Posted by jeremy on August 15, 2010 11:38 pm.

Having sifted through the results of the latest survey of targeted individuals, I think I’ve seen enough, and heard enough, to explain what’s happening to a solid majority of people who have felt the need to seek out sites like this one.

Aside from certain geopolitical events, 2001 is a significant year for targeting. A near-majority of targets surveyed report being targeted on that year or later. Not only that:

  • In 2001, the movie “A Beautiful Mind” was released, helpfully explaining that anyone reporting being stalked/harassed by large numbers of people, and complaining of auditory/visual disturbances, must be mentally ill.
  • Also in 2001, Lawson released a book, “Terrorist Stalking in America” (ISBN 0-9703092-0-1), explaining that if a person stepped forward with credible tales of stalking/harassment by large numbers of people - those people were not only not working for the government, they were “anti-government extremists”. His follow-up book continues in the same vein.

The mass media blitz doesn’t stop with those sources. I have written about the full frontal assault on the public’s perceptions of targets before.

Not only does misleading information about targeting emanate from television shows, movies, books, and newspapers; it comes from targets themselves. As with broadcast disinformation, narrowcast disinformation that comes from targets is often completely deniable.

Such an orchestrated strategy of deniable, sophisticated disinformation - directed at targets and the public - could only have a handful of sources. The advanced electronic harassment directed at targets could only be coming from a much smaller list of sources. Whoever controls the technology for advanced electronic harassment is, in effect, in complete control of the situation - commanding weapons that can, at will, undetectably control people, induce the symptoms of mental illness, make someone sick, or kill him, without leaving a trace behind. That controlling agency has devised a system for destroying nuisances or controlling potential assets which I call “the program”.

“The program” is itself a source of disinformation. As you’ll see, every step of the way in a target’s ordeal, there is at least one highly misleading explanation for what’s happening to him. There are also multiple pitfalls. The odds that someone will make it to a high level of understanding, and be able to get the word out, are very slim.

I have to emphasize: this doesn’t explain everything that’s happened to every target. Some targeted individuals are simply hit with electronic harassment from the beginning. Others never experience anything except what is sometimes called organized stalking - as far as they know. Some get singled out for harassment by bona fide organized crime, and then come to the attention of federal agencies due to the harassers themselves being under surveillance. Finally and most importantly, explaining how the program works doesn’t explain why you were put into the program.

And now, take a look at what I think is happening.

1. The trap

In “the program”, you’re actually targeted before it’s made obvious that you’re targeted. At that time, you’re put under surveillance. There is likely further intelligence gathering about your motivations and past based on secret Internet/phone snooping programs, corporate data-mining, and other intelligence sources. Key people in your past may be identified and subliminally interrogated about their relationships with you.

During this phase, you may be prodded, manipulated, enticed, or subliminally influenced into taking actions that will make it easier for you to be controlled later. Players who will help with the campaign are moved into place, using similar methods. In other words, you’re being set up - a practice that’s as ancient as the informant system, because it’s highly effective.

You don’t stand a chance of noticing this phase, much less escaping it.

2. The trigger


If there’s an obvious cause of your campaign, it’s virtually guaranteed not to be the real cause of your campaign. Misidentifying the ringleaders helps send you on a multi-year snipe hunt.

You seem to set the whole thing off yourself, by taking a minor action, or speaking carelessly. What you do to trigger the campaign will apparently be of your own free will, although it may be the result of subliminal influences. Even though the reaction to what you do will seem completely out of proportion, you’ll be hard pressed to defend your actions, and you may even feel guilty.

The trigger may cause you to walk into a trap that was built in the previous phase, or it may appear to be completely unrelated to any circumstances prior to your action. (The classic example: you snub the wrong person, and suddenly his entire social network seems to be coming after you.)

In this program, the trigger was only an excuse for what the people behind your campaign wanted to do, all along.

3. Community or workplace-based harassment


  • Making wild accusations
  • Lashing out at people who play minor roles

Your campaign has been made obvious to you, but in a highly deceptive way. It is very easy to hang a label on this kind of harassment - “mobbing”, for example - but there are some problems with officially accepted labels for what’s happening.

  • “Mobbing” alone doesn’t explain highly coordinated and sophisticated psychological warfare tactics.
  • Why is it so difficult to catch perpetrators (criminal perpetrators, as opposed to people who participate in street theatre)? How is it that they always seem to be one step ahead of you?
  • What are the mechanisms by which the community/workplace harassers coordinate - sometimes involving dozens or hundreds of total strangers over the course of a day - and how come nobody is able to find those mechanisms?

Nevertheless, it will seem clear (to you) that what you’re up against is a good old fashioned mob, using harassment tactics instead of overt assaults to protect themselves from legal retribution. If you don’t leave the area, this phase may go on for years, or indefinitely.

