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Nobody likes to admit that they’ve been fooled for months, or even years on end. One has to lead deceived people, step by step, to an understanding that the sources of information which shaped their beliefs may not be trustworthy. Once they have that understanding, they’re ready to begin learning how the world around them really works.

Nowhere is this more true than in the world of state-to-person warfare. It usually takes several years for a targeted individual to grasp the scope of the seemingly all-powerful forces aligned against him. In the process, his beliefs about how his society works are systematically demolished and rebuilt.

What if that targeted individual has simply moved from one level of deception to another?

Belief systems are meant to be exploited

A person who has not been targeted has several preconceived notions about how individuals and organizations behave, and about what is technologically possible. He believes he understands society and his role in it. He might recognize that dirty tricks can be played on an individual by powerful people, but at the same time, believe that either he isn’t important enough to warrant such treatment, or that he knows what kinds of tricks can be played.

The above is the default belief system.

By contrast, a target of an organized harassment campaign has spent several months or years experiencing pervasive corruption, mobbing tactics, and subversion of law enforcement. He may have experienced advanced technology being used against him. In short, he’s been taught what an organized stalking campaign looks like.

These teachings are a new belief system, replacing the old one.

New kinds of psychological operations - misleading the target about the extent of the social networks after him, and about who’s really behind the campaign - have been made possible, thanks to the target’s new awareness. If the original group behind the campaign lost track of the target or lost interest in him a long time ago, how would he know it?

What it’s like to be adopted by an intelligence agency

This is what nobody wants to hear. You may have been spending months or years fighting one operator…

This observation will not apply to every target. It might not even apply to a majority of targets who have managed to find sites like this one. However, my belief is that the majority of targets who have been made aware of “unbeatable” surveillance or “unblockable” weaponry are being managed by intelligence agencies.

If you were adopted by an intelligence agency - who might have been the real instigator of your campaign - you would discover that people around you seemed to know far too much about you. The question would then be: how?

Are they really members of some latter day Stasi-esque organization, or are they ordinary people who are being subliminally influenced (unknown to them) to act against the target? Why should we assume that mind control technology is only used against targets?

Reducing the target’s assets to zero would be an important goal, to make it easier to manage the target. Money is power; money creates options. The more options you have, the more manpower-intensive your handling will be. Those options need to be removed from your life, for the sake of efficiency, and as asset-stripping to help fund clandestine operations.

Logistically speaking, a small group of people could manage everything a target encounters during extreme harassment episodes. Once the target has been sensitized to important themes through a few days or weeks of extreme harassment, he could be managed by one person, part time, who would occasionally use mind control on people around the target to expose him to those themes.

This is what nobody wants to hear. You may have been spending months or years fighting one operator using advanced computer-human interfaces and mind-control technology to manipulate you, and the people around you.

The motivation for an intelligence agency to adopt a target

Let’s suppose that a group of people affiliated with an intelligence agency is exploiting people who are targeted - either by their own government (due to being flagged); or by mobbing campaigns that have spread widely enough to include an operative or asset for that agency; or by organizations watched by that agency such as satanic cults, pedophile networks, or the Freemasons. The intelligence agency operatives are likely controlled as well, through blackmail, threats, or explicit trauma-based mind control.

Targeted individuals will be facing extreme stresses, yet those stresses will not be officially recognized because of the institutional corruption and subversion that goes hand in hand with targeting. They are the perfect pawns to assist, willingly or not, with intelligence agency psychological operations. The outbursts of targeted individuals can be controlled and timed to fit a schedule of staged media events.

Concluding questions

Are targeted individuals who fit this profile being harassed, or tested and trained?

Why does the FBI refer unwitting targets to websites like this one, under the guise of ridicule?

Is there a master schedule underlying the outing of organized harassment campaigns and technological mind control?

Are targeted individuals being gathered together, and are their inter-relationships being managed?

What’s really going on here?

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  1.   jeremy

    Copied over from the old server.

    The master plan

    Roselime wrote:

    I think you point out some really important things Jeremy.

    I’ve wondered to about the “outing” of the problem. There seems to be a similar problem being outed right now - the non consensual experimentation and torture at Guantanamo. What does our outing serve? To scare the rest of the population into compliance? I don’t think that the harassers/torturers are as efficient as might be supposed, but they appear to be long-term planners.

    I happen to believe for very specific reasons that my targeting began at an early age and that it has to do with who I am. I have a theory that we might be passed on from group to group. That is, that this might be some kind of interagency/intergroup thing - we are passed to different groups/agencies at different points and that other agencies or groups that would normally assist us are told not to.

