they said exactly the same thing. I have been to different foreign countries and the v2k still continues.

    August 27, 2010 12:07:39 AM

    •   michael

      i called my mayor several times and talked to the city manager and the fbi too. well the mayer called the city maN AND THE CITY ATT. the fbi man said i need a nut doc, and if i get some proof then get back, i have not got any yet but I’m going to. i hope soon.

      December 22, 2010 08:24:45 AM

      •   Jonathan


        This is pointless. Gang stalking technically doesn’t exist. I just like this forum because Jeremy has done a great summary of events that occur or what this “mob” wants you to THINK is occurring (whether it’s real or Folks can talk about being mobbed all day long. That is what it is–being mobbed. When I was growing up, two family members were killed by the “mob.” We didn’t say mafia–we said the mob. Somehow I just didn’t equate this to anyone in my circle. My advice is ignore that it is happening and once you are a target you will be for as long as they want to hold you a target. Is this massive–yes in a sense. That’s because with information technology, they now can create your virtual world much easier than in the past. So only if 50 folks are participating to harass you, technology relative to your cell phone, computer and 24/7surveillance makes that 50 folks seem like thousands. These low-lifes create websites like this one to read your thoughts and YOUR perception of what is happening to you just like folks do for torture porn or snuff films. These harassers are just mobs of folks inclined to mass hysteria and invoked/led by the powerful in this country (or world). Think of witch hunts. Think of leaders who point out the “witches.” It’s human nature to gang up on those they perceive weak. Someone pushes you, push them back harder. Someone yells at you, yell back. Someone calls you names, call them names back. When you are a target, you are operating under anarchy to some degree.

        All you can do is test folks out (without letting them know you are on to them), cut most folks out of your life who don’t support you or love you (read between the lines of their deceit and past actions towards you) and act financially ultra responsible. You cannot escape the relationships between ALL business and government…Socially, these same employees in power socialize with those in power. The hierarchy created is been in existence for years.

        Think of it this way, remember the Civil War? How the hell did they get poor whites who didn’t own slaves to fight in a war to keep slaves? They used ideology and a scapegoat. This is NOT organized harassment from a single source. It’s a mindset established in this country and trust me it’s the price you pay to be in a developed nation. Now that you are a target, some will give you a break–maybe because they want you, admire you, feel sorry for you, etc. It’s human nature. My advice is to get over this concept of gang stalking. You are a victim of a mob in which 90% don’t have power over you.

        My advice is the age old adage “Use what you got, to get what you want.” If you are smart, research your way out of this. If you are well spoken-charasmatic, talk your way out of this situation. If you are goodlooking, use that. Whatever you can change–DO it. WHEN you realize you are a target, there is no more time to delay being the best you can be. That means eat right, exercise, work hard and avoid 90% of folks who are not on your level. If you are not a snob–you better learn to start thinking of yourself as above most of the folks you meet. You are now a superstar for lack of better words, and broke as you may be, start acting like one. You are hated, loved, desired, scorned and watched by many. Act like you know…nuff said!

        December 22, 2010 01:03:41 PM

        •   Crypta

          Good luck with that Michael.
          Even if vast numbers of local officials knew (and do) what was going on, they would (did/do/will) still feign ignorance. This problem has become cancerous. Many know of the possibilities of the TI, but few ACCEPT the reality. The very ones we might trust to expose this madness are scared to death of the implications and so they say nothing out of fear. Fear that is engineered to do just that! Keep silent or else mentality. They do it all the time to me. Although they do “turn up the volume” so to speak now and then. They let me know when I’m misbehaving in my thoughts/actions. I despise the T.V. nowadays. Yet stay glued to this wretched computer for hours on end at times. Mind control is REAL! Yet I find myself STILL watching?LISTENING to the TV. No telling what subliminal msgs I am being exposed to while online gameing. WOW.

          The Human race is under fierce attack and yet noone even knows or has the desire to look at the facts. Me included. Thats some powerfull mojo. Knowing the possible consequences, yet I do it anyway. Thinlk about that for a min. Almost like a drug! Hell it is probably geared that way to begin with! Jeeeeez what blather. I’m sry JEREMY if I’ve subconciously undermined your ability/efforts to educate people on this matter. I am doing the best I can with what I have become aware of. I’m still a pup, at almot 40. It would make ones skin crawl if they knew of the implications this has on our children!!!!! They’ve already won the battle of mind/will. But they will never seize control of the spirit. Go with your gut people! Listen to that inner voice. It will guide you in times of need. Also might I add that being under the influence of intoxicating substances can/does cloud judgement. However, some of these substances can grant wisdom by opening areas of conciousness which have been socially engineeered to suppress.