If you don’t have any deep ties, you will probably conclude it’s sensible to just leave the area, rather than trying to fight the mob. An extreme harassment episode, complete with apparent hounding by the police, crowding/swarming, street theatre involving hundreds of people over the course of a day, and so on - can seal the deal.

4. Terrorist/vengeance stalking


  • Assaulting/stalking perceived harassers, getting arrested
  • Acting out, getting committed
  • Burning money on private investigators
  • Discovering Lawson’s book or his followers

Once you leave the area - either trying to find peace in temporary accomodations, or moving out for good - you’ll find that the campaign has appeared to follow you. If it hasn’t happened already, it will be made obvious to you that you’re under 24/7 surveillance, and harassment episodes will incorporate themes from your private habits.

An operations center will probably be set up in your area, and this, too, will be made obvious to you.

The surveillance will seem increasingly invasive. Measures you take to protect yourself from being followed or watched may seem to work for a while, but then it will be made clear to you that the measures are ineffective.

Making contact with a sympathetic community of targets at this time may cause you to feel you have all the answers; but obviously you don’t, as neither you nor anyone else in the community has managed to catch a criminal perpetrator. Furthermore, as your campaign moves to a more advanced phase, you’ll be forced to accept increasingly conspiratorial and ludicrous explanations for how these alleged “vigilante gangs” have managed to take control of advanced non-lethal weapon (NLW) technology to use it against you.

5. Apparent signs of mental illness


  • Seeking psychiatric help
  • Lashing out at people who seem to be “in on it”
  • Accepting mysterious sensations (plus street theater) at face value, and acting on the desired interpretation

You’ll experience things that, supposedly, only happen to mentally ill people, such as the mirroring of your private life on television programs, numerological sensitization, and mysterious sounds.

The things you experience could be explained away as the misuse of some unusual but documented technologies - such as military NLW’s or Silent Sound technology - as well as the existence of a Stasi-like organization running around and coercing people at your utility companies into harassing you.

This is the last phase in which Lawson’s book makes any sense at all.

6. Mind control technology made obvious


  • Seeking psychiatric help
  • Seeking revenge (“any perp will do”)
  • Accepting your handlers’ explanations or induced sensations at face value
  • Threatening government agencies or officials to get their attention

In the final phase, conspicuous surveillance will expand to include harassment echoing themes from your own thoughts, sometimes in real time. Mind control technologies will also be made obvious - ranging from synthetic telepathy to forced movement.

Many targets will, at this point, readily grasp that the most advanced capabilities of a major intelligence agency or military organization are being used against them. The only questions are why and how, and trying to answer these questions without having a very good grasp of what’s going on will lead to endless tail-chasing.

The best current interpretation of “the program”

Mind control technology, especially subliminal influencing, was used on you and people around you from practically the beginning, to help stage what I’ve called The Big Show. So were advanced forms of surveillance.

What you think of as gang stalking or organized stalking doesn’t exist, as far as the program is concerned. Yes, you’ve been stalked for years - but not by the legions of people on the ground who play minor roles in your targeting. Those who control them like puppets are the real perpetrators, hidden behind a wall of technology and psychological operations.

There are a few standard pawns that seem to get used in every campaign:

Playing off undesirables (you’re one of them) against each other is a common tactic. Some of the people you’re up against may be targeted themselves, or could be candidates for targeting in the future.

Every stage of the program is highly deceptive. It works so well at deceiving targets partly because there is no high quality information widely available (yet) about the big picture, but mostly because the ultimate explanation is so incredible. The information that is widely available encourages targets to view events happening around them in terms of external occurrences - not allowing for cognitive biases, street theatre and other deceptions, subliminal influences, or PTSD-like sensitization. (Some advocacy sites go a step further, attacking outsiders for not acknowledging the perceptions of targets as the way things really are.)

To expose the program as a targeted individual, you will have to acknowledge the role of your own perceptions in getting ensnared by the program. And you will have to focus on the aspect of the program that is most significant (and most threatening) to the general public - mind control technology that can be used against anyone, at will. Tales of organized harassment, rather than seeming laughably uneconomical and evidence of delusional thinking, can be framed as chilling commentaries on how mind control technologies can be abused - and convincing evidence that they have been used against large numbers of civilians.