    My social engineering takes on the aspects/tactics of a very particular group whose philosophies I find revolting, but who’s to say it’s them. Maybe it’s more psy ops. The harassers love decoying - I’ve seen them do this dozens of times. Even so, I can point to specific individuals and companies that have been directly involved in my harassment, so that should be some kind of clue.

    Any group that might help us will, of course, be infiltrated. These people are about total control. As you say, they would like to control our belief systems - not just our beliefs about systems, about what this is about, but even personal beliefs. I can’t recount my story here, but I’ve seen a lot of that.

    That being said, I don’t buy into the “Jiverly Wong” thing anymore. I can’t imagine that at a young age someone would have thought that I had any capacity for violence, and I would guess that most targets are similar to me in that regard. It could be they target loose cannons to make post hoc rationalization of our targeting (see, we could be violent), or it could be that they fake those situations. Who knows. Also, who knows what kind of lies they might tell other agencies about us.

    Justin wrote:

    I enjoy reading about your theories for this gangstalking.

    The possibility of being tested and trained has entered my mind, too, but for what? Are we supposed to join the military and deploy to Iraq or Afghanistan after boot camp to take part in some secret psy-ops?

    The FBI are just cops, as far as I’m concerned. I’ve never to my knowledge been contacted by them. The proper channel to contact them would be through the local police or sheriff, as far as I know. (Cops are big on proper channels for everything.) If you report a federal crime, it’ll get mentioned to the FBI, but of course they’re not going to confirm or deny anything.

    As far as the NSA goes, I’ve read that even their employees are subject to covert surveillance, with the degree of surveillance increasing with the importance or level of the secrets they have access to. I wouldn’t have driven there or even called their PR office, if I were you.

    On being adopted

    Terry wrote:

    You say, “adopted by an intelligence agency”. Thanks for writing your references to very realistic concepts. Government involvement with psychological operations can’t be emphasized enough.

    Perez exclaimed: “ADOPTED BY AN AGENCY ?—sold, traded, slaved by.”

    Justin wrote:

    Read James Bamford’s books.

    I find the NSA’s employee surveillance understandable if a bit spooky. If they didn’t conduct covert surveillance on their own employees, there would be foreign spies doing so, given the nature of their work.

    I don’t know how much of this is relevant to the gangstalking we experience, but if you happen to stumble onto something sensitive or classified, or poke the hornet’s nest, so to speak, you may be setting yourself up to be hounded for the rest of your life.

    Who knows? The surveillance is probably getting a bit out of hand. If it has anything to do with the NSA, it’s so highly classified that the FBI will be quaking in their boots.

    “Why us?”

    Turner wrote:

    It doesn’t matter what level/status we are the stalkers are still illegally surveiling me 24/7 That’s one of the big questions we have is why me cause I’m not a politically important person or a celebrity or even in the military or rich or anything so why us mostly called regular normal everyday people…? I’ve come to realize from going thru this and reading theories reports testimony from TI’s So now I say its all part of the NWO’s take over and control and control MORE & ALL the way of the World so I think it doesn’t matter if you’re a TI or a Perp. when it comes down to it we’re all just another human to be controlled

    God bless us all

    Justin responded:

    Of course it’s not about what level/status we are. A three-letter agency that conducts massive surveillance on its own employees will find it all too easy to extend that surveillance to civilians who may have stepped on some important toes or gotten too close to some important secrets.

    That surveillance will not be so nearly so benign when it is directed at us non-employees. It doesn’t mean we think we’re important, or anything like that, (assuming it is the NSA.)

    Believe me, discussing gangstalking is stepping on some important toes somewhere. Still, I think we need to step on those toes even harder.

    roselime wrote:

    I bet they would hound us if we stumbled on something secret – I guess it could always be worse. But so far it looks like something secret stumbled on us and the prospects of the harassment being anything but lifelong are pretty grim.

    Justin responded:

    I may as well be open about it: I have in fact stumbled on something that was secret or sensitive a time or two. I’m into theoretical computer science, and things like irreversibility and the possibility of reversible computing really interest me, and studying this led me, rather surprisingly, to a derivation of the Sackur-Tetrode equation for the entropy of an ideal monatomic gas.

    I found out that some of the details of reversible computing are classified, and moreover there have been a lot of fake papers published recently in an attempt to refute, obfuscate, and cover up some of the theory. I tried to learn what I could about it without stepping on too many classified toes.

    I also became interested in the concept of a “loop variant,” which is critical for proving program termination and total correctness, a subject conspicuously missing from all the theoretical computer science textbooks. This must be classified, too, for all the effort the government expends in covering up, silencing, and discouraging research and learning in this area.