          I expect the coming week to be full assault on my person/actions. I dont care anymore. I have accepted the facts. Now its time to exist in this nightmare. Or at least try to. Yeah TY Uncle Sam for using me as a tool you jerks! Dangerously paranoid? Nope just hightened state of awareness, which u perps loath with gut wretching enlightenment. Did I say that?

          Scary times indeed. and yet even scarier…. This “program” is still in its infancy and yet robustly mature. I feel that this targeting phenomena is like a see-saw. Hanging by a thread so to speak. Always pushing the envelope of revealing itself/staying hidden. but the gamblers that they are, are hopeing the balance will tip in their favor. Its the only way it can happen for their plan to succeed. BUT IT WONT!! The spirit does not lie!
          Even with all the wisdom imparted to this “programs” vitims, by the perps themselves, it is still relitively safe from being exposed…. Whos gonna believe this stuff, coming from “mental patients” and the “undesireables” of this society? After all if you went to someone that “can make a difference” with the information from this site and your own personal experiences related to targeting, who is gonna believe you? Such a nasty tactic yet so brilliant. One cant deny “them” the foresight of dealing/engineering, with our sort of discernment/awakening. Yet they still fail because the inner spirit which is who we really are, can read between the lines to put it in simple terms. I struggle with these demons daily. and I wish I had 100% discernment of what is truth and what is not, but I dont/can’t, however most of the time when I catch on to these tactics, It is if “I know, that I know” so to speak.
          This phenomena is very REAL! Yet with the mind control technologies already in place, for at least two decades, the populous will always be ignorant of what is taking place before their very eyes. What it boils down to is this in my opinion: almost noone cares about such things so long as they cacn lead the life that IS and has been planned and groomed for them, without interuption. What I and othrs have found is that we are constantly bombarded with truth/lies. WE MUST LEARN TO SEE!

          Love and Light fellow targets!

          This is an excellent place for resource and knowledge about this topic. Use it, but remain vigilant in your quest of knowledge, for there is much more disinfo out there than the truth. I just try to remind myslef of the famous quote, “the truth is stranger than fiction” I wish I had more answers or validity than this but sadly I dont and am strugling to seek the real TRUTH myself.


          December 22, 2010 03:23:17 PM

          •   Roxanne

            Crypta–I think you have brought out a good observation, we have to motivate ourselves to do something even when we’re tired or want to be left alone, take our situation seriously. I too, have felt that I just want to ignore it and do want I want to do.

            January 6, 2011 01:39:12 PM

          • parent
          •   Jonathan


            Ranting is good. However, how many TIs have you actually met in person? I bet none. If so, you probably wouldn’t be on this website. There are “Perps” I have met who stupidly don’t know they are targeted as well. I hate to use this terminology. I should say there are assholes who I have met attacking me who don’t know they are a part of a criminal ring that is just degrading them to harm others so they become disposable.

            You mention Crysta this program is in it’s infancy…no…bullying, mobbing, KKK, BP, the list goes on and on just under another name. It’s just that with technology, a collective consciousness and 911 instilling the fear of apocalypse in everyone, masses have decided to give up their freedom and join the fight of idiots who fight distracting battles regarding race, sexuality, religion, etc. When the real fight are corporatist–MONEY obsessed with more and more power. You throw change at a homeless person who needs to eat–and he will accept it or die. You throw a lie at a hate-lusting person, and he will orgasm by sheer hint of another weapon he can use to justify hate. It’s about the powerful, human-nature and using the crippled, weak or unwitting. Period. Nothing more. Everyone who has thrown God in my face have participated in ripping me apart in the name of God. Meanwhile, these same people are steadily ensuring that my insurance policies in case of accidental death are kept up to date. Human nature, greed, jealousy, etc. all come together to create the perfect storm for those of us accidentally chosen because of the nature of who we are. Took me 5 months to realize this, but it’s true. Some may have instigated my situation, others exacerbated my circumstances, and others just idly sat back to ride the wave of my demise for whatever benefit awaits them.

            December 22, 2010 05:42:35 PM

            •   JACK OR panachia

              Court cops are all part of this crap, they will commit thousands of crimes on you, destroy your name a make up thousands fake slander rumors
              Chicago police used every GANG STALKING trick in the book.They call investigating, I almost got into fist fights at work and the street because of the harassment caused by the chicago MOB cops.