  1. Re: "The program", explained  robt

    this is a very accurate description of what I has thepleasure to deal with . at my old home on Limerick Court, Tx. Neighbors somehow believed I was a heinous drug dealer. The City of Keller IT dept called me “the biggest drug dealer in NE Tarrant County” , as allegedly I had a1/4 ton of the stuff… amazing. I did have a neighbor John Kaspar, who was a drug dealer. I’ve contacted Keller police, not worth a dam, and done FOIAs. Postal Inspectors seem to be involved. All FOIAs have come back with in time line except theirs.
    I was exposed to vicious non lethat radio frequency attacks for 2 yrs. Bought an EXtech meter amd recorded over 100mx per cm aquared. Transmitter was in a shed on the compromised dope dealer, Jons Kaspar’s yard, Grape Arbor CT, Roanoke, Tx 76262

    January 29, 2011 10:03:35 AM

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    • Re: "The program", explained  jonjay

      On the net, I have to question everything. Even this site and many of folks commenting. However, for some reason, I am drawn back to this site to express events even though I know it’s not healthy to trust expressing myself publicly since much of what I say will be exploited or used against me in some way. I know that every single thing I do online is watched. But because I have been wrongfully accused of lying, I guess I feel the need to be an open book. Furthermore, although I hate documenting details of my harassment for fear it mimics the mental illness diagnosis they are trying to pin on me, I want SOME type of record in the event of a fatal crime. To the readers of any of my comments, sorry for my bad grammar, misspellings and omitted words. However, I write so much that I don’t proof read….lol. Again, why I select this forum beats me.

      Here is my point this subject “The Program”, in reference to you quoting David Lawson’s book in which he mentions the folks are anti-government, I would venture to say that based on my experience and logic that he is correct. Obama just cut the funding of community watch based programs. Now, WHY would Obama as a former community organizer himself do such a thing that has MINIMUM impact to the budget but at the same time loses him much political capital among folks who elected him? It’s could be because he sees and knows about the monster that has been created. Whether this was gathered by studies conducted using TIs as bait or whether it’s strictly his intent coming into office reforming fraud. Maybe this is why Eric Holder lead a discussion about stalking last month: I wrote Perrelli and Holder last year return receipt/ I was happy when Obama also froze pay increases for federal civilians (aka civilian spies).

      Or, I could be a pessimist and assume maybe it’s just a shift of dollars on the books to take the blame/focus off of community based programs since ACORN was a disaster relative to prostitution, and other crimes. However, I am beginning to think there is a methodical way Obama is handling such a massive covert problem.

      I, unlike many TIs, have been a full victim of criminal racketeering. Therefore, it is VERY difficult for me to separate the lines between corrupt government officials in cahoots with crime organizers based on the definition of criminal racketeering when money laundering is involved. However, in all honesty, I don’t believe this is a “program” OF THE GOVERNMENT to destroy me and I agree with David Lawson’s quote above in this article. Remember, when it comes to stalkers, a stalker believes in most cases the victim needs help. Check out any blurb about stalker profiles and you will see this is the case. I think of these folks as being anti-government. The level of lies, smear and action without personal investigation or due process of law is completely against the interest of the U.S. when a person is targeted for bogus reasons. In my case, the smear campaign is centered around my sexuality. The overt tactics occurred AFTER the majority of my vandalism and especially when I got life insurance and put my two houses up for shortsale during the same time frame. The logical part of me feels this started with one person and snowballed but again, they did a good job in tearing my belief system apart over the last few months so I go back and forth based on new information and events. My smear campaign I believe as a result of being on someone’s revenge list combined with the “Lone Wolf” provision of the USAPatriot Act has been the bane of my existence negating much of my life before now.

      February 14, 2011 10:22:36 AM

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      • Re: "The program", explained  jeremy

        When you first dropped by this site, I was led to believe you’d been knowingly targeted for years. Recently you’ve told me that this impression was mistaken, and you’ve actually only been “targeted” in an obvious way for about 7-8 months, correct me if I’m wrong.

        7-8 months isn’t long enough to get a handle on what’s going on.

        Jumping to conclusions is how TI’s ruin themselves.

        Keep your mind open, that’s all I’ve got to say.

        February 14, 2011 11:31:03 AM

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        • Re: "The program", explained  jonjay

          Let me be clear….I have not had bad memory. My belief is that I could have been targeted for 20 years–maybe longer if experimentation is a possibility. LOOKING BACK, BEFORE overt surveillance, it seems 20 years.

          THE VIOLENCE started in 2006 (till Present) with obvious vandalism, theft, more tracking, etc. This accompanied friends sabotaging me, sending me into isolation. It was also this time I became more promiscuous. In 2008, the violence increased when I started a new job (this was a time I was self-employed and thus could have made some folks upset relative to jealousy). I confronted a person I felt involved in the break-in(s) and he started sending out mass emails calling me crazy. I lost friendships then. That began a cutoff friends period in which I was shocked that my friends didn’t seem to believe me even though he seemed obviously so guilty.