    All the trails lead back to the NSA. “Officials from the Department of Defense” will contact the FBI and convince them of “probable cause” to believe that you are obtaining or disseminating classified information in violation of federal law. A general warrant of dubious constitutionality will be issued by a secret FISA court, and the FBI will ask the local police to conduct these searches and surveillance on you. The local police will farm out as much of the work as possible to the neighborhood watch volunteers. All the information collected will flow back up from the neighborhood watch to the local police to the FBI to the NSA, who really has neither the intention nor the grounds to initiate a bona fide criminal prosecution.

    That explains gangstalking for me.

    roselime responded:

    I’m kind of a somebody-nobody. (That is, in certain circles I am a somebody just by virtue of my name.) I haven’t seen other targets like that posting on the net. That makes me think that the somebody part of me has something to do with how I ended up on the harassment/torture list. I’m a naturalized US citizen and at the time we came to the US there was a great deal of interest in my home country as well as in ethnic and language studies, etc. Plus there’s some weird things stemming from childhood that appear to be connected to this problem.

    I’ve done research in extremely sensitive places and at first I thought that might be why I was targeted. They’ve pretty much gone through all my research files)…. but then I realized that there was some social engineering involved in getting me to those places and that some people in my life who were involved in previous harassment ended up in research areas related to things directly connected with certain facets of this harassment… as if people around me had also been socially engineered.

    In terms of what they are up to, I think I have stumbled on a few things since the hacked internet goes down when I try to post certain things in certain sites. It could be decoying on their part but I don’t think so. All I’ll say is that the idea that saying we have this problem is becoming more and more credible. Look up at least 3 things related to this problem that have been going on in recent months. It’s funny - I should be quiet why? They are already killing me.

    Justin responded:

    I’m a nobody-nobody. I dropped out of grad school and for some reason I just never quit studying. I’m basically just a theoretical computer science geek. The government hates people that go off and study stuff on their own, because they’re always looking for the next Unabomber.

    It would be nice career-wise for me to go back to school and aim for a PhD. I think teaching and learning are every bit as important as research, because your research doesn’t do much good if it’s published in some obscure journal that costs an arm and a leg just to access, and it’s incomprehensible to all but experts in your particular field, because you really didn’t take the time or have the skills to communicate your work effectively.

    There are a lot of things I don’t miss at all about academe, though. There is a lot of petty politics, freemasonry and other fraternities, folks telling you what to study and what not to study, and if you are a professor, you need to feed the “publish or perish” journal mill. It’s quantity over quality. Lots of insignificant publications are always preferable to a few groundbreaking ones.

    A lot of the stuff I do (on my own) involves mathematical derivations. Whenever I work out some math, I cite some sources and make a Wikipedia article out of it. That’s about the only place I can put my math where it won’t disappear.

    I cannot keep any private “research notes” whatsoever; they are always stolen by the gangstalkers.

    For my next area of research, I might even get to learn some stats, because this isn’t really my field: modeling stock market returns (as some have suggested) by a Student’s t-distribution rather than the normal distribution. Stock market returns exhibit an extreme kurtosis (peaked center and fat tails) that is not captured by the normal distribution.

    Guess what. Files start disappearing off my computer as soon as I make a spreadsheet and start looking at some of the data. I can’t even teach myself a little stats with these gangstalkers around.

    Randy wrote:

    Justin, another likely reason you were targeted is they dont like highly intelligent people, freethinkers that have scruples.
    In terms of them deleting your work, does this happen even when you are disconnected from the internet?

    I responded:

    Randy, a decent rootkit/malware package will not only disguise its presence on the system it’s installed on, it’ll conceal its misuse of system resources (such as a wireless network connection). The only way to keep a malware package from ‘calling home’ without your knowledge and receiving instructions is to make it physically impossible to do so.

    There’s some pretty evil stuff that can be done with rootkits, especially when you combine it with out-of-band surveillance. I’m not going to give anyone ideas, but basically, once a person with a hacker team’s rootkit gets physical access to a modern computer, there’s no way you’re going to keep them from doing whatever they want to do, whenever they feel like it.

    Justin responded:

    The files may have disappeared when I was online, or somebody (probably) just sat down at my keyboard when I was gone.

    Shortly after that I found that files disappear from my computer even when it is turned off! Somebody who entered my residence simply booted up my laptop and followed password reset procedures to log in and mess around with some files. I came home one day to find my laptop thrown on the floor with the password changed.