              December 22, 2010 11:12:38 PM

              •   Jonathan

                I agree. Again, I think most of this is human nature. It’s also the way the world works and because of information technology more targets are identified, more people are able to collaborate. Some of these people become cops to have power. Folks enjoy being security guards because they have access. HouseKeepers feel empowered by this. Most of my family is tied to the federal, state or local government. Before that, some family members were housekeepers and ironically their kids joined FBI, Marshal, post office and other federal organizations. I am certain many of my family knew I was targeted before I knew and possibly they may have incited my targeting not understanding the full impacts of their actions. For example, my family could have thought they were signing me up for something to help and not destroy me at the urging/advice of deceptive family/friends around them. I’ve learned that family has gone behind my back to my parents trying to get them “in on it.” Now, I don’t trust family outside of a few. The ones not in on it, I do not want to involve them. Ever since I observed a “doctor” doing the “zombie” walk back and forth as I waited for my exam, I thought to myself people have no conscience. It’s nothing new. Priest molest, preachers cheat, gangs kill, etc. The surprise for all of us targets is that adults, ministries, family and professionals could engage in such horrible acts of domestic terrorism.

                My circumstance is just that of being too nice, too trusting and never thinking that a family member would intentionally hurt me. I understand envy, jealousy, etc. but ACTING on it is incredible when involving a long time friend or family member. Surveilling me without my knowledge I expect from racists, religious fanatics, etc., but family is not supposed to intentionally hurt family–ever. If you are 13 years old–technically you have learned enough to function logically as an adult to understand right or wrong. Therefore, it’s not surprising for me now to see adults act in the same manner of 15 year old girls form groups to beat up /bully a single girl to put it on youtube. I cannot stress that a group of crazies can create a virtual world for someone. I am sure my parents have been targeted but their lifestyles are so simple. Mine was erratic. I was like a slave not knowing I was a slave from birth regardless of it being the government, thugs around my parents, religious fanatics, homophobic groups, etc. I behaved as if I had full rights as a citizen. It seems I missed the unspoken rules. I don’t feel sorry for myself now that I see the horrors of what these zombies put themselves through. Honestly, the concept of creating fake blogs, walking in 10 degree weather to harass/stalk, always living in fear because you observe what you are doing to a target, is horrifying to the perpetrators. We are all trapped in a sense. Trapped by our human nature, by the ruling class which is mob rule inspired by 1% of the population in power. Heard the phrase “It’s lonely at the top?” Even the ruling 1% of folks are trapped knowing the horrors of human nature and what greed, lies, etc. can do. These folks knowing that those around them are around them only because of superficial reasons. Or knowing that they have to deal with sociopaths forever. I can walk out at 2am to buy a soda, and there are two folks having to “mirror” me and I find this horribly sad. But again, the perps are thinking my situation is sad…All subjective.

                It’s why I can easily do what I have to do. Folks are laughing at me and I am laughing at them. Folks call me pathetic and I am thinking (knowing) they are pathetic. It’s a sad story for the majority of us whether we are perps or targets or even the ruling class. However, I am SOOOOOOO glad this happened to rip me from my virtual reality. Yes, there is new found paranoia but hypervigilence is something human’s needed in the jungle to survive. The jungle is now the mental institution of folks who follow targets around.

                You know I called the freedom from harassment conference calls and it seemed SO staged. I’m beginning to think Gang Stalking from a weapon’s perspective and all these websites dedicated to it are all a hoax. Don’t get me wrong, I know there are organized groups, and yes, folks can buy black market stuff from military. However, when it comes to reading thoughts, and other things like that, this is something I just don’t believe yet. I have been asked to document everything–why would they need me to if they read my thoughts? One reason is evidence, but the other is to understand my perception of what is happening to me. For me, I know all is leading up to someone trying to commit me as mentally or criminally insane (from some). Others may be taking me through a “deprogramming.” That is why I do NOT communicate with anyone I have met prior to finding out about being a target, so to speak.

                Thugs, criminal rings, sociopaths are what’s behind this at the ground level for the most part. Just go to Yahoo chat rooms and watch the folks sit there ALL day socializing. These folks bond by stalking. And you can spot the “crazies” and “zombies” a mile away.

                I’m not sure what my future holds but I know I cancelled all insurance policies..LOL. Until I get rid of my mortgages I am looking over my shoulder. I’m sure that this genie that is now out of the bottle cannot be fully put back in as far as the harassment and my reputation goes, but I don’t care. You can’t fight crazy. Just like the war in Iraq, how in the HELL do you fight a suicide bomber. That is what these stalkers are, suicide bombers (terrorists). They don’t care that they may be the victim of retaliation from a TI.