          In 2009, I got an insurance policy making me worth 500K dead. Creditors and other shady characters started to present themselves in a strange way. The IRS garnished my wages. My homeowner’s association charged me over 3,000 in bogus late fees for association dues and threatened foreclosure. Family (one person) started acting a bit peculiar. Extremely bizarre coincidences started to occur relative to bad luck. “Suitors” for lack of better words attempted to steal from me and appeared to be like “husters.” Later that year, my company started paying me erratically.

          Now, in July of 2010, THAT IS WHEN PEOPLE IN PUBLIC STARTED spouting epithets, businesses seemed active and the list goes on. This came immediately after two things: 1) Confronting a family member about involvement 2) Discussing at work with a coworker that my liability insurance that I was required to get in January of 2010 may be a factor with things going on regarding internet hacking and harassing texts/phone calls/emails and bad luck regarding financial fall throughs.

          In August, I learned of the concept of “Gang Stalking.” To this day, I am not sure if what all is going on. I have not misrepresented myself in anyway. Looking back, I would say 20 years. BUT, it could have started in 2008 when I pissed off a friend. It could have started in 2006 when the violence began. However, the horrific overt harassment started July of 2010–that is the 7 or 8 months I am referring to.

          February 14, 2011 03:36:44 PM

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      1.   jeremy

        Copied over from the old server.

        Lots of scuffling broke out. I had to edit a lot out to get at the meat.

        On the concept of the program, itself

        Dee wrote: “When I read your lines, Why is it so difficult to catch perpetrators… What are the mechanisms by which the community/workplace harassers coordinate – sometimes involving dozens or hundreds of total strangers over the course of a day – and how come nobody is able to find those mechanisms? … I realized there has to be assistance from higher-ups…”

        Jeff affirmed the deceptive nature of the program, saying:

        I figured– they can track you by your cell or by your car. i literally walked around the dealership where i was buying a new car because I guessed the last one had a gps installed it unknown to me. So as i was buying the next one I said the car cannot leave my sight. when it did i walked around the dealer ship and flushed out a big cop in Navy Blue who ran to his crown vic and drove away. I was not under any investigation, i had no charges against me, i was a industrial sales manager. he went running off.. it looked kind of funny actually.. some 6?3 dude running away.

        so it’s your cell, your car, right? wrong.

        I got rid of both… went for many many months- no cell, no car and they still could track me. i believe they chip some people but I am also a believer in the technology of remote neural monitoring that can track you as they have not been passive with me. i know because i have experienced it- daily.

        jsmith responded to Jeff, saying he didn’t think anyone was chipped, but there are a lot of ways to gather information about a TI’s habits and plans (such as the Internet). Jeff fired back talking about the auditory disturbances he was getting, everywhere in the US he went.

        D. of Citizens that Know wrote:

        If I understand what is being said here, that ‘the program itself is a source of disinformation’, this fits my view that the program, and our culture for that matter, reflects the twisted psychology of those who have spawned the program and who dominate society. I don’t ever see that people get this. The people who insist on controlling everyone are highly disordered, themselves. On my website Citizens That Know I give many links and information about the ‘Profile of Perpetuators of Human Disorder’. This is a psychological WAR. Make no mistake. Don’t ever think we’ll all be in the same camp. It is us against them. This is war. Understanding the pathology I don’t ever expect them to get it or act differently. They are incapable, though they will fight you tooth and nail to convince everyone (especially themselves) otherwise. They will not back down. Ever. They can’t. They don’t have choices. That’s why they are so highly manipulative and ruthless.

        Anthony Bowling wrote:

        It’s good to hear all these comments especially those pointing the blame where it belongs, because this has to be high level government including agencies involved with homeland security. The american people are so blind and ignorant I don’t know where to begin trying to open their eyes, which is going to be one of the keys to fighting these evildoers.

        jsmith responded to Anthony: “Yes I have seen quit a bit of evidence that this is government work, at least the management portion of it. Most of this could not happen if perps didnt have LEO backing.”

        A TI responded to jsmith:

        Yeah. Another bit of evidence is the fact that these perps never get “caught” and get away with all of this. Also, it could explain the denial and refusal to help targets from ground level all the way to the top. It’s like fighting a speeding ticket: you can appeal it to higher courts, but unless the cop doesn’t show up, you lose every time. This “crime” is simply integrated and implemented into all facets of society. In other words, it’s just another part of society: we are the prisoners, and they are the jailers. The rest is the mind-controlled population that comprises the bars of this prison. Unless this entire system gets exposed at once, we don’t stand a chance of stopping this.

        jsmith added:

        Looking at this on a larger scale… Those that subscribe to the belief that we are being subjected to an NWO type of change can find a lot of evidence that something big has been in effect for the last decade or so. Of course we are all familiar with organized gang stalking, but take a look of what is going on in the Navy as well. There has been 55 Navy commanders relieved of duty since 2005, that’s huge. And some of the reasons for the dismissals are really weak considering the investment and work it takes to get a top position. Lots of sexual allegations that could be staged. It could be that these commanders that lost their jobs weren’t 100% on board with the change that is coming. I think this falls under the gangstalking issues because we TI’s are all to familiar with being set up.

        There is no deception!

        Nancy wrote:

        My son and I were tracked with illegally placed gps as well- all across the country. It fell out when the car was put on a lift and- voila! GPS taped up under the rear wheel well.

        Our perps wanted us DEAD. They were not just “playing games” with us. We were shot at by a rogue cop on our trip. We were poisoned. My son was rufed and stabbed in the thumb with a needle filled with strep and another toxin and almost died.

        Now I live in another state. I am with a different boyfriend. My son lives in Maine. I have no car and take the bus or walk. When we moved in people already knew our names! (I remove the battery from the cellphone and never call from the apartment.) Unfortunately we had to leave a forwarding address. That is how I think they prepared for our arrival here.

        My son was also harassed in Maine, mostly by firemen and cops.

        I responded:

        The program I’ve laid out doesn’t explain every targets’ experiences.

        Unfortunately there is often no way to know whether a group of people is genuinely out to kill you, or is just playing psychological games, until several years have passed.

        But, if they’ve been trying to kill you for years and haven’t succeeded… either they aren’t very good at it, or (more likely) someone’s been playing games with you.

        Jeff wrote:

        If your son lives in Maine it is one of 2 states in the country that has a law against electronic harassment if he is getting hit with that too. If you are being shot at… I would go to other cops like the state police and/or the FBI if you think the local cops are in on this. I am not meaning this to minimize your situation but the good thing about being shot at is you have the legal right to shoot back. I recommend arming yourselves for protection against future attacks. The GPS device you found on your car is evidence..

        Curtis wrote:

        Bad advice Jeff! Do not shoot back at Cops, rogue or not, if you want to live!

        Batvette replied to Nancy:

        “I remove the battery from the cellphone”

        No better way to accomplish the number one task of the program:

        isolate the target from family, friends and professional relationships. do what you like but don’t say nobody offered alternative advice or the fallacy of the “solution”.

        Jon McKinney said he had been stalked now for nearly thirteen years. He said he’s seen tracking devices, listening devices, etc., installed everywhere. He no longer uses cell phones except disposable ones that can be tossed in 24 hours. He strongly advises against cellular technology, saying “just use the old mafia trick of calling from various payphones (I’ve recently noticed that these are fast becoming unavailable”.


        marissa wrote:

        Jeremy, What does your coping mechanisms consist of? This “program” is obviously a sick “toy” of the worlds sickest and most wealthiest. I think these are a few very powerful folk playing God.

        I responded:

        For me it’s all been about what happens behind my back- the E/H never really fazed me. Once I knew about the advanced surveillance, I knew I was never going to be able to make a living in anything related to intellectual property so long as I was in this system. After trying to escape (and failing), I gave up on every ambition and went to work on reverse engineering their playbook. That’s something they can’t steal from me. That’s how I cope.

        Homeland security connections

        Jeff’s pretty convinced Homeland security and Fusion centers are at the root of his campaign:

        Part of the problem is what Mike German points out in this article. He has the credentials plus to know what he is talking about

        “The national security loophole for whistleblower protection is incredibly dangerous because our law enforcement and intelligence agencies carry a heavy responsibility and wield extraordinary power over ordinary Americans with very little public oversight or accountability…“

        … check this new article out today at the Fort Worth Weekly about Fusion Centers

        He also wrote:

        this is a headline story on the Drudge report today.. 8/25/2010

        “The Government’s New Right to Track Your Every Move With GPS”

        new right? the Gov’t did that to my car in 06 when it was at a dealership and then twice in 2009. No warrant, no charges against me, no investigation, i don’t do drugs, i don’t even drink. i was a salesman. i also chased one off that was trying to do the same in 2009 as well…

        jsmith wrote:

        Hey Jeff, in my case they went much further and hid cellphone bugs inside the cars we own. These are also GPS units. So they were listening to us while tracking our every move and have community watch patrols harassing us the whole time. When I start my car its like sending the Bat signal to the patrols in the area and they start following us around. Not to mention the house bugs/cameras, cell phone and internet surveillance.

        These are communist style tactics being used on American citizens using government money. I guess this is what happens when we hand LEO’s a stack of cash and tell them to go get some bad guys. Its easier to just target a regular guy and say he’s a deviant of some sort.

        Jeff wrote:

        i understand.. i had and have the same Stasi government Fusion Center orchestrated gang stalking starting in Nashua, NH following me to San Diego, CA and anywhere I travel… tracking by the gps implanted in multiple vehicles, tracking by cell and then I lost the right to live in my own home of 26 years due to extremely painful directed energy weapon attacks and have those same DEW attacks daily since the week prior to Thanksgiving 2009. I sold all cars, I got rid of all cell phones and the Homeland Fusion Center perps still never missed a beat– day or night tracking me as they use Remote Neural Monitoring on me which entails the ability to click my head with microwave hearing (google:microwave hearing wikipedia) as well as say things with the same technology as well as locate you with same technology. The ability to read one’s thoughts with this technology is also a reality in my and many others opinion…

        I responded to the GPS post:

        And that’s the sad reality of the situation… we’re not becoming more free; everyone else is being dragged down to our level.

        I keep wondering what’s going to make people say “Hey… we’ve had enough.”

        Questionable sources

        Several questionable authorities were trotted out including Texe Marrs. Batvette said ”I would hesitate to take seriously his self claimed credentials in the defense industry simply because there is no way a guy that outspoken on controversial topics would ever have gotten a security clearance in the first place to have been in that line of work.“

        Fred Bell from Paradyne was mentioned. Batvette and I both criticized that source, saying that his page made him look like a nut.

        The cellphone thing again

        LEO woman wrote:

        Take the battery out of the cellphone. On television and in the movies, “they” claim they cannot track someone unless the phone is turned on. THIS IS A LIE. All they need is for the battery to be in. Not only that, they can turn the phone on for themselves. Does anyone else besides me find it odd that “they” are pushing Twitter, Facebook, smartphones that text, Droids, etc. When they decide to take over, we will not see it coming because it will appear normal. Maybe they already have taken over . .

        I responded:

        Couple of things here. First, a cellphone is never really ”off“ (unless the battery is removed) - it’s just in reduced-power mode.

        Second, the methods involved in tracking TI’s go well beyond locking on to cell phones.

        If you take the battery out of your cellphone all the time, you’ve helped them isolate you from others, and haven’t really stopped the tracking, as you’ll eventually find out. It’s a bad move. Check Psychological Defenses, paying attention to ”Defend yourself, but not in a way that harms your public image“.

        August 27, 2010 10:26:12 PM

        •   Ann

          Hi Jeremy and fellow ti’s,

          Here is an article about ninth circuit decision re: warrantless GPS tracking being found to be legal-

          My ‘boots on the ground’ real-time stalking is very large, and I think this piece possibly illustrates part of the mechanism. My “program”, I believe, began after one or more extreme / terrible lies which kicked things off.

          August 28, 2010 08:49:01 AM

        •   Jeff

          Computer Mediated Synthetic Telepathy: A Conceptual Design

          Synthetic Telepathy - The Article Wikipedia Did Not Want You To Read

          August 28, 2010 11:48:57 PM

          •   jeremy

            Newsvine is a site like that anyone can sign up for on a moment’s notice and begin making things up. So, congratulations, a blog post made it into FFCHS’ newsletter. Lots of stuff makes it into FFCHS’ newsletter. Anyway, it’s nice to see that the presentation of citizen journalism related to ST is improving across the board.

            I’ve been grappling with Wikipedia’s veteran editors. Basically the consensus position is that the phrase “Synthetic Telepathy” is not notable. Also, that article kept attracting serious kooks who were making stuff up out of thin air. Wikipedia, or any encyclopedia, is definitely not going to accept anything not backed up by source material.

            They ended up redirecting the phrase to Brain-computer interfaces. If you’ve got anything on the history of BCI that isn’t in that article (that 60’s Dewan research was something I hadn’t been aware of), feel free to add it.

            August 29, 2010 08:48:45 AM

          • parent
          •   Jeff

            On another topic Debra Dupre writes a ton of articles on the plight of targeted individuals… here is one of her recent stories..


            and another


            please consider linking her site

            August 30, 2010 09:17:19 PM

            •   jeremy

              I’ve had Dupree in the “friends and sympathizers” section of my list of TI web sites for some time.

              Dupree’s doing her thing, I’m doing mine.

              August 30, 2010 09:21:32 PM

            • parent
            •   ShadowBroker

              The reason they target a lot of innocent people are because they try to hide what they are doing. It is just an extended COINTELPRO program. Almost all former COINTELPRO victims have experienced almost the same as we do today ( break ins, harassment, you name it ) except for implants, that is probably a new toy for these criminals. This time they want to hide their COINTELPRO program from law enforcement, health care professionals and other people in the system, by labeling all victims as mentally ill. If all critics where mentally ill the statistics would indicate something was going on. By trying to hide their program good people in the system will continue to serve these criminals.

              September 9, 2010 03:29:46 PM

              •   jeremy

                “except for implants”

                Once again, I remind onlookers that the overwhelming evidence says that the technology used on targets and people around them does not appear to require implants. Taggants are another matter.

                None of this means that ShadowBroker is not implanted.

                September 9, 2010 03:49:54 PM

              • parent
              •   Nancy

                To my son and I during our cross country trip- our first leg was from CT to the border of PA/MD. (We did not know about the hidden GPS (and probably audio at that time). To make a long story short, in the AM we stopped at a CVS after trying to evade numerous vehicles mobbing us on the highway. Well, numerous vehicles which had been following us pulled into the parking lot. When I was asked by a cop how many cars I thought were following us, I guessed over fifty. Several of the perps started laughing and said, “More like hundreds.” This gave me the perception that a large group was involved. Also in Denver in a hirise hotel downtown, people were already stationed in the motel directly in front of our window and in almost every single window there were green scanners, people with binoculars(night vision) and blue and red tiny iights which appeared to be lasers. So once again it appeared that a large- well-funded group was involved. Others in the motel saw the lights as well and the next day we were given an interior room on the false pretext that our lock did not work.

                October 7, 2010 03:02:46 PM

                •   jeremy

                  Nobody’s denying that at some point during an O/S campaign, manpower is used in a seemingly highly uneconomical way - possibly including obvious operatives surrounding you during temporary stays. Something like this happened to me, too. I’ve been arguing recently that these episodes play an important part in PTSD-like sensitization, in what I call “Extreme harassment episodes”. Once your brain chemistry/makeup has been altered during extreme harassment, you interpret events around you in a very different way. That’s why the program works.

                  October 7, 2010 03:26:11 PM

                • parent
                  •   jeremy

                    … and let’s not forget that a tiny percentage of targets are going to be getting “the real thing”. So there probably are a handful of self-identified TI’s who really are getting stalked/threatened by criminal gangs/organizations. That’s another point I was making in “CIA-sponsored disinformation campaigns related to targeting”.

                    October 7, 2010 06:43:25 PM

                  • parent
                    •   l. k. johnson

                      regarding the mobbing at the cvs. I was followed in the store by three men. One on each side of me and one facing me in the next isle. There was no employee near by and there were a lot of people at checkout so I said nothing. I went home and called the manager. He told me there were survelance cameras everywhere and he would get license plate numbers on these men, and report this to the police. I now shop at cvs with no mobbing.

                      November 30, 2010 12:39:56 AM

                    • parent
                    •   Nancy

                      Dear Jeremy, Thank you for your kind response. I think we were tracked by BOTH types. The wealthy CT, Ny,NJ,people followed us all the way out west and back while USUALLY criminal types carried out the murder attempts. However, the wealthy ones did try to run us off the road on numerous occasions!

                      October 8, 2010 03:21:40 PM

                      •   downcastmysoul

                        I was turning this over in my mind and the implications are staggering. It could be that almost everyone in the world is controlled by the giant “antichrist machine”. Perps are used as cogs in that machine to keep things running but only the higher ups would have any idea that the era of free will/human autonomy for ordinary people is over. No evidence, no ex-perps confessing, not even on a deathbed–how odd, huh? It could be that most people, even perps, “do not know what they are doing”. Are we like our ancestors? Do we have free will? Are we truly “selves”? Are we part of a horrific hive mind? Is there an escape?

                        Could be, the reason targets are harassed is that our brain structure or our belief system tends towards independence from others…we like to make our own decisions and have our own opinions. This is determined thru testing, etc in early childhood. We are like, the remnants of the human race. We are targeted to be brought and kept in line with the rest of the sheep or used as human toys for the controllers to slowly destroy.

                        The one world order is already here, then. It is just a matter of time until it looks like one.

                        October 12, 2010 07:54:02 PM

                        •   Randy

                          Well put. Ive thought about the same ideas many times… Only, I highly doubt I was targeted as a child, or even “watched”. Nothing suspicious or odd I can think of. The earliest it could’ve started was when I was 19, but I think my targeting started around 23 or so.

                          October 12, 2010 11:45:42 PM

                        • parent
                        •   blzd1

                          Jeremy suggests that implants are not required. I have been hearing voices and read that voices could be heard with and without implants. Logic would ask how you could implant something in a persons brain without opening it up and placing it inside. However, after watching the television series Ghost in the Shell (great show btw), I am not so sure anymore. In one episode, it is mentioned how after visiting the doctor’s office, a police officer was implanted with ‘interceptors’ which monitored his sensations and perceptions. The size of the thing was about that of a capillary. If that is the case with this technology, an implant could easily be swallowed and cross the blood brain barrier. I have heard of TI’s who have gotten CAT scans and MRI’s and have found nothing. Only with improvements in radiology (current mri’s wouldn’t cut it) would you be able to detect them if they are that small.