    Why wasn’t the laptop just stolen? I had a conversation with a surprisingly rather polite police officer who explained that he could not investigate since there were no signs of forced entry, and no items of value were missing, although he acknowledged and did not dispute my report of what happened, i.e., that items were moved. He asked, “Why would somebody want to do that?” I replied that I could not speculate on a motive, but that it was part of a pattern of similar crimes that had been taking place over the years. He had a thought he never quite completed: “Unless it’s … well, let’s not even go there.”

    Not terribly helpful, but at least he didn’t try to deny what was going on.

    Backups I’ve made have disappeared off thumb drives, too.

    The technology (kind of OT)

    WTF wrote:


    How widespread is this?

    Roselime wrote:

    I hate to say it, and who knows how much of it is decoying… but this system of harassment is within academia too.

    That intellectual property violation thing is quite annoying – they had done it to me before but now they are more blatant. In some ways, I wonder if this whole set up isn’t just to steal information from us in one way or another.

    I’ve had good and bad experiences teaching. But when you are constantly being harassed by these jerks it’s that much harder to give a good class. That being said, I’ve had good semesters even under bad circumstances before. I’m not working right now though – I was knocked off my feet by the more recent overt harassment. Hard to get work done when someone is posting threats to kill you and hurt your little kid. I hope they rot in Hades.

    Justin responded:

    I hate to say it, and who knows how much of it is decoying… but this system of harassment is within academia too.

    Academia may be where it started for me, 10 years ago. I just put it down to petty politics, academic rivalry, freemason cliquishness, and so forth at that time. I started learning things I wasn’t supposed to. This or that was “classified,” or I’d show some equation I was working on to a math prof who would ask, “Where did you learn that?” as if it were something I weren’t supposed to know. There was some some spying and some subtle, behind-the-scenes sexual harassment going on, too. However, there were some significant events later in my life that precipitated a change where the everyday hassles of life became undeniable targeted harassment and organized gangstalking. Namely, I got in trouble with the Russian mafia, some dishonest government contractors, and some Israeli intelligence types.

    Complicity or corruption in the NSA? When I follow the trails for the harassment that has been targeted at me, they always lead back to the NSA. Nothing else really makes sense.

    Roselime responded:

    I’m not sure what it is for me – it reeks of a Lyndon Larouche style “ego-stripping” psycho session and yet there have been defense contractors involved.

    My recent harassment had a recruitment theme, which goes to show how abnormal they are… I don’t have trauma bonding with them nor could I ever think well of them. They seemed to keep pushing this 2012 end of the world agenda on me but of course if the world was ending and they knew about it, why would they trust *me* with that information?

    Every time I come close to a graduation, they show up in full force – doing everything to delay my academic progress and when that doesn’t work they have someone slander me. I’ve had to relive their crap over and over again – like any time I accomplish something I have those jerks sticking out their foot to trip me.

    For me they are a Mengele-like experiment – perhaps cutting off someone’s feet to see if they will still try to walk, then cutting off their legs to see if they’ll still walk then if the patient continues to try – cutting off their knees to see if they’ll scrape themselves on the floor to get away. If the “patient” does continue struggling, then the Mengeles would want the patient to thank them for creating a stronger will to walk. “See how we helped you become a stronger person?!” That’s how arrogant and narcissistic this system is. They can all burn in hades as far as I’m concerned.

    Turner responded:

    Your ever watch “Criminal Minds” comes on CBS? Well I do and started related these stalkers to those “unsubs” in the show(& CSI shows or any movie show where the Good Guys win in the end) But yeah that’s what they are Bad Guys who will Loose in the end For I say that ever day I’m alive evil loses Amen and I say it out loud at the end of a show and theres some elf/v2k in response but I can’t make out what they’re saying… I have faith that we and even all the Earth and Heaven have a purpose in God’s will

    God bless us all

    D Hoch wrote:

    It certainly has grown. Gang stalking is easily formed especially within religious groups, nationality groups and whatever the “reason is” for the stalking which might include sex, money, drugs, etc. those particular groups will get to you one way or another. Gang stalking and following is very difficult to explain because the groups that follow me for example are vast. They will circle me completely like they are afraid of me then at times the stoolies on the street follow me signalling others to do their bidding. I again stress I am afraid for my life. Too many people too many situations and just too many things happen to others with extending the gangs to move freely with help usuing the cell phone as the prime operation for communication in the language of choice. What can I say my life is totally ruined and hurt.My life now is over in my book.

    Justin added:

    There are people who know, and are upset, but they are afraid to even acknowledge it, much less help us. There are even cops who fear for their lives should they so much as breathe a word, because they know it could happen to them.

    I remember one cop who responded to a scene where I had been poisoned/drugged by the gangstalkers. He had a stark look of fear in his eyes, and he was actually shaking when he talked to me.