                All I can say is once again, I am glad this happened. I am now open, know who my friends are NOT, know what to expect from family, free from shame and guilt and ready to fight anyone who starts a fight with me. That’s how I view all of this. I’m I’m sure they will amp it up, but I’m resilient till death do me part from this earth…:)

                December 23, 2010 02:45:39 PM

                •   ETB

                  it’s a provocation, harassment and torture program directed by the government against people who have pissed off someone or someones in the government. that is why Eric Holder is can’t sleep as he says– he knows what the government is doing to people around the country – he’s trying to cover his ass for when they snap. welcome to Stasi America that is going into Bondage as liberties are eliminated.

                  December 24, 2010 03:43:15 PM

                  •   Jonathan

                    ETB I don’t think it’s all of the government. I think it’s religious based (in terms of power and money). However, in my situation, it’s a definite they are trying to create virtual insane asylum. I just want to be left alone but my whole life is tied now to folks who have been controlling work, references, etc.

                    December 24, 2010 05:11:10 PM

                  • parent
                  •   ian

                    I think its the greek-frats.they are only 2-3 % of the usa pouplation.They control presidents,the supreme court and 70% of congressman.Even the fortune 500 85% of the ceos are greek-frats.Plato called them philospher kings.I went to greek-frat website there was a triune coucil ,there the orator said everybody in this greek-frat was a philospher king.These means their anti-christ king is Plato.Plato was a cabbalist and in his book REPUBLIC he urges judges not to worry about the useless eaters doctors destroy.
                    I even think they toke over the catholic church.Chick dot com says they killed over 180 million .Eugenics or hereasy trials.
                    Well I do this MK_ulta no physician ever lost his license or went to jail for violating the nurnberg laws.Interesting a lot of cia directors are members of phi beta kappa.

                    December 24, 2010 06:42:47 PM

                    •   Madeline

                      So far, this is the most explanatory site I’ve found and so much rings true. Thank you Jeremy

                      I think it’s various groups that could include anything: government, mafia, private police, nazis, maybe it depends on which part of the world you live in. Seems most of the stalking procedures are basically similar, like they all come from the same manual. Like something the CIA would hand out to Death Squads in a Central American government (like the CIA did hand out to Death Squads in places like El Salvador and Nicaragua). They could be religious, they could be people wanting to make easy money, they could be for a cause, they probably get as many people as possible involved from wherever they can find them at the best price in as wide an area as possible.

                      Question I always ask is: why has no one really proven this yet, why are there no safe communities I can go to? I am always asking and looking?

                      December 26, 2010 04:23:00 AM

                      •   Jonathan

                        Madeline, you may be going through what I am going through, you read too much in a panic and acted on it. You absorbed all the stuff because a few people had control of your computer (i.e. A Job, a friend, a hacker, etc.). Think of this as a cult of losers. They chose you because you are probably nice, understanding and they may confuse that with gullible. ONCE you start to exhibit the symptoms they wanted you to exhibit, more folks probably get involved. Traps may be setup and your human weakness may make you prey to those. The world is built on relationships with various personality types.

                        There are MANY covert programs out there–some government sponsored but I’ll bet more corporate and community watch based. If they are making noise, just record it–most types it’s just beating on the wall. Get a cam, record yourself sleeping and observe it and the noises that are made. You mentioned you have been a TI for 9 years. For me, my family and minister I would bet are the culprits here so after being a target for 20 years and then thing getting exacerbated because of the constant stress, my future is a world of crazy folks..period. But 9 years, if in fact it’s only 9 years, you have a chance.

                        December 27, 2010 01:36:34 AM

                      • parent
                      •   Frank

                        Well, I´s sure every TI will have his or her own view as regards who is behind it. I have been under this devilish spell since 2005, with my protocol then having been stepped up to include more severe attacks in 2008. I can draw my own conclusions based on some detail related to my history as a TI. Firstly, I know that moving country doesn’t help as the whole planet is wired and geared up to sustain attacks on each and every target. I travelled between different countries even before this all started so have a good insight into it. I still travel but know that wherever I go, there is no escape. Be in northern Europe, the US or even Patagonia near the South Pole, the same crap is dished out irrespective of time or place. So where does that leave us? I think the starting point has to be the fact that the US government doesn´t intervene. As pointed out by the former US military agent Julianne McKinney, the US government must at least be complicit or it would take some kind of action since its own citizens are being targeted.