                          November 7, 2010 03:05:58 AM

                          •   jeremy

                            Uh, Ghost in the Shell is a cartoon. It’s not real.

                            November 7, 2010 03:32:10 AM

                          • parent
                            •   blzd1

                              Ghost in the shell gives a very good example of what life in 2030 could be like. Whose to say that the elite don’t already have this kind of technology.

                              I found this web site.


                              Implants are shown that fit on the size of a penny. Beside that is nanotechnology. The reality is that these implants are getting smaller and harder to detect.

                              November 7, 2010 06:45:36 PM

                            • parent
                              •   jeremy

                                Phew, lots of problems here.

                                1. I don’t advise TI’s to fret over whether they have implants or not - there are TI’s who have been chasing their tails for decades trying to figure out how the tech works. It is not reasonable to expect a small band of impoverished TI’s to reverse-engineer the military-grade or intelligence-agency technology being used. If you can afford to eliminate possibilities with brute force, by all means do so. Otherwise, find a way to get through your life and focus on exposing the crimes committed - it doesn’t matter how they’re being committed, the point is that they are being committed.

                                2. There are possibilities other than implantation or non-implantation. For instance, there’s tagging. See: “The taggant hypothesis”. Taggants could potentially be nano-sized.

                                3. Consider what kinds of accusations are being thrown at targeted individuals. They’re saying, for instance, that we’re delusional. Well, as soon as you cite fictional events in a cartoon series for the sources of your beliefs… that looks pretty delusional to most people, including me. Find better ways to make your case.

                                November 7, 2010 07:24:18 PM

                              • parent
                          •   blzd1

                            1. I think you have a valid point about using cartoons as the source of my beliefs. However, they have been right on a few points. According to them, cyberization will start around the year 2020. This coincides with when Intel will release their own brain implants to the public. I assume then that the military and intelligence agency has had them for decades. If these taggants can be nanoscale is it not possible for implants to be as well?

                            2. I think it is important that we eventually get at how they are doing it, although I agree sometimes it is easier to just go with the flow and be used by the system. If you can’t explain how or what they are doing it though, the default diagnosis will always be schizophrenia. Eventually though, I think the truth will come out and it already is. It will trickle down to acadamia which is where I believe I was targeted. If you can pinpoint ANYBODY involved eventually you will be able to use their mind control technology against them. It hasn’t become mainstream but eventually police will have interrogation techniques which use some of this technology to get at the truth. Kind of ironic isn’t it.

                            3. As for brute force, I have thought about it. I know the person who targeted me even if they are not the one who is instigating it now. The only thing I think that would come of that is more psychological torture. If I don’t kill myself because I am driven to it, perhaps they will find a way such as stopping my heart. I am not sure what they are capable of.

                            November 8, 2010 07:18:21 PM

                            •   Crypta

                              Just because said show is a cartoon does not rule out the possibility of covertly implanting someone with a device or devices in such a manner. But I agree, when someone starts quoteing these shows, people question it, and discredit the target. All part of the plan.

                              I think they reveal a lot of their technology and tactics through science fiction and cartoons and the like. Best place to hide somethnig is in plain sight. They just throw the information in with the rest science fiction content. I wouldnt doubt it if the stargate is a real device, or is being researched. Sounds far fetched but so does EMC to most people. anyways…. get what I’m saying?

                              November 9, 2010 10:57:03 AM

                              •   blzd1

                                I’ve read that the Rothschilds, who were heavily involved with science, would put ‘science fiction’ authors on their payroll to reveal some of the emerging technologies that were already in use privately. This was back in the 1800’s.

                                November 9, 2010 03:09:43 PM

                                •   l. k. johnson

                                  What a sad commentary of life in the land of the free, where intelligent free thinking individuals are persecuted, and terrorized. We must tell our stories, and find our truth, and pray that this is not the silent hollocost. I find beauty in the small things in life like sunrises and sunsets, and my garden,while trying not to mourn the losses. I stay in pain due to the energy weapons, but dream of a life well lived,and freedom of all people to heal from this tyranny.

                                  November 30, 2010 01:05:28 AM

                                  •   Karen

                                    We are not just free thinkers - we are also communicators. We also live by example and tell it like it is based on fact. People listen to us in the coffee shops, grocery store lines, bars, etc. We are what can be categorized as “influencers”. They have their influencers, too; but it’s US they would rather have. I’ve been given the offer on 2 occasions, in a round about way, to ally with the other side, it can be “safer”. Of course I said no. And, by the way, the next time someone asks you “what makes you so special?” The reply to that should be, “well, they got to you because of me, didn’t they?”

                                    December 2, 2010 02:45:21 PM

                                  • parent