    Perhaps we continue to be targeted because the more we look into this, the more the gangstalkers have to lose, if by some miracle their whole network is exposed. But this makes only limited sense, because we (or at least I) haven’t gotten very far looking into the structure of the network behind this organized stalking of targeted individuals. Nothing I’ve said or posted so far on this can be considered more than an educated guess.

    The more I look into it the less I find, except a greater realization and confirmation that organized stalking and electronic harassment is a reality for me and other targeted individuals, and by this I mean an objective reality, not a subjective reality, for the only one who can claim a subjective reality is the One who caused light to appear when He said “fiat lux.”

    I read an article in the news about a Brazilian hacker whose hard drive encryption password even the FBI was unable to crack. I do not know how accurate this article is, but I do not believe it is part of a conspiracy. This would indicate that mind control and remote sensing technology is not yet capable of reading text directly from one’s thoughts. But it has been well reported that so much may be inferred from a target’s computer use and internet habits that one may predict the target’s thoughts and subsequent actions with uncanny accuracy.

    A great deal of effort was spent hacking into my computers online before I was subjected to targeted harassment in real life, and then the harassment never ceased.

    I cannot sleep at night anymore. All night long, car doors slam, I hear crashing and banging noises outside, a car or truck with an unusually loud starter will start up and shine bright lights in my window, and often I hear heavy footsteps up in the attic above my apartment. Then there are the strange high-pitched buzzing sounds I cannot localize that I put down to electronic harassment of some sort. And I’m already on edge from the frequent, almost daily burglaries that I’m experiencing. The intruders – cat burglars – have stolen my mail, left my stove burners on, tampered with my computer, stolen my laundry, returned some previously stolen small items, stolen some of my books, and used my toilet without flushing it.

    I responded:

    I read an article in the news about a Brazilian hacker whose hard drive encryption password even the FBI was unable to crack. I do not know how accurate this article is, but I do not believe it is part of a conspiracy. This would indicate that mind control and remote sensing technology is not yet capable of reading text directly from one’s thoughts. But it has been well reported that so much may be inferred from a target’s computer use and internet habits that one may predict the target’s thoughts and subsequent actions with uncanny accuracy

    Lots of misconceptions embedded there. First, why would “they” show their hand in a news story, either the ability to crack strong encryption or the routine use of satellite TEMPEST or the more advanced techniques this site focuses on? Second, why assume that every federal employee in every agency has access to every technology? Third, in case you haven’t noticed, they always want more power. An article like this one justifies more power grabs or more spending. “If only we had more power, we could have gotten at this guy’s data…”

    Finally, there’s no mistaking the mind-reading once they rub your nose in it. Up until then, you will have been exposed to coincidences that could be explained in several ways. This is one of the methods they employ to get otherwise intelligent targets to run around in circles and waste their energy. You’ll find out the truth of these words - on their schedule, not yours. You have even less control over the situation than you think you do.

    Roselime responded:

    I think there is more thought intrusion in pretending that they could read my mind going on than actual mind reading. I’ve been focusing a few random things and they have never appeared in their “orchestrated synchronicity” or whatever it is. I think sometimes it’s just a cheap card trick/decoy.

    But then again with the case of the Brazilian hacker, it’s true - why would they show their hand? Also, why would they bother with us and not with “real” enemies like political leaders, corporate enemies, real activists, etc.

    It must be stopped

    Turner wrote:

    Thank you Jeremy for all you are with this site and all, Let us all Thank the Lord for this day which He hath prepared I shall rejoice and be glad in it… Each day is prepared and the scriptures also say that our paths are predetermined(for lack of exact words) and let us completly not forget to relaxx God is in charge. That’s easy for me to say even tho I’m being stalked right now I seem to have given up on exactly WHO, or WHAT alphabet agency or person with connection I proved soo wrong that they huffed and puffed and put me on a list to be targeted, for nothing JUSTIFIES this evil stalking wicked murdering of our lives. I do believe it all boils down to good vs evil and God’s purposes and will is and shall be done, cream rises to the top and this great filtering process of our Father who art in Heaven shall come to full manifestation.

    God bless us all

    dj wrote:

    They will keep doing what they do. You can count on it. It’s like living with crappy weather. Find some strength somewhere in something to tide you through. The “American Dream” isn’t probably going to be on your agenda. But given the choice of Ms. Barbie doll obey my husband and remodel my new sparkling kitchen… to go through hell but educate the world I suppose being killed as the messenger would be more admirable. And I care. I really do.

    August 27, 2010 12:42:07 AM