                        So where do we go from there? I know that when my targeting started, I was working for a large company in a military environment, although not in a military capacity myself. I also know that when the intensity of my targeting was stepped up in 2008, there was military personnel living in the vicinity. Now comes the interesting bit. The two situations were totally unrelated in the sense that they were completely different jobs in different countries half a world apart, with different cultures and different languages. That then tells me that this is a military operation on a global scale. One of the countries I worked in is a member of NATO whilst the other isn’t. It´s reasonably logical to deduce that military intelligence within NATO countries works closely together. But what appears strange is that practically all intelligence agencies in every country worldwide are in cahoots as far as this atrocity is concerned. The other decisive question is: Which entity would have the power to gag the global media on such a scale? Only intelligence agencies could get away with that. My case only tells me that it is a military operation, but that of course doesn´t rule out the involvement of other entities. It may go much deeper but one thing is perfectly clear to me - there is an almightily storm brewing.

                        December 26, 2010 10:52:28 PM

                        •   ETB

                          read this…. very interesting


                          December 27, 2010 07:51:23 PM

                          •   jeremy

                            Aware of it, and covered it in mid-January.

                            December 29, 2010 12:48:31 PM

                          • parent
                          •   JACK

                            Who else would spend 24 hours 7 days a week on a day on a target harassing you, nobody not even the worst criminals on the street(drug dealers, murders, crack heads, prostitutes, thiefs, burglars) would do this. They would not spend thousands of dollars on military weopons, they would spend years and years wasting their time doing this, Only the government paid freaks would something like this its called COINTELPRO only corrupt POLICE, FBI and CIA would do this shit.

                            December 29, 2010 10:22:28 PM

                            •   another target

                              It took my YEARS to accept the facts layed out in front of me: that agents of the US government, employed by the Department of Justice, were not only involved in the harassment of me and my family, but that they were organizing it and protecting those participating in it. Confirmation came when I posted names and other info on the internet, and had a SA from the “Office of Personnel Management” show up to do a “security clearance review”. The questions were specific to a filmed sexual assault by DIA/CIA Agent David Conway on behalf of Sheriff’s Department officials and FBI in SE Minnesota. The interview took several hours and was not in line with the scheduled spacing for Top Secret Clearance Reviews for this to be be anything other than a sham. A call to the Office of PM in Washington, DC confirmed as much: they don’t do those any more, though they do have agents who will hire out as private contractors for that sort of thing. The harassment continues, though it has abated some since the statute of limitations on another lawsuit for the civil rights abuses ran out. The advice to dig, dig, dig for information is good. These guys don’t usually have a legit reason for harassment; it’s often personal and stems from a lack of maturity and an inability to accept responsibility for bad outcomes or negative consequences from their own actions; but from time to time their harassment exposes local money laundering operations tied to narcotics, human/sex trafficking, pornography, pedophilia…the bread and butter of all covert/black ops in this country. David Conway has now associated himself with Greg M’s Three Cups of Tea program in Afghanistan. He sorted out how to manipulate vulnerable women with me,his ex-wife, and his children, and it appears his talents will be put to use with vulnerable Afghan girls/women. Exposure, naming names, standing up for yourself and talking about what you know is the best thing you can do for you when you have been victimized by these sick and twisted types.

                              January 9, 2011 10:55:17 PM

                            • parent
                            •   Roxanne

                              Yes, you’re right. This isn’t incidental bystander stuff. They are pervasive. They never get bored. They set up new stuff to pretend to be angry about, They severely hurt all the people around me. There’s got to be a payoff. I think its got to be about the technology.

                              January 6, 2011 01:44:17 PM

                              •   valerie murphy greene

                                INFRAGARD, ET AL - does everyone know about this citizen spy group, affiliated with FBI, enjoying all “privileges” of an FBI agent? how about the Israeli spy group hired by Homeland Security to harass the protestors at the G20 in 2009 in Pittsburg?

                                oh yes, this is very much government-affilated and supported gang stalking.. Washington Post (Dana Priest) has an ongoing, 3 year investigation into the spy grip throughout the country. We have 9/11 and the Patriot Act that has allowed all of this….

                                how about recent revelations from the US Justice Dept., declassifying the 700-page documentation of the Nazis who were given safe harbor in the USA, post-WW1? how about all the MKUlta and other trauma-based mind controlled people, now in their 50’s and 60’s, who are in charge in high places? how about….Reinhardt Gehlen, top Nazi - the actual creator of the CIA in 1947? they have had decades to bring us to this Police State, with thousands of mind-controlled CIA operatives carrying it out…. No, the Nazis did not die out in 1945 - just relocated. Alan Watt discusses this historical phenomenon - of the “elite” who jump ship and find safe harbor, before the ship explodes - that this has occurred throughout the course of history.

                                January 7, 2011 10:38:04 